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Local Business Provide Products and Services to Our Communities 
In so doing they Provide Jobs for our families 
So that we can provide food and shelter for our families 

Whether it be a small Mum and Pop store or a National Chain.. 

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Ford Cutting Gas Taxes Helping families

Ford Cutting Gas Taxes Helping families

Starting July 1st

Brampton, SAULT STE MARIE,  THUNDER BAY, KENORA, ONTARIO  ~~~~  June 30, 2022 (LSNews)  As part of its plan to keep costs down for Ontario families and businesses, the Ontario government is providing more relief at the pumps by cutting the gas tax by 5.7 cents per litre and the fuel tax by 5.3 cents per litre for six months, beginning July 1.

Quick Facts

  • In April 2022, Ontario’s legislation to cut gas and fuel taxes received Royal Assent.
  • Vehicle owners in Ontario will see a significant direct savings from this gas tax cut and the elimination and refunding of licence plate renewal fees. For example, a family in Southern Ontario who owns two cars and drives regularly would save about $815 in 2022. Households that do not own vehicles are expected to benefit from the impact of the gas tax cut in the price of purchases such as taxis, food delivery and consumer products.
  • The price paid at the pump is made up of the cost of crude oil, wholesale margins, retail margins, federal excise tax, the federal carbon tax, Ontario gasoline/fuel tax and HST.
  • Ontario’s Gas Tax program supports public transit in municipalities across Ontario by providing two cents per litre of provincial gas tax to improve and expand transit. The government will ensure that municipalities that receive funding through the program are not impacted by the gas and fuel tax rate cut.
  • Premier Ford will be meeting with his Premier colleagues for the Council of the Federation meeting July 11-12 and will be discussing affordability issues.

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