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Cook County Board

Cook County Board

Approves 2020 Property Tax Levy

COOK COUNTY, MINNESOTA  September 25, 2010   (LSN) The Cook County Board has approved the maximum property tax levy for 2020 at $10.38 million. This is a 6.05% increase over the current year. Due to increased tax capacity, the impact on many property owners is expected to be significantly less. For the owner of a $200,000 home (assuming no change in valuation or classification), the county tax will decrease by $17 for the year.

The levy increase breaks down to:

                Public Safety                                                      1.2%

                Public Health and Human Services            0.2%

                Road & Bridge                                                   0.3%

                General Government                                     2.3%

                Future Capital Needs                                     2.1%

Items factored into the proposed levy include:

  • A decrease in anticipated federal revenues.
  • Maintaining investment in transportation, public safety and public health and human services.
  • Increased health care costs and wages for staff.
  • Planning for future capital needs.

“We have a lot of work to do between now and December,” said Board Chair Storlie, “I believe in future planning for 10-20 years down the road. We are in good shape now.”

Minnesota counties are required by law to set their maximum property tax levy - that portion of the budget collected through property taxes - by the end of September. As the Board and staff work to finalize the 2020 budget over the next few months, the levy amount may be reduced, but it cannot increase. Commissioners will vote on the final capital and operating budget on December 17.

The annual Truth in Taxation meeting will be held December 5 at 6:00pm at the Cook County. Citizens also are welcome to provide input at any County Board meeting, or by contacting commissioners directly. Budget documents can be found on the county website at



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