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“My Oath Is To Country, Not To Party.” Liberal MP Leona Alleslev Crosses Floor, Joins Scheer Conservatives

Liberal MP Leona Alleslev Crosses Floor  Lake Superior News
#LSN_Opinion  Spencer Fernando

WINNIPEG, MANITOBA,  September 17, 2018  (LSN)   Alleslev previously served in the Royal Canadian Air Force. Liberal MP Leona Alleslev is leaving the Trudeau Liberals, and switching to the Conservatives.

Alleslev said she felt unable to bring up issues about the economy and being unable to represent her constituents within the Liberal Party.

Alleslev served our nation, having been a former Captain in the Royal Canadian Air Force, and graduate from the Royal Military College.


She had also served in the Department of National Defence, as well as Bombardier and IBM.

Alleslev represents Aurora-Oak Ridges-Richmond Hill.

Scheer says Leona Alleslev will become the Conservatives Shadow Minister for Global Security.

Alleslev’s move is a big boost for Scheer and the Conservatives, giving them momentum as the House of Commons session begins.

Spencer Fernando

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Spencer Fernando
Spencer Fernando  Lake Superior News

Spencer Fernando is based in Winnipeg