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Agate Bay Outfitters

Agate Bay Outfitters

Agate Bay outfitters is a locally owned Gift Shop 
located  in Two Harbors, Minnesota.

812 7th Ave

Phone (218) 834-5777

We specialize in our custom made sweatshirts and t-shirts. If you have a design and/or logo in mind, we will put it on a shirt for you! We sell many different items ranging from clothing to small souvenirs. Here are some of the things we sell:

- t-shirts              - sweatshirts    - sweatpants         - winter hats
- winter mittens    - scarves         - blankets             - home decor
- jewelry              - candy            - magnets             - post cards
- candles              - soaps            - coffee mugs/cups     

- stuffed animals


stop by and check us out!

"Every dollar you spend at an independent local business creates up to 3 1/2 times more local economic benefit than dollars spent at a chain."