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Liberal links to the political persecution of Tamara Lich
Rebel News

Liberal links to the political persecution of Tamara Lich

political prisoner Tamara Lich was in court

OTTAWA, THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO  ~~~~~  July 9, 2022 (LSNews)  Convoy to Ottawa organizer and part-time political prisoner Tamara Lich was in court for a bail hearing on Tuesday and Rebel News reporters were inside the courtroom and watching on Zoom to bring you coverage you won't see anywhere else.

I was watching remotely and Ottawa-based reporter, William Diaz, was at the courthouse as a Liberal-linked prosecutor argued for the continued incarceration of Lich, a peaceful grandma from Medicine Hat.

Lich was first arrested when Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act anti-terrorism law to euthanize the convoy protests against COVID restrictions that landed in Ottawa and stayed for three weeks in February.

Lich was held for weeks and eventually released on strict bail conditions that require her to not communicate with other convoy organizers except in the presence of her lawyers. She was arrested 10 days ago for breaching that condition when she took a photo with Tom Marazzo, a member of the convoy at an event in Toronto.

But Lich was in the presence of her lawyers from the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms. She was at the Justice Centre's George Jonas Freedom Awards dinner where she was being honoured for her activism and self-sacrifice in the name of liberty. Worse still, the homicide detective who ordered the arrest of Mrs. Public Enemy Number One, Chris Benson, could not identify the man on the stage at the awards event who welcomed Lich to the stage.

It was John Carpay, the head lawyer at the Justice Centre.

Lich took a picture in a room buzzing with her lawyers yet she is going on 10 days in jail for taking a picture without her lawyers around? And the cop who arrested her cannot ID her lawyers? It's a mess.

Lich isn't in trouble for a picture, really. She embarrassed Trudeau internationally and exposed him as an authoritarian bully. Now she must be made to pay.

This is political persecution and the Liberals have their hands all over it. Joining me tonight to discuss the trial of Tamara Lich and the pall that her treatment put on Canada Day is William Diaz-Berthiaume.


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