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Foundation Presents Health Agencies with Heart-Felt Thanks

Foundation Presents Health Agencies with Heart-Felt Thanks

North Shore Health Care Foundation

COOK COUNTY, MINNESOTA  ~~~~~~~  February 17, 2021 (LSN)  The North Shore Health Care Foundation (NSHCF) proudly presented more than 300 hand-written cards of thanks and gifts of comfort for all health workers in Cook County, at a special presentation today at the North Shore Health Hospital & Care Center and Sawtooth Mountain Clinic medical campus in Grand Marais, MN.

This presentation was part of the Foundation’s Heart-Felt Thanks to Health Heroes initiative to celebrate and recognize the extraordinary job these essential workers have done throughout the pandemic in responding to COVID-19 and protecting their communities and organizations.

“Cook County health workers and the Incident Command Team can be exceptionally proud of the tremendous job they have done in managing the COVID-19 response in Cook County,” said Jerry Lilja, President – North Shore Health Care Foundation. “These folks have shown amazing dedication and resiliency working under tough conditions and demands, living in PPE for nearly a year now while performing already tough jobs. The unified response from our health leaders as well as the community at large have proven to be highly successful and the Foundation wanted to demonstrate its gratitude on behalf of the whole community.”

Cook County has maintained some of the lowest case counts of the COVID-19 virus in the state and nation for the duration of the pandemic, has the highest vaccination rate and has zero COVID-related deaths to date.

To observe social distancing requirements, North Shore Health Care Foundation President Jerry Lilja and Executive Director Valerie Marasco Eliasen presented prepared boxes of gifts for each local health organization to the leadership of all local health agencies. Every employee of the North Shore Health Hospital & Care Center, Sawtooth Mountain Clinic network, Grand Portage Health Services, the Cook County Emergency Operations Center & Incident Command Team, as well as employees involved with response from Cook County Public Health & Human Services will each receive a hand-written card of thanks, organic hand lotion and lip balm sourced through the Cook County Whole Foods Coop and a certificate for a complimentary coffee and treat on the Foundation valid at a variety of locations across the county including the Java Moose in Grand Marias, Fika Coffee in Lutsen, Holiday stores in Grand Marais and Tofte and the Grand Portage Trading Post. These partners were pleased to participate to recognize our local health heroes.

“As an organization that advocates for health and emergency services, this is an opportunity to demonstrate leadership and recognize everyone who works in health role,” said Valerie Marasco Eliasen, Executive Director – North Shore Health Care Foundation. “Our frontline workers have been living in PPE for months, showing up each day risking their own health for ours, while managing families and/or other responsibilities and they deserve to be recognized for the outstanding job they have done. We are proud to be able to extend this heart-felt thanks for all they have done for Cook County. Every health worker from physicians and nurses to administration, janitorial and food services has had their jobs turned inside out to manage the pandemic while continuing to provide extraordinary service, this is the least we can do on behalf of our citizens.”

The initiative also includes free postcards for anyone to send a message of thanks to health workers, available at locations across Cook County including the Cook County YMCA, all health facilities and partnering organizations. As well, bright colored banners thanking health workers have been installed at all health facilities and Grand Marais Family Dentistry as a show of support.

North Shore Health Care Foundation

Attendance at the presentation to receive recognition on behalf of their employees included:

  • Kimber Wraalstad, CEO & Administrator – North Shore Health Hospital & Care Center on behalf of their 146 employees,
  • Kate Surbaugh, CEO – Sawtooth Mountain Clinic, 53 employees,
  • Jennifer Sorenson, Director – Grand Portage Health Services, 25 employees,
  • Grace Grinager – Supervisor Cook County Public Health & Co-Incident Commander Cook County Emergency Operations Center – 32 members and approximately 50 additional EMTs/EMRs,
  • and members of the local media.

The North Shore Health Care Foundation proactively identifies opportunities to expand equitable health care and healthy living in Cook County and champions solutions through funding, education, and advocacy. The Foundation has awarded over $1 million in grants since 1995 and has developed critical programs that address gaps in health services.

L-R: Grace Grinager, Cook County Public Health, Kate Surbaugh, Sawtooth Mountain Clinic, Jennifer Sorenson, Grand Portage Health Services and Kimber Wraalstad, North Shore Health Hospital & Care Center graciously receive their Heart-Felt Thanks from the North Shore Health Care Foundation.  


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North Shore Health Care Foundation Lake Superior News History
The North Shore Health Care Foundation was established in 1993, by a group of committed residents dedicated to improving the health and wellness of the Cook County community. The original six-member Board assumed a leadership role in supporting projects that have had a significant impact on the health of our rural community. The commitment to provide leadership in sustaining and improving the health of individuals and communities continues today as a core value.

  • 17 February 2021
  • Author: Robert McKenzie
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TBDHU goes into Lockdown March 1st 12.01 am.

Date  New
Deceased  Hospitalized 
Feb 27   335 1218 30 23 7
Feb 28   343 1239 30 26 9
March 1 56 376 1262 30 29 9
March 2  40 374 1304 30 26 9
March 3  26 389 1314 31 29 10

This is the total number of deaths among cases in which COVID-19 was determined to be a contributing or underlying cause of death


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Number of Test and Number of Cases of COVID

Date Tests Cases Date Tests  Cases       
Feb 11 68,800 945 Mar 1 35,000 1,023      
Feb 12 62,000 1,076 Mar 2  30,800 966      
Feb 13 58,800 1,300 Mar 3 52,600 958      
Feb 14 48,700 981            
Feb 15 27,000 964            

Feb 16

30,400 904            
Feb 17 34,000 847            
Feb 18 56,200 1,038            
Feb 19 65,400 1,150            
Feb 20 57,200 1,228            
Feb 21 Not report Not Report            
Feb 22 31,200 1,058            
Feb 23 26,000 975            
Feb 24  54,900 1,054            
Feb 25 66,400 1,138            
Feb 26 64,000 1,258            
Feb 27 59,400 1,185            
Feb 28 49,200 1,062            


Covid and test During Ontario Lockdown

December 26th is day one of lockdown in Ontario 

Date Tests #Cases  Date Test Cases Date  Tests Cases
Dec 26   2,142 Jan 11     Jan 26 30,700 1,740
Dec 27   2,005 Jan 12     Jan 27 55,200 1,670
Dec 28   1,939 Jan 13     Jan 28 64,700 2,093
Dec 29   2,553 Jan 14     Jan 29 69,000 1,837
Dec 30 39,200 2,923 Jan 15     Jan 30 59,600 2,063
Dec 31   3,328 Jan16  73,900 3,056 Jan 31 49,400 1,848
Jan 1   2,476       Feb 1 30,400 1,969
Jan 2   3,363 Jan 17     Feb 2 28,600 745
Jan 3 49,800 2,964 Jan 18     Feb 3 52,400 1,172
    Jan 19     Feb 4 64,500 1,563
Jan 5 35,200 3,128 Jan 20     Feb 5  62,700 1,670
Jan 6     Jan 21 70,300 2,632 Feb 6 62,300 1,388
Jan 7     Jan 22 71,800 2,662 Feb 7 51,700 1,489
Jan 8     Jan 23 63,500 2,359 Feb 8  28,300 1,265

Jan 9

72,900 3,443 Jan 24  48,900 2,417 Feb 9 30,800 1,022
Jan 10     Jan 25 36,000 1,958 Feb 10 52,500 1,072

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