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TBSO signs up Music Director

TBSO signs up Music Director

Paul Haas for another four years

Thunder Bay, Ontario  January 23, 2020  (LSN)   After a brief but thorough renegotiation process, TBSO President Linda Penner and TBSO Music Director Paul Haas are pleased to announce the renewal and extension of his contract with the Thunder Bay Symphony for the next four years.

“We couldn’t be more delighted to have Paul for another four years,” says Penner. “Not only will the community and our audiences have the opportunity to enjoy the full range of what he brings to our stage, but it gives the orchestra greater stability both artistically and operationally over the next few years.” 

“When I came to Thunder Bay almost three years ago I was excited by the challenges,” says Haas. “After Arthur Post left there was a period of time when the orchestra was without a music director, so it was somewhat adrift artistically. The orchestra also faced financial challenges. I also learned that the social and cultural dynamics of the community were changing. It was an interesting time to be here.” He continues. “Since then we’ve added annual Indigenous concerts to our schedule, we’ve upped our educational program, we’ve created new repertoire to reflect our unique geographic location in the world, and we’ve reached out to our loyal patrons and new audiences.  And that’s gone a long way to help pay down our deficit, so it’s been quite a ride.” 

Linda Penner concurs. “Paul has brought new energy to our orchestra in a time of transition. There are many new faces onstage as our older musicians retire and others move on. Since Paul has arrived more than a third of our players are new. Paul’s collaborative style with his team has made these—and many other transitions—the smoothest they could be, and the sound of the orchestra has never been better.” 
Given the support Haas has received in 2017 it seems the community agrees. At the signing after Tuesday’s board meeting, Haas recognized his Musician Chair Sponsors, Brian and Gail Scott, who are financially contributing to supporting his position annually. “Without supporters like Brian and Gail, keeping this orchestra alive and thriving would be far more difficult. Their support, and the support of others like them, allows me to 
concentrate on delivering the best music possible, without the additional stress of financial pressure, and I’m very grateful for that,” says Haas. 
The Scotts, who were out of town and unable to attend the signing added, “We’re delighted to have Paul with us for another four years. He brings a magic to the podium and an energy to the orchestra that takes us all to another level. What good news!” 
Prior to officially signing, Penner and Haas announced to the board that programming for the next four years has already taken shape. “Approaching programming with a longer horizon in view means we can create a more cohesive arc for our music. For example, we can plan a multi-year presentation of Brahms or Nordic composers,” Haas says. “With my four-year contract renewal I can see all of that through, and that’s a great gift.”

You can catch Maestro Haas’ work his magic with the TBSO in their next mainstage performance, “Sibelius Sings”, featuring soloist Thomas Cosbey, the Thunder Bay Youth Orchestra and the Thunder Bay Symphony Chorus on Thursday, February 6th at the Auditorium. Yes, music lovers, the ever-popular Finlandia is on the program. 


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Photo: Music Director Paul Haas and President Linda Penner sign contract renewal at Thunder Bay Symphony office 


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MADISON, WISCONSIN ~~~~~~  January 26, 2021  (LSN) The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) today announced that the five Wisconsin elk hunters filled their tags during Wisconsin’s third managed elk season. The 2020 season marked 25 years since the reintroduction and management of elk began in the state.

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Reel Memories of the Lakehead

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THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO ~~~~~~  January 23, 2021  (LSN)  Reel History of the Lakehead is a community engagement project that uses the art of filmmaking to engage seniors and educate others with the history of the Lakehead. Friends of the Finnish labour Temple has been awarded a grant from the Thunder Bay Foundation to create 20 short newsreels. This project is important because it will provide opportunities people to learn about news-worthy events from our shared past and bridge a generational divide while also creating an opportunity to train young filmmakers. Reel History uses videos about local history to permit seniors to share their knowledge with younger people in order to increase general historical knowledge while building bridges between generations and training a new generation of filmmakers.

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WMH & CCHD Partner on Vaccination Clinic at LSSU

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SAULT STE MARIE, MICHIGAN  ~~~~~ January 22, 2022  (LSN)  Regional partners came together to offer a community vaccination clinic on Friday, January 22. The vaccination clinic was successful in vaccinating 1,000 people in group Phase 1B (individuals 65 years of age and older). Community partners from War Memorial Hospital, Chippewa County Health Department, Bay Mill’s Health Center, LSSU, and Chippewa County Office of Emergency Services worked together to provide vaccines for the clinic.

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Chippewa County Health Department COVID-19 Vaccine Update

Allocated to War Memorial Hospital and CCHD will allow for additional clinics

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CHIPPEWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN  ~~~~~~ January 20, 2021  (LSN)  – Chippewa County Health Department (CCHD) received notification that the amount of vaccine being allocated to War Memorial Hospital and CCHD will allow for additional clinic

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US-Canada border closure extended to Feb. 21

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OTTAWA, ONTARIO WASHINGTON, DC  January 13, 2021  (LSN)  Canada’s borders to the United States will remain closed to non-essential travelers until at least Feb. 21 as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the extension of the restriction Tuesday. The current restrictions were set to expire Jan. 21,2021

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DNR pilot project clears the way for winter fishing access

boating access sites plowed this winter for ice fishing

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SAULT STE MARIE, MICHIGAN  ~~~~~~  January 10, 2021  (LSN)  The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has organized a pilot program to keep boating access sites plowed this winter at more than two dozen popular Upper Peninsula ice-fishing locations.
Various local partners have volunteered to assist the DNR with the program to help ensure that access to ice-fishing opportunities in the U.P. are available consistently during winter.

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TBSO Announces Virtual Second Half of Season 59.5

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THUNDER BAY,  ONTARIO  January 8, 2021  (LSN)  With the end of the holiday season and a new year in full swing, the TBSO will continue to offer small chamber performances to music lovers in its second half of the 2020/21 Season.

One of our goals is to provide a live concert experience, while another is to broaden the reach of our orchestra. This season has allowed us to discover new ways to reach out and connect with people and we will continue to do just that.

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PRAIRIE DU SAC, WISCONSIN  ~~~~~~ January 7, 2021  (LSN)  Wisconsin’s longest-running bald eagle watching extravaganza is going virtual for 2021, with programming available throughout January and February. Due to the COVID-19 public health emergency, the Sauk Prairie area’s Bald Eagle Watching Days will be livestreamed. Bald eagle lovers will be able to see their favorite parts of this annual event from the comfort and safety of their own home during its 35th year.

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Chippewa County Health Department COVID-19 Vaccine Update

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CHIPPEWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN  ~~~~~~  January 7, 2021  (LSN)   Beginning January 11, 2021, the Chippewa County Health Department (CCHD) will vaccinate individuals in Phase 1B. However, CCHD does not have sufficient vaccine supply for all individuals in this group but is collaborating with War Memorial Hospital to supply the vaccine.




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