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SAULT STE MARIE, ON  -----  May 18, 2012  --   Treetop Adventures is an ecologically friendly tourist attraction, which offers a year around, outdoor, Zip Linewilderness adventure that will interest and exhilarate all ages. Treetop Adventures is located 15 minutes West of Sault Ste. Marie, on the Joseph Homestead property along side Highway 17. The initiative is to provide a place for families, friends, and colleagues to share some laughs, rejuvenate themselves, and enjoy the magical wonders of nature together. Few people get the chance to experience this kind of encounter with nature.

With our very busy schedules we forget how important it is to let loose and have some fun. They say laughter is the best medicine. Treetop Adventures has what the doctor ordered – a day of guaranteed fun and exercise. 

There are several different packages available to suit your interests. Reservations are mandatory. To view pictures, videos, or reviews of our park visit our website, or check out our Treetop Adventures fan page on facebook for up to date news on the park.

Treetop Obstacle Tour
Looking for some adventure in your life that requires no previous experience? Well an adventure is waiting for you. Come play in the treetops for a couple of hours with friends, family, co-workers or that special someone.  Your Treetop Tour will begin once you have successfully completed the ground level pre-climbing orientation. The pre-climbing orientation is similar to the idea of a “bunny course”, it will provide you with instruction and practice.

Be prepared to feel like a kid again, as laughter, and silliness is almost unavoidable. For some, the first few moments may entail conquering your fear of heights.  Don’t fret, our guides and your buddy will support and encourage you. 

Everyone loves an obstacle course, only this obstacle course is located between trees and is approximately 12-30 feet in the air.  You will climb ladders, and rock walls, travel across wobbly and flippy bridges, swinging logs, disappearing platforms, chop sticks, balance beams, tire obstacles, and swing like Tarzan or Jane. The course is challenging; but it is designed for the general public, not just for the “thrill seekers”. The Treetop Tour takes approximately 3 hours to complete.

Treetop Moonlight Tours
Amazing just became Spectacular! Imagine the thrill and excitement you will experience as you navigate through the Treetop Tour with the light of your Tika Headlamp. Are you brave enough to partake in the rest of the adventure .... Zip Lining in the Moonlight? What a thrill!
Zip Lines

It’s not every day that you can soar like a bird or like a space shuttle, so don’t miss the opportunity and ride our Big and Mega Zip Line.  The newest zip line Paint Ballthe Mega Zip Line is by far the fastest zip line in Ontario. The ride is very fast and exhilarating with a smooth but forceful stop at the end.  The g-force of the Mega Zip is greater than the Space Shuttles launch and re-entry. 

The Big Zip - The Big Zip is approximately 400 ft long and spans a scenic ravine reaching heights of 40 feet. There is nothing like zip lining and this ride is a great build up for the Mega Zip.

The Mega Zip - Are you a “THRILL SEEKER”? Do you like SPEED? Would you like to say “I HAVE RODE THE FASTEST ZIP LINE IN ONTARIO!”..... YES, YES, YES! Then add this to your “Bucket List”, and come on out and live the experience!
Enjoy the 10 minute hike to the top of Treetop Adventures, where you can see Lake Superior’s Goulais Bay and the beautiful mountain range around it. The ride down will be a little quicker as the Mega Zip is three times longer and three times faster than the Big Zip.

Come and experience Paintball in the Joseph’s Homestead Forest. Treetop Adventures paintball is an adrenaline adventure for anyone 10 years old and over. You will be challenged whether you are experienced or new to the game. Paintball provides hours of fun and excitement for both groups and individuals. There are many paintball games to challenge you.
The natural terrain has been utilized to make 2 separate bush courses with hiding places yet to be discovered. The sport encourages camaraderie and yet challenges you as an individual as well. Very few activities bring people together the way paintball does! It’s great for organizations, sports teams, birthdays, stag and stagettes, company picnics or come alone and join another group. Have fun with one of the most played extreme sport worldwide.

Experimental Team Building
The ground level team building activities include a combination of physical and intellectual challenges that will include warm-ups and ice breaking activities to get the communication going and to encourage a positive and relaxed environment.  Our experiential team building can be enjoyed alone or in combination with Paintball, Zip lining or the Treetop Tour. While our ground level activities are not dangerous or highly strenuous, they do involve physical action.  The activities are fun and highly immersive, and often involve the use of props such as team skis, bridges, balls, hoops, ropes, blind folds, etc. The games will progress to include group participation and communication.  Success begins to rely on the team’s communication and creative problem solving abilities. The exercises encourage trust, delegation, decision making, organizing and defining of roles and team goals. Group discussions will follow each activity and will encourage participants to find out how they felt and what they experienced during the activity, and deeper probing allows the group to discover how these same experiences are felt in different settings. The learning value of each activity is multiplied through this effective, interactive training process. 

There are a variety of experiential activities to choose from; however we guide you in selecting activities that will meet your objectives. Remember, our qualified guides can come to your workshop, meeting room, company picnic, or locker room and bring hours of team building activities that will entertain, energize, and strengthen your team at your location. Human Fuzeball and our Treetop Adventures Style Obstacle Course are just some of our ground level experiential team building options.

Human Fuzeball
Like the table game, the goal of Human Fuzeball is to make goals by kicking the ball into the opposing team’s net. Players must stay connected in rows of unbroken lines and stay between designated boundary lines. The game shows the importance of cooperation and respectful communication. Human Fuzeball is a game based on the skills, rules and strategies of soccer. A great bonding activity for groups whether corporate, for a birthday party, or perhaps it's just time to get together and have some laughs with your friends or family.

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