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Ford Earned strong Second Mandate
Robert McKenzie
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Ford Earned strong Second Mandate

Ford increased the number o Ridding that elected PC's

KENORA, THUNDER BAY, SAULT STE MARIE, TIMMINS, ONTARIO  ~~~~~  June 4, 2022 (LSNews)  Ford and his PC Party won a convincing 83 of 124 seats in the provincial legislature Thursday, including seats the party hadn’t won in decades.

With added support in Windsor, Thunder Bay, Timmins, Hamilton, Brampton and Eastern Ontario, Ford has grown his caucus and his base of support. He also now faces two leaderless opposition parties.


While a large part of Northern Ontario is left behind the rest of the Province 

The PCs got a landslide majority with 40.84% of the vote. They won a whopping 83 seats―that’s 7 more seats than 2018 

The Liberal Party earned more of the popular vote than the NDP―23.85% vs 23.73%―but the NDP’s voters elected 31 MPPs and Liberal voters only elected 8.

In the race to replace Andrea Horwath, Ontario’s New Democrats and Steven Del Duca’s leadership, the Liberals have steped down after a crushing defeat as they only retain their downtown woke elitist activists

While the Liberal Candidate in Thunder Bay-Superior North to NDP’s Lise Vaugeois with a 42.77 per cent turnout rate lost.

Conservative Kevin Holland took Thunder Bay-Atikokan, defeat incumbent NDP candidate Judith Monteith-Farrell by 898 votes.

The Citizens of Kenra Rainy River returned Greg Rickford, and Sault Ste Marie returned  Ross Romono. plus Timmins elected George Pirie with 64.9% of the vole 

It will be hard for Lise Vaugeois, NDP to push the NDP agenda with a lack of support from the majoriety of people from Kenora, Thunder Bay to Sault Ste Marie and Timmins being represented by Progress Conservatives. 

5 of the northern seats fell to the NDP 

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The popular vote as of June 3, 2022 is as follows:

  • Progressive Conservative Party: 40.8%
  • New Democratic Party: 23.7%
  • Liberal Party: 23.8%
  • Green Party: 6%
  • The Progressive Conservative Party has been elected in 83 ridings across Ontario.
  • The Ontario New Democratic Party has secured the second-highest number of seats in the Legislative Assembly at 31 seats and will therefore form the Official Opposition.
  • The rest of the Legislative Assembly will be made up as follows: the Ontario Liberal Party will see 8 of their representatives serve as Members of Provincial Parliament;
  • the Green Party will see 1 representative serve as Member of Provincial Parliament;
  • 1 independent candidate was elected as well.

90/90 polls reporting

24,634 total votes

Candidate Headshot

Lise Vaugeois



8,404 total votes



Candidate Headshot

Peng You



7,604 total votes



Candidate Headshot

Shelby Ch'ng



6,966 total votes



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