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Loonie near 2-year low finally ArriveCan app goes end of Sept.
Robert McKenzie
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Loonie near 2-year low finally ArriveCan app goes end of Sept.

ArriveCan app has done a great deal of harm to Canadian Tourism Industry

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO ~~~~  September 21, 2022 (LSNews)  The federal government is poised to ease COVID-19 restrictions at the border, including vaccination requirements, random COVID-19 testing and mandatory use of the ArriveCan app on September 30th.

The move is expected to come by the end of September

The vaccination requirement was dropped for Canadians travelling by plane or train in June, but remains in place for foreign nationals entering Canada.

The changes come following months of complaints from those in the travel and tourism industries who have said the restrictions are hampering business.

WHO has stated that COVID will be here in many forms for a long time and we need to adjust and live with it 

The Canada’s loonie falters against the surging U.S. dollar, experts say the effect could worsen inflation on some goods imported from south of the border.

Canadian dollar is sitting at 75 cents compared to the U.S.-dollar benchmark as of Tuesday, a nearly two-year low for the loonie.

Some blame the Dollar fall to the lack of American Tourist coming to Canada because of the ArriveCan app Turning Tours away.

Melissa Lantsman, Deputy Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, and Pierre Paul-Hus, Quebec Political Lieutenant, released the following statement on the end of ArriveCAN requirements:

“Since Pierre Poilievre became the Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, the government has conveniently realized that Canadians were suffering from their inflationary deficits and planned tax hikes. Now, days later, they have also signaled that they will be ending the mandatory use of the ArriveCAN app.

“Ever since it was introduced, the ArriveCAN app has killed jobs, suffocated economies all over the country, and told visitors they weren’t welcome in Canada. Along with unscientific vaccine mandates and mandatory random testing, ArriveCAN created the longest delays ever seen at Canada’s airports. Seniors without cellphones were detained for hours at ports of entry, and fully vaccinated travellers were told to quarantine for no reason.

“Meanwhile, the Prime Minister jet setted around the world, with zero regard for his own rules and restrictions. While Canadians suffered for hours in airports, they watched as Justin Trudeau travelled maskless, breaking his own rules whenever he wanted.

“Worst of all, Canadians who couldn’t or wouldn’t comply with the ridiculous ArriveCAN restrictions were fined $6,255 for failing to go along with the government’s nonsense.

“Now, Justin Trudeau is walking back his disastrous and unscientific mandates, including the mandatory use of ArriveCAN. This decision is extremely overdue, and Canadians deserve an apology.

“Today, Conservatives are calling on the Liberal government to forgive any fines that were incurred for failing to comply with the failed Liberal ArriveCAN experiment. Canadians shouldn’t pay for Liberal incompetence. These fines should be immediately forgiven.”


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