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Thunder Bay District Health Unit is advising Clients of Thunder Bay Colon Cleansing Services Advised to Get Tested

Natural Health and Chiropractic,
#LSN_Health  Natural Health and Chiropractic,  Colon Therapy Clinic, 267 Park Avenue

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO  February 6, 2018 -   (LSN) Thunder Bay District Health Unit is recommending that clients of two Thunder Bay colon cleansing services get tested for hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and HIV.  

An infection control investigation conducted by the Health Unit has determined that clients who received colon cleansing services operated by Natural Health and Chiropractic, located at 817 Victoria Avenue East, and the Colon Therapy Clinic, located at 267 Park Avenue, may have been exposed to improperly cleaned instruments. These clients may be at risk for a variety of bloodborne, sexually-transmitted and enteric infections.

The investigation was initiated following a public complaint. The colon cleansing services at these two locations are temporarily closed. At this time, the Health Unit is not aware of any cases of infection directly related to these premises. Both service providers are cooperating with the Health Unit, and working towards compliance with infection control requirements so they can resume client services safely.

Health unit staff will be attempting to contact clients of these colon cleansing services. However, client records are incomplete. If you have ever had a colon cleanse at either of these locations, we recommend that you contact your health care provider about testing for hepatitis B, hepatitis C, HIV, or other infections. Clients can download a letter to bring to their health care provider by visiting Thunder Bay Colon Cleansing Services IPAC Lapse 2018. If you do not have a regular health care provider, the letter can be brought to a walk-in clinic. This webpage also contains more information about hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and HIV and has other helpful resources. 

If you wish to speak with a public health inspector, please call (807) 625-5900.



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