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More COVID-19 Cases in Northwestern Ontario

More COVID-19 Cases in Northwestern Ontario

Rickford optimistic on prospect of reopening

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO  ~~~  June 7, 2020  (LSN) New confirmed case of COVID-19 reported by Thunder Bay District Health Unit  30 year old male has been hospitalized. and  two cases in the Kenora District Jail. 

A Thunder Bay Media outlet is reporting that "A model for regional reopening in Ontario could be put forward as early as the coming week, says cabinet minister Greg Rickford.

The Kenora-Rainy River MPP sounded a cautious note while expressing his hope that regional reopening could go ahead.

The Thunder Bay District Health Unit (“TBDHU”) is investigating a case of COVID-19 that was reported this weekend. The individual is employed at Pioneer Ridge Long-Term Care home in Thunder Bay.      

Pioneer Ridge recently tested all staff for COVID-19 as part of the enhanced surveillance initiative currently being implemented in Long-Term Care facilities as part of the provincial testing strategy.  The case reported yesterday is the only positive result received at this time.   

Thunder Bay District Health Unit
Thunder Bay District Health Unit Lake Superior

While the individual is an employee at Pioneer Ridge, the individual does not go into the resident care areas of the facility and does not interact with any of the residents as part of their work.  The individual has not had any symptoms and is currently at home selfisolating. No residents or other staff members have been identified as having symptoms. 
Pioneer Ridge, like other LTCH facilities, has implemented significant measures to reduce any spread of the COVID-19 virus within the facility. These measures, which include the wearing of personal protective equipment and physical distancing among staff, were fully in place with this situation. The risk of any transmission of the virus within the facility is deemed to be low at this time. An outbreak is not being declared.   

“Receiving a report of a positive result in someone associated with a LTC facility is always concerning, however, there are a number of facts in this situation that are very reassuring.  The investigation is ongoing and we will continue to work with Pioneer Ridge to assess and monitor this situation,” says Dr. Janet DeMille, Medical Officer of Health.  

“We will continue to monitor this situation closely and apply all the same precautions and enhanced measures that we have been taking throughout the pandemic,” said Lee Mesic, Administrator, Pioneer Ridge. “Employees of Long-Term Care are used to dealing with enhanced infection control protocols and precautions, and our Home has well-established processes in place that have proven time and again to help limit the spread of infectious illnesses.” 


Northwest Health Unit Kenora  Lake Superior News


Northwestern Health Unit can confirm three new COVID-19 cases have been identified in the Kenora area. Follow up with the cases and contacts is being done collaboratively with local and federal agencies. If you have not been notified, then it means you are not at risk of acquiring COVID-19 from these cases.

Criminals still being sent there. but, pandemic protocols have increased,  plans underway to begin testing everyone in the jail starting tomorrow.

Positive tests:​ 22*
Negative tests:​​ 4346
Pending tests: 490


​​Resolved: ​21



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