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Leaky Homes Demonstration Wednesday

Event date: 10/21/2020 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM Export event

Leaky Homes Demonstration Wednesday

Thunder Bay Homes being Damaged

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO  ~~~~~  October 17, 2020  (LSN) I have been a taxpayer in Thunder Bay for 50 years. I pay my water bill consistently every two months. When city pipes break underground on my property, pumping in city water I expect the city to take action. I don’t expect them to have the audacity to charge me to turn the water on and off when they are flooding my property and my home.

This was my Rental Unit and my tenants were inconvenienced a great deal. We had to set up a system with a neighbour to pump water from a hose between the two home so they could have water for basic needs until the city’s main line could be fixed, at my expense! Because this is happening all over the city it took 3 weeks to get a contractor to do the job. You just have to drive around the city to see how many yard have been dug up. There Are citizens that don’t have a neighbour and they are actually hauling water while they wait to have their pipes repaired.

This just isn’t happening two homes this is happening to apartment blocks, churches, schools,  Grace Centre a nonprofit organization has been dealing with this problem for two years ,thousands of dollars in damage.

This isn’t a new problem in Thunder Bay, in 2016 The city tried to fix a lead in the water situation and started adding sodium hydroxide to the water. In 2018 so sodium hydroxide was added to all the drinking water in Thunder Bay, I can’t say 100% that this is a problem but this is when all the pipes started leaking. The city Council has a gag order on all it’s employees so we really aren’t getting any answers. Maybe if they’d address this problem then instead of pushing it under the carpet we wouldn’t have as many families In distress! New homeowners having to take on this expense, pensioners on fixed incomes having a cash and RSP‘s, this just isn’t right and our city hasn’t been listening to us. If I had a problem with my Hydro they would come and fix it, not charged me to fix it, that goes for cable or any other utility that we pay for, why is the city not fixing their water pipes!?

We are afraid to leave our home for fear of coming home to a falling ceiling or water spraying from pinholes throughout our homes! The city has turned a deaf ear to the taxpayers, so I decided that it is time to put a face to our complaints and

I’m organizing a rally on Wednesday, October 21 before the Mayor’s  Townhall meeting. at City Hall
4 to 5:30 pm infront of City Hall

Taxpayers deserve compensation for the costs, that in some cases is astronomical. If his nightmare hasn’t happened to you, count your lucky stars, this is a city wide problem and it hasn’t been addressed, everyday it is happening to someone else! Our city Council should not be looking at the wants for the city this is a time that they should be looking after the needs of the city, our infrastructure is falling apart and it needs to be fixed by the city and with our tax dollars! It is a nightmare.

Patsy Stadnyk

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The Thunder Bay Leaky Pipe Club


Event CityThunder Bay
Event AddressThunder Bay City Hall

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