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The Iola Car Show

Event date: 7/11/2020 8:00 AM - 11:30 PM Export event

Event Location: lola Car Show

The Iola Car Show

Rally for Iola

LOTA, WISCONSIN, ~~~ June 14, 2020  (LSN)  Rally for Iola is excited to announce the details of the Rally for Iola have been finalized. With full cooperation of the Waupaca County Department of Health and the Sheriff's Department, the car show staff has put together a safe and effective plan for the car cruise scheduled for July 11th. 

The Rally for Iola will take place through the Iola Car Show grounds, which normally welcomes over 100,000 people during the event. Instead, this socially-distanced cruise is designed with minimal interaction, while allowing supporters to celebrate the 48 years of the car show!

Cars will begin staging through Gate 1 at 8:00 AM. Show cars will start parking in the Post-War Area, with the opportunity to buy soda, water or Gatorade in drive-thru style on the way. Non-show cars will continue along the Rally Route, where chocolate shakes, bagged cheese curds and Iola memorabilia will be available for sale (again, in drive-thru style). At 10:00 AM, the show cars will be released in groups, allowing for spacing on the road cruise. Non-show cars will follow in similar fashion.

After the cruise, everyone is invited back for a drive-thru meal at the Iola Car Show Campgrounds!

Street Cruise

Participants are invited to take to the open road in this 60 mile cruise through Waupaca County led by Sheriff Timothy Wilz! Drivers will go through Iola, Big & Little Falls, Clintonville, Symco, Manawa, Ogdensburg and finally meet us back at the Iola Car Show Campground for a drive-thru meal!



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