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Summer Beaver
#LSN_Outdoors   An Incident Management Team is in place to manage the fire and limit its spread toward the community of Nibinamik  (Summer Beaver) to the south.

THUNDER BAY, August 14, 2017  (LSN)  Northwest Region   There were 6 new fires confirmed by the afternoon of August 12 in the Northwest Region and new lightning strikes in the north were bringing in more reports.

There were 35 new fires confirmed by day’s end on August 11. Multiple fires remain active in the region, totaling 125 fires at the time of this report. One fire of note is Red Lake Fire 066 within the community of Sandy Lake First Nation. It required aggressive attack from the ground and the air under extreme fire hazard conditions. It is responding well to suppression efforts.

Another fire of note is Nipigon District Fire Number 29, a 1,000 hectare fire located about 20 kilometres north of Nibinamik First Nation (Summer Beaver) . An incident management team is now in place to manage the fire and to ensure that spread toward the community is limited  Smoke will be an issue for the next few days.

There are a number of lightning-caused fires burning in and around Wabakimi Provincial Park. Some require suppression efforts but some will be monitored while they burn to natural boundaries and renew the forest ecosystem in the park.