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Stauber Votes No on Pelosi’s Partisan Wishlist

Stauber Votes No on Pelosi’s Partisan Wishlist

$3 trillion bill put forward by Pelosi

WASHINGTON, D.C.  May 16, 2020  (LSN)  Tonight, Congressman Pete Stauber (MN-08) voted NO on H.R. 6800, a three trillion-dollar, 1,800 page stimulus package containing Speaker Pelosi’s wishlist of provisions, many of which are unrelated to COVID-relief. Following his vote, Stauber stated:

“For weeks, I have heard from countless Minnesotans from all walks of life who are struggling in the wake of this pandemic. That’s why I find it deeply offensive that Speaker Pelosi has put forward a three trillion-dollar package that has much more to do with partisan politics than COVID-19 relief. This massive progressive wish-list is the result of Speaker Pelosi leaving Members of the minority party completely out of the drafting process.

“Our top priority should be getting Americans safely back to work and supporting local businesses. This bill doesn’t do that, and instead includes provisions incentivizing illegal immigration, allowing the release of prisoners, and radically changing election laws. The American people deserve better.

“It is outrageous that Speaker Pelosi refuses to call the House back for regular order, but instead is forcing a vote on the largest spending bill in American history that has neither been debated nor drafted in a bipartisan manner. Congressional leadership should not be using a global pandemic as an opportunity to push forward a one-party agenda.

“We need to return to working together on pragmatic solutions that will truly help Americans during this difficult time. A pandemic that impacts our entire way of life calls for a bipartisan response.”



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Minnesota's 8th congressional district covers the northeastern part of Minnesota. It is anchored by Duluth, the state's fifth-largest city. It also includes most of the Mesabi & Vermilion iron ranges, and the Boundary Waters Canoe Area in the Superior National Forest. The district is best known for its mining, agriculture, tourism, and shipping industries.
Representative: Pete Stauber, R–Hermantown
Distribution: 38.47% urban, 61.53% rural
Area: 27,583 sq mi (71,440 km²)
Population (2018 est.): 672,274

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  • 16 May 2020
  • Author: James Brown
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