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71% of Quebecers prefer Canadian oil

71% of Quebecers prefer Canadian oil

CALGARY, ALBERTA  ~~~~  September 15, 2020  (LSN)   As Canadians in every province look towards a strong economic recovery from COVID-19, we know that our natural gas and oil sector can play a vital role in ensuring this recovery is real and lasting. Furthermore, we know that most Canadians support the industry, and those who are opposed represent just a small minority!

Confirming what we already knew, a recent Ipsos poll from the Montreal Economic Institute (MEI) showed that a majority of Quebecers support western Canadian oil and want to develop their own resources.

Highlights from the poll include:

  • An overwhelming majority of Quebecers (71%) prefer to import their oil from Western Canada, versus just 8% who prefer American oil and 6% who want oil from another country.
  • Half of Quebecers (50%) want the province to develop its own oil resources, while only 26% are opposed, and 24% are undecided.

To download the full report.

We know the support for Canada's oil and natural gas sector is just as strong in neighboring Ontario. Ontario still remains a significant supplier to the oil industry, this includes over 1000 supply chain manufacturers, refining, transportation, gravel, and even tech companies

No matter where we live, we know a majority of Canadians want responsibly developed Canadian natural gas and oil. It’s that simple

Canada's Energy Citizens


  • 15 September 2020
  • Author: Robert McKenzie
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