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Letter to the Editor on Andrew Foulds and the Budget
Robert McKenzie
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Letter to the Editor on Andrew Foulds and the Budget

By Vern Seymour

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO ~~~~~~~~  January 18, 2021  (LSN)  Recently a friend sent me a link to the text of an interview between My Ward Councillor Andrew Foulds and one of our Local Radio Stations.

Now I must admit Andrew is one of the most knowledgeable members of council when it comes Climate Change or Environmental issues, also Recreational and Green Spaces Concepts and the Like.

But I must take exception to this Useless Drivel that is simply a rehash of our Mayor’s “Relatively Good Shape” tone deaf comment. What the interview shows is no true understanding of what the City of Thunder Bay Citizens are facing going forward. 

The best comment I heard in the Budget talks so far was on the first evening's meeting (and I paraphrase) “The majority of council has the financial wherewithal to survive comfortably through our future tough decisions and must be cognizant of that issue”. To put that in the old adage “ Walk a Mile in the  Citizen’s Shoes”. 

I can only surmise that Andrew was Either on a Washroom Break or had Drifted off when that Valuable point was made.

The best suggestion I can make is Mr. Foulds should Stick to memorizing the NDP Leap Manifesto and stay out of commenting on things he obviously has no concept of.

Vern Seymour

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