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2020 calendar showcases canine therapists-

2020 calendar showcases canine therapists-

St. John Ambulance Thunder Bay’s Therapy Dog Unit

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THUNDER  BAY,  ONTARIO - November 5, 2019  (LSN)  –  Just in time for the holidays, St. John Ambulance Thunder Bay’s Therapy Dog Unit has created its own unique calendar.

The calendars which are now on sale for $10 feature photos of some of the therapy dogs that provide comfort, support, and companionship in facilities throughout the community.

There are currently about 50 canines iSt. John Ambulance Thunder Bay’s Therapy Dog  Lake Superior Newsn the therapy dog program. It’s a known fact that regular visits, petting and affection of a dog can make a difference in the physical and emotional health of people. They calm the distressed, distract the pain ridden and comfort the despondent. Each year the therapy dog teams bring joy, happiness and stress relief to those in need of a smile.

In Thunder Bay and Northwestern Ontario, certified Therapy Dog Teams visit long term care facilities, the Thunder Bay Airport, Lakehead University, Confederation College and a host of other facilities. Child tested dogs visit schools and daycare centers. The dogs are involved in many special request visits such as wellness days at schools and offices and de-stressing students during exam time. Whether it’s calming an anxious traveller or bringing a smile to a patient, therapy dogs have the power to make a difference.

The first time calendars show off many of the four-legged companions in the local Therapy Dog Unit at work in many of these facilities.

All the proceeds raised from this fundraising initiative stay in our community and go directly to the Therapy Dog Program. Money will be used to buy scarves and tags for the dogs and uniforms for their handlers.

In addition to the St. John Ambulance branch office on Fort William Road, the calendars are available at a number of local retail outlets including Thunder Pet, Tim’s Whole Health and Petastic. And volunteers will be selling them and appearing with the dogs at locations around the city in November and December.


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