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Local Business Provide Products and Services to Our Communities 
In so doing they Provide Jobs for our families 
So that we can provide food and shelter for our families 

Whether it be a small Mum and Pop store or a National Chain.. 

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Online Auction 20 packages for you to bid on
Robert McKenzie
/ Categories: Public Safety

Online Auction 20 packages for you to bid on

Neebing Fire/Rescue Association

NEEBING, ONTARIO ~~~~~  November 12, 2020   (LSN)  The organization was preparing for a raffle to begin in June and we put that project aside as our members weren’t comfortable selling tickets in public. We began to investigate online auctions and heard about success with other groups using Through generous donors we have accumulated 20 packages to bid on. Thunder Bay, Ontario and area

We hope to raise $2500 from this auction and YOU can be a bidder.

You can also support NFRA though a charitable donation. Check out our on line donation tab on the website. or by sending a cheque to Neebing Fire/Rescue Association , 4766 Hwy 61 Neebing, ON P7L 0B5

Neebing Fire/Rescue Association ( NFRA) is a registered charity comprised of community volunteers dedicated to fundraising to support Neebing Emergency Services. The volunteer group started in the early 1970s since there were no organized emergency services in the Municipality. Early efforts included acquiring water packs and portable pumps to protect from grass and brush fires. Today there are 5 fire halls, 35 volunteer firefighters/emergency personnel and current emergency equipment. Fundraisers have included tailgate sales, penny auctions, bake sales, firewood raffles, Music nights, 50 50 raffles and the sale of break open tickets at Arella’s Quality Dollar and Import Store. Members of NFRA leave the  fighting of fires and emergency calls to the trained, but together they are a force to be reckoned with.

Since 2002, NFRA has purchased $350,774 in equipment for Neebing Emergency Services. This is astounding for a group that averages about 12 members. You can look at the list of purchases on the website.

In 2019, NFRA agreed to help the Municipality of Neebing buy a new fire pumper truck and to pledge $67,000 towards the truck and equipment. This new fire truck will be the front line fire fighting vehicle in the community over the next 15+ years. The truck, custom built in the United States, will be delivered as soon as it can be cleared to cross the  border.

To date, NFRA has donated $50,000 towards the purchase of added features such as  couplings, hoses and various options for the truck. $20,000 of that donation came from funds raised through lottery. The other $30,000 was through events. With the usual fundraising activities have been seriously curtailed, if not cancelled, the group needed to find out creative ways to raise an additional $17,000 to meet our Fill the Fire Hose fundraising campaign target. So far $10,000 has been raised through private and corporate donations as well as recycled metal sales.


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