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Dr. Rosamund Lewis technical lead, WHO's Health Emergencies Programme, of Thunder Bay
Robert McKenzie
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Dr. Rosamund Lewis technical lead, WHO's Health Emergencies Programme, of Thunder Bay

grew up in Thunder Bay, Ont., and Ottawa.

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO,  MONTREAL, QUEBEC  ~~~~~   June 11, 2022 (LSNews)  A Canadian from Thunder Bay, Ontario,  is playing a major role in the World Health Organizations' fight against monkeypox.

Dr. Rosamund Lewis, the technical lead for the effort to combat a global outbreak of the virus at the WHO's Health Emergencies Programme, grew up in Thunder Bay, Ont., and Ottawa.

This is what In a Dr. Rosamund Lewis said in a Interview with Canadian Press:
 At the same time, Portugal reported an outbreak of people with undiagnosed lesions. They were negative for herpes, negative for syphilis, so the Portuguese were searching for information, and relatively quickly, Portugal and the U.K. realized that they were facing the same thing.

It was men having who had sex with men, who had participated in certain events and then returned home.

The first cases were all associated with travel from central Europe. That's about where we are now, except that we're seing a lot of cases and it's spreading in this group of people who have frequent physical contact with more than one person, possibly in a very short period of time, so the conditions are right for rapid transmission and propagation.

Yes, and it's crucial to take advantage (of this time) before the virus affects a more general population, family members, children, vulnerable people, for example, people who are HIV-positive. But we can't be alarmist. The vast majority of cases are still being reported in this group, so it's there that the transmission is happening, it's not too late to stop the outbreak in this group, although it might be difficult. That said, there are still a lot of things that we don't know about the virus, and we have to be honest and admit that. The virus itself might have gone through changes that make it more transmissible, but we have certainty seen behaviours that make it more transmissible. This disease presents as an infectious disease that spreads through close contact, including sexual contact. So the message to the public is this: educate yourself, learn to recognize the signs and symptoms, know in what circumstances you could be infected, protect yourself and protect others and, when in doubt, seek a diagnosis.

Still unclear if asymptomatic people can transmit the infection 

There remains, however, a “window of opportunity to prevent the spread of monkeypox in those who are at highest risk right now,” said WHO’s monkeypox technical lead Rosamund Lewis at the briefing. 

She noted that most of the cases occurring outside of Africa so far have been among men who have sex with men.

“It is possible to control the further onward spread of this outbreak at this time with standard public health control measures, and this includes contact tracing, surveillance, clinical care, and that folks should remain isolated for as long as they are infectious,” she said.  

However, she also admitted that cases among women are appearing. And there are still many unknowns regarding transmissibility, including potential for asymptomatic transmission of the infection as well as the extent of aerosol (airborne) viral transmission. 

Gathering data on available vaccines and efficacy

The smallpox vaccine protects against monkeypox.

WHO is currently assessing the types and quantities of vaccines available globally, as well as the extent to which vaccine manufacturers have capacity to step up their production and deployment  – with the aim of developing an equitable distribution plan for available vaccines.  

Available vaccines include strategic stockpiles of smallpox vaccines, new vaccines targeted against monkeypox, and even vaccines against chickenpox, the experts said. 

But WHO is not recommending that countries launch campaigns for mass vaccination, Lewis and other experts stressed. Rather, targeted vaccination of the close contacts of infected people, health workers and other caregivers should be the priority for the limited quantities of vaccines that exist today. 

Please be aware that if a Men has Monkeypox and Pets your dog 
He could pass the Monkypox on to your dog and then to you though you contact your dog

Be extra careful who you allow to pet your dog or cat for that matter. 

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So that we could share it with you 

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Monkeypox patients should avoid pet contact
Monkeypox patients should avoid pet contact


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