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Never before has making a difference, made such a difference

Never before has making a difference, made such a difference

Canadian College of Health Leaders recognizes Difference Makers during COVID-19

SUDBURY, ONTARIO  ~~~  June 9, 2020  (LSN)   Each year, the Canadian College of Health Leaders, NEON Lights Chapter, recognizes Difference Makers in Northeastern Ontario – health leaders who have made significant contributions to their teams, organizations, and communities. These individuals demonstrate that leadership is not defined by a title or role, but rather the qualities and actions that inspire others and truly enhance the quality of health care for members of their communities. 

This year has been unlike any other for health professionals across Canada and the globe. As highlighted by NEON Lights Executive Committee member, Stephanie Lefebvre, “COVID-19 has challenged all of us personally and professionally. Like never before, it has required fastaction innovation, collaboration, reflection, and constant evaluation of our actions. Staff from across health sector organizations have truly stepped up to lead during these times. Amidst the challenges of COVID-19, we have witnessed remarkable commitment, generosity, passion, and growth.” 
This year’s CCHL NEON Lights Difference Maker campaign is also like no other. Lefebvre says, “Given the tremendous efforts of health leaders during recent months, it was impossible to select only a few for recognition. CCHL and the NEON Lights Chapter is pleased and humbled to acknowledge all healthcare professionals as Difference Makers during the COVID19 pandemic - front line providers, support staff, administrative leads and executives. Thank you for your contributions.”  
This year’s Difference Makers will be highlighted during The NEON Lights Chapter Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, June 10th. All are welcome to join the meeting. For more information or to register visit:         

About the Canadian College of Health Leaders and the NEON Lights Chapter 
The Canadian College of Health Leaders (CCHL) is a national, member-driven, non-profit association. The College strives to provide the leadership development, tools, knowledge and networks that members need to become high impact leaders in Canadian healthcare.   
CCHL’s NEON Lights Chapter is made up of over 90 members in the Municipalities of Wawa, Hornepayne and Hearst to the west; the James Bay Coast to the north; Mattawa, to the east; and Parry Sound, to the south.  We support ALL healthcare professionals in creating positive environments for themselves, their staff, their communities and the individuals they support.  





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