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General News Stories 2017

World War One Thunder Bay Centennial Project - Wednesday, June 14, 2017
Thunder Bay Public Library

#LSN_News   Thunder Bay Public Library Receives Provincial Award 

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO  --  June 14, 2017  (LSN) Thunder Bay Public Library has been awarded the prestigious Ontario Historical Society’s (OHS) 2016 Dorothy Duncan Award. The award was accepted by Jesse Roberts, Community Hub Librarian, at the OHS Annual General Meeting & Honours and Awards Ceremony held in Toronto, Ontario on Saturday, June 10, 2017.

The Dorothy Duncan Award recognizes a not-for-profit organization which has demonstrated an outstanding level of service to its region. 

2016 Dorothy Duncan Award from the Ontario Historical Society. Pam Cain (Vice President, OHS) Jesse Roberts Community Hub Librarian - Learning Supervisor and Ian Radforth (Chair, OHS Honours & Awards Committee

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Ontario First Nations call for RCMP to probe deaths - Wednesday, May 31, 2017
River Deaths NAN

#LSN_News  River Deaths

THUNDER BAY, TORONTO, ON: Nay 31, 2017 (LSN)  First Nation leaders are taking action to address the policing crisis around river deaths in Thunder Bay, calling for the province to bring in an outside police force to investigate the deaths of three community members in the city water ways, and a review and oversight of the Thunder Bay Police Services Board (TBPSP). 

The recent losses of Tammy Keeash and Josiah Begg have once again confirmed the inability of the Thunder Bay Police Service to conduct competent and credible investigations into the epidemic of deaths of NAN and Treaty No. 3 community members in Thunder Bay’s rivers. This crisis of confidence in policing has led to the ongoing investigation into systemic racism in the force. We are dismayed by the dysfunctionality of the Thunder Bay Police Services Board, and have called for immediate action by the provincial authority over police boards – the Ontario Civilian Police Commission, said Nishnawbe Aski Nation (NAN) Grand Chief Alvin Fiddler, during a press conference today.

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North Caribou Lake Community Prayer Walk - Monday, May 29, 2017
North Caribou Lake

#LSN_News  North Caribou Lake First Nation

THUNDER BAY, Ontario,   May 29, 2017 -  (LSN)  On June 1st at 1:00 pm, everyone is North Caribou Lake Community Prayer Walk THUNDER BAY, May 29, 2017 - On June 1st at 1:00 pm, everyone is welcome to take part in a community prayer walk that will be held in memory of Tammy Keeash, who ·was only 17 years old when her body was found in the Nee bing McIntyre Floodway in Thunder Bay.


Tammy, and the late Josiah Begg, a 14 year old from Kitchenuhmaykoosib Inninuwug, both went missing on the same evening (May 6, 2017) and their bodies were found in the same river. The parents, communities, families, and friends are looking for answers to what circumstances led to their disappearance and their deaths in the McIntyre River. These questions need to be addressed.


The walk will start at the Thunder Bay City Hall and end at the Thunder Bay Police Service Station.
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Dead Set on Live visits Thunder Bay - Saturday, May 20, 2017
Vice TV Dead Set On Life

#LSN_News  Vice TV Matty Matheson

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO  May 7, 2017   (LSN)  This episode of Dead Set On Life follows Matty Matheson and his friend [who’s name I don't remember, but he is from Thunder Bay] as they go and do activities around Thunder Bay and the surrounding area. I believe that they had gone out to the place where they do ice racing on [I believe] Lac de Mille Lac.

He came to the Fort William Curling Club to learn to curl as apparently that is something Thunder Bay is known for. So we [the four girls in the photo] took on the challenge. We went over the basic curling exercises [the slide, sweeping, shooting] before playing a `game`. I put the quotes around game as it really was just one end and a final shootout that through the magic of tv, it was turned into a whole game.

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River Safety Audits Being Conducted - Wednesday, May 17, 2017
Safety Audit

#LSN_News   River Safety Audit 



THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO  --  May 17, 2017  (LSN)  As part of the City of Thunder Bay's response to the Recommendations from the Seven Youth Inquest Jury, the City has been working with the Thunder Bay Police Service, Northern Nishnawbe Education Council, Dennis Franklin Cromarty High School, Keewaytinnok Okimakinak, Independent First Nations Alliance, Shibogama and Matawa Learning Centre, Nishnawbe Aski Nation, CN Rail Police, CP Rail Police, and Shelter House to improve river safety for youth in the city.


nquest Recommendation #115 calls for named parties to conduct safety audits of the river areas frequented by Indigenous students and youth in the evenings, and identify recommendations to improve safety.

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NAN and Keewatin-Patricia District School Board Sign Memorandum of Understanding - Thursday, May 11, 2017
NAN Keewatin-Patricia District School Board


Kenora Ontario - May 11, 2017 (LSN)  Nishnawbe Aski Nation (NAN) and the Keewatin-Patricia District School Board (KPDSB) are pleased to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to enhance educational services and opportunities for students and staff. This historic MOU represents an invested commitment and partnership to support NAN and KPDSB students and staff.

Nishnawbe Aski Nation students, whether attending First Nation or provincial schools deserve education opportunities that will enable them to follow their dreams, said NAN Deputy Grand Chief Derek Fox. For far too long, First Nations students have fallen through the large divide between these two systems. By working together we can ensure that we are focused on student success. We appreciate the Keewatin-Patricia District School Board's commitment to improve education outcomes and we look forward to strengthening our relationship.
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Charla Robinson

#LSN_News   Charla Robinson was presented the James Carnegie Memorial Award 

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO --- May 8, 2017   (LSN)  Representatives of the Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce have just returned from a successful meeting of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce in Sarnia.  The two day conference included presentations by all three Provincial Party leaders, as well as discussion and debate on a broad range of provincial issues that are impacting businesses including competitiveness, infrastructure, skills, and taxation.

The most animated discussion revolved around Ontarios new Cap & Trade program, as delegates came together in support of a resolution, co-sponsored by the Thunder Bay, Windsor-Essex, Greater Kingston, Greater Kitchener Waterloo, Greater Sudbury, Sault Ste. Marie, North Bay & District and Timmins Chambers of Commerce, to suspend Cap & Trade at this time, with appropriate cost mitigation to affected businesses. Should suspension not occur, the Chamber encourages the mitigation of risks of the Cap and Trade system on industry to ensure competitiveness.


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#LSN_News    NAN

GATINEAU, QB: THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO   May 3, 2017  (LSN) Following the deaths of two Nishnawbe Aski Nation (NAN) youth last month, Deputy Grand Chief Anna Betty Achneepineskum is calling on the Coroner’s Office to order an inquest into the deaths of Amy Owen and Courtney Scott, and for the Government of Ontario to make legislative change so inquests are mandatory for all youth who die in group home settings.

“We are dismayed to learn that an inquest in these cases is not mandatory under the Coroners Act. We are calling for the Office of the Chief Coroner to exercise discretion and call an inquest as quickly as possible to fully address the issues behind these tragedies,” said Deputy Grand Chief Anna Betty Achneepineskum. “This inquest must encompass the full range of systemic issues that led to the tragic deaths of these youth. We are calling for legislative change to the Coroner’s Act so that any death of a youth in a group home setting will result in a mandatory inquest.”


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'Making Thunder Bay Home' Video Contest - Sunday, April 16, 2017

#LSN_News  Home' Video Contest  Thunder Bay Multi-Cultural Association

ITHUNDER BAY, ONTARIO   ----- April 16, 2013  (LSN)  If you made a two-minute long video to tell a stranger about Thunder Bay what would you show them? And what would you think if we told you that your video could win a thousand dollars?

          Thunder Bay Multi-Cultural Association is holding a contest for the video that best describes where we live.

          Our contest is called "Making Thunder Bay Home". We want you to make a video that celebrates our city for someone who can only find out about us on-line.

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Ontario Chiefs on cannabis - Sunday, April 16, 2017
Trudeau Pot


TORONTO, ON (April 13, 2017) --- Ontario Regional Chief Isadore says that First Nations must have the opportunity to consult and participate fully from the new cannabis legislation announced today.


“First Nations leadership will focus on the priorities of this new legislation as it pertains to the jurisdiction within the health, social, justice and economy sectors of our communities and how it will impact our families. The health and social well being must be the first priority for us,” said Ontario Regional Chief Day.

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Road Closure – East Loon Lake Rd on April 13, 2017 - Wednesday, April 12, 2017
Loon Lake Rd Closure Shuniah

@LSN_News   East Loon Lake Road Closure

SHUNIAH, ON – April 12, 2017: East Loon Lake Rd. will be closed to all traffic on Thursday April 13th, 2017 from 8:00 AM – 6:30 PM commencing at the intersection of Bryan Avenue northerly affecting access to Fire #’s 462-610 inclusive.

Shuniah Fire & Emergency Services will deploy a Rapid Response Unit on the North side of the bridge for the duration of the road closure to provide immediate fire protection and medical response. Arrangements will be made with on-site contractors to provide emergency access if required.

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An Evening with Bill Blaikie - Sunday, April 9, 2017
Bill Blaikie

#LSN_News  Bill Blaikie

THUNDER BAY, ON  - April 9, 2017  (LSN) The two Thunder Bay Ridding Assoc invite you to hear from one of Parliament’s best speakers—the Honorable Bill Blaikie. Bill was a Member of Parliament from 1979 to 2008 representing the railway community of Transcona and subsequently the Minister of Conservation and Government House Leader in the Manitoba NDP Government from 2009 to 2011. During his time in parliament, Bill sat across from and regularly challenged  8 Prime Ministers—from Clark to Harper—4 Liberal and  4 Conservative Governments. Bill was appointed Deputy Leader and Leader in the House in 2003, a position he retained until Jack was elected to the House of Commons the following year. In 2006 Bill was named Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons, a position he retained until he retired in 2008.

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Chancellor Derek Burney portrait unveiled - Friday, March 3, 2017
Chancellor Derek Burney Lakehead University
Chancellor Derek Burney portrait    #LSN_News

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO,  March 3, 2017   (LSN(  A familiar face is now a permanent fixture of Lakehead University’s Senate Chambers.

Dr. Derek H. Burney, Lakehead’s eighth chancellor, proudly looks out from a portrait hanging next to the University’s seven previous chancellors.

Since his appointment as Chancellor in January 2013, Dr. Burney has used his influence and experience as a diplomat, entrepreneur, and strategist to further Lakehead’s academic, political, and philanthropic endeavours. read more ...

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO March 3, 2017   (LSN) – Members of the Northwestern Ontario Municipal Association (NOMA) Board were on hand to address important issues with provincial ministers at the Ontario Good Roads Association (OGRA) conference held this week in Toronto. NOMA met with Minister McGarry (Ministry of Natural Resources), Minister Del Duca (Ministry of Transportation), Minister Bill Mauro (Ministry of Municipal Affairs), Arthur Potts, Parliamentary Assistant (Ministry of Environment and Climate Change), and Joe Dickson, Parliamentary Assistant (Ministry of Northern Development and Mines).

In its presentation, NOMA addressed hunting tag fees and access with Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry, the Hon. Kathryn McGarry. NOMA pointed out that the movement to eat local has increased interest in consumers accessing naturally sourced food including wild game. NOMA encouraged the Minister to look at a reduction in the fee for deer hunting tags siting that the cost of meat from forest to table is higher than commercially purchased meat. NOMA also highlighted the distribution of bear tags in the province with the introduction of the spring bear hunt pilot project.

“Northerners are looking for ways to provide healthy meals in a cost effective manner,” said Mayor David Canfield, NOMA President. “We wanted to highlight that access to naturally sourced food is an important resource to many in our region and encouraged the Minister to consider a reduction in the cost of a deer tag,” added Canfield. read more ...
NAN's Statement of the Death of Moses Beaver - Thursday, February 16, 2017
Moses Beaver
Death of Moses Beaver    #LSN_News

THUNDER BAY, ON  --- February 16, 2017 (LSN) Grand Chief Alvin Fiddler and Nibinamik First Nation Chief Johnny Yellowhead have released the following statements on the death of Moses Amik Beaver earlier this week and the death of his sister, Mary Wabasse, three days later.

“The sudden and unexplained death of Moses Beaver was devastating to his family and everyone in Nibinamik. Their grieving had barely started when we were shocked by the tragic news that his sister, Mary Wabasse, was killed in a motor vehicle accident while traveling to Thunder Bay to join with other members of the family,” said Grand Chief Alvin Fiddler. “For Moses to die under these circumstances is troubling on so many levels, especially as his death has not been officially acknowledged by those responsible for his care. We are doing everything possible to support Chief and Council and the family of Moses Beaver, and we will demand an investigation into the circumstances around his passing.” read more ...
Chief Brown Martel
Chief Brown Martel #LSN_News

THUNDER BAY, ON: Nishnawbe Aski Nation (NAN) February 14, 2017  Grand Chief Alvin Fiddler and Deputy Grand Chief Anna Betty Achneepineskum welcomed today’s ruling that the Government of Canada breached its fiduciary duty of care and is liable for failing to protect plaintiffs in the landmark Sixties Scoop class action lawsuit from the loss of their cultural identity.

“Today our hearts are with Chief Brown Martel and all of the Sixties Scoop survivors who were taken from their homes as children and raised far away from their communities without their identity and culture. What was taken away can never be regained, but we pray this is a critical step towards their healing,” said Deputy Grand Chief Anna Betty Achneepineskum. “We are inspired by the determination and dignity of Chief Brown Martel, who never lost hope throughout this lengthy and tiring process. Her strength and courage over a decade of legal battles is an inspiration to us all, and we will continue to support the survivors and their communities in every way possible. read more ...
Matawa First Nation

THUNDER BAY, ON:- January 17, 2017  (LSN)  Matawa First Nations today announced their plans to commence talks with government officials on new federal broadband funding called Connect to Innovate which was launched by the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Economic Development (ISED) on December 15, 2016 and to move forward on establishing a teleco/telecommunications company. These discussions come on the heels of a prior meeting with the Honourable Navdeep Bains, ISED Minister, on October 13, 2016 and the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) decision on December 20, 2016 declaring broadband internet a basic service that all Canadians should have regardless of where they live. Matawa First Nation Chiefs and the Matawa Broadband Working Group will be present for this week’s talks.

On Wednesday, January 18, 2017, they will be meeting with Assistant Deputy Ministers offices of the provincial and federal governments to discuss Connect to Innovate with respect to their project exceeding $60 million to connect 5 remote First Nations. It will be the first time that new players from government will be around the table. It will be an opportunity for direct interface with officials administering the Connect to Innovate program. Matawa First Nations will be applying to this program for capital funding before the March 13, 2017 deadline. read more ...
Neebing Fire/Rescue raffle for 10 bush cords - Monday, December 26, 2016
Firewood Raffle Neebing

#LSN_News  Neebing Fire/Rescue raffle for 10 bush cords

THUNDER BAY, ON  ---  December 26, 2016  (LSN)  Neebing Fire/Rescue Association is  launching their 3rd annual raffle for 10 bush cords of birch firewood donated again  by Chaschuk Enterprises Ltd. The wood,  that is cut and split,  will be delivered to within a 100km radius of Neebing Municipal office on Hwy 61. Last year’s winner, Ron Iwanonkiw, managed to find a place for all his prized wood , but others may choose to share with a group.

Other prizes are up for grabs. Second prize is a Champion  3000 watt generator and a Dewalt job site radio donated by Canadian Tire on Arthur St  and 3rd prize is a Husqvarna Husky 16” chainsaw donated by Northern Turf Equipment.  Thank you to our generous donors! read more ...
Leadership Thunder Bay Surpasses Target in 2nd Annual Christmas Dinner Drive - Friday, December 16, 2016
Leadership Thunder Bay

Leadership Thunder Bay Annual Christmas Dinner Drive #LSN_News

THUNDER BAY, ON ---  December 16, 2016  (LSN)  Leadership Thunder Bay Board members today arrived at the Regional Food Distribution Association with all the fixings that will help at least 50 needy families to prepare a great Christmas dinner, surpassing last year’s total by more than 18 meals. 


Leadership Thunder Bay President Matthew Villella explained how the organization became involved. 


“An important part of Leadership Thunder Bay’s curriculum is to learn about our city, its challenges and those who face them.  Each year, the message is heard loud and clear from local food banks and shelters, through the media and from community partners, that there is an increasing need year after year for food donations within our community”, he said. 

Last year the Leadership Thunder Bay “family” donated 32 turkeys and side dishes to the RFDA to be distributed within Thunder Bay and the region.

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Evans selected as GM Corporate Services, Long Term Care Treasurer - Friday, December 16, 2016
Linda Evans

Linda Evans selected  $LSN_News

THUNDER BAY, ON  ---  December 14, 2016 – (LSN)  Thunder Bay,  City Manager Norm Gale is pleased to announce Linda Evans as the new General Manager of the City’s Corporate Services & Long Term Care Department and City Treasurer.

Ms. Evans is a Chartered Professional Accountant with 23 years of managerial experience in the Provincial government. She was the Manager of Finance and Administrative Services with the Ontario Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development, Post secondary Education Division. She also has extensive experience working with various Federal and Provincial departments including as Co-Chair of the Provincial Repayment Assistance Program committee, a Federal- Provincial Working Group. read more ...
Friends of the Finnish Labour Temple - Wednesday, December 14, 2016
Friends of Finnish Labour Temple

Friends of the Finnish Labour Temple #LSN_News

Thunder Bay, On ---- December 14, 2016  (LSN) 2016 was a successful year for the Friends of the Finnish Labour Temple and 2017 looks like it will be another banner year for our organization. 2016 saw the Friends work with the Finnish Canadian Cultural Organization, Keskipohjalaisten Kerho, (KP Club) and other local organizations support Finn Festival 2016 in June. The Friends were also active in supporting the Bay Street Film Festival with workshops and the screening of SISU: Family, Love and Perseverance from Finland to America directed by Marko Albrecht and Finnish Blood Swedish Heart directed by Mika Ronkainen. The Friends has also completed work on Lakehead Finns: The Working Class 1867-1962, a website in English, Finnish and French dedicated to the immigration and settlement of Finns in Canada.

In light of our mission to celebrate and promote the history and cultural legacy of Finnish immigration to Canada through education, research, creation and dissemination, the Friends of the Finnish Labour Temple is currently supporting a number of projects to commemorate Finland’s 100 years of independence and Canada’s 150 years as a nation in 2017. The most enduring historical contributions of the Finnish community in Canada have been in shaping Canadian politics through activism. In addition to their political activities, the Finnish Canadian community has also devoted a great deal of attention to the Arts.


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City of Thunder Bay Services if CUPE Strike / Lockout - Thursday, October 27, 2016

CUPE Strike / Lockout  #LSN_News

 he City of Thunder Bay’s largest union, CUPE Local 87, with more than 600 Thunder Bay city workers will be in a legal strike position as of 12:01 am on Tuesday, Nov. 1.


“We continue to negotiate and we will do everything reasonable to reach a settlement and to avoid the disruption and inconvenience a strike will cause,” said City Manager Norm Gale. “Essential services will continue to be provided.”

Police, Emergency Medical Services, Fire, Transit, and Homes for the Aged services are not affected. These services will generally continue to operate as usual.

In the event of a CUPE strike, key services including winter road maintenance will continue to be provided at a reduced level of service. Snow plowing will be prioritized for arterial roads, collector and bus routes. The Solid Waste & Recycling Facility and Recycling Depots will be available. Community Centres operated by volunteers are among the services that would also not be affected.

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CUPE at city Council - Monday, October 24, 2016


THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Oct. 24, 2016) - (LSN) Members of Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) Local 87, who work for the City of Thunder Bay, held a rally on Monday in advance of City Council meeting. read more ...
CUPE Strike/Lockout deadline - Thursday, October 13, 2016

CUPE Strike/Lockout deadline triggered #LSN_News

 THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Oct. 13, 2016) - After nearly two years since their last contract expired, Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) Local 87, representing approximately 700 inside and outside municipal workers in Thunder Bay, has requested a "no-board" from the Ministry of Labour. This has triggered a strike or lockout deadline of 12:01 a.m. November 1st. read more ...
CP Holiday Train 2016 - Wednesday, October 12, 2016

CP Holiday Train Coming Soon  #LSN_News

 THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO October 12, 2016  (LSN) The Canadian Pacific (CP) Holiday Train is back for its 18th year in an effort to raise money, food and awareness for local food banks and food shelves.

As in years past, two trains will operate coast-to-coast under the Holiday Train banner, with approximately 150 shows held across Canada and the U.S. in November and December. The train that operates primarily through the U.S. will launch in the Montreal area on November 25 then ​head into the U.S. Northeast, Midwest and ​Great Plains before completing its final shows in Saskatchewan on December 15.

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Sylvie Hauth new Deputy Police Chief - Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Deputy Chief Andrew Hay  Inspector Sylvie Hauth  #LSN_News

 THUNDER BAY, ON  ----  October 11, 2016  (LSN)  Thunder Bay Police announce Inspector Sylvie Hauth as new Deputy Police Chief Chief as of  Jan. 1, 2017. Inspector Hauth’s appointment comes after a four month search by the Police Services Board following the announcement of the retirement of Deputy Chief Andrew Hay earlier this year. Deputy Hay’s last day will be Dec. 31, 2016.

The Thunder Bay Police Services Board is pleased to announce that the selection of the new Deputy Chief of Police has successfully concluded with the appointment of Inspector Sylvie Hauth.

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Wasaho Cree Nation School Opened Fort Severn - Monday, October 3, 2016

Wasaho Cree Nation School Opened Fort Severn #LSN_News

THUNDER BAY, ON -  October 3, 2016  ----  Nishnawbe Aski Nation (NAN) Grand Chief Alvin Fiddler and Deputy Grand Chief Derek Fox joined with Fort Severn First Nation Chief Paul Burke and community members to celebrate the official opening of the remote First Nation’s new school today.
“We are proud to celebrate the opening of this wonderful new facility which will allow the youth of Fort Severn First Nation to pursue their education in a safe and healthy environment,” said Deputy Grand Chief Derek Fox, who holds the education portfolio. “This school is an investment in our youth, and this community, and will give these students the opportunity they need to achieve academic success and reach their full potential.” read more ...
2016, Doors Open - Saturday, August 20, 2016

Open Doors 2016

2016, Doors Open  #LSN_News

THUNDER BAY, ON  ---  August 20, 2016  (LSN) In 2016, Doors Open recognizes the city’s legacy of medical science and innovation with sites that tell the story in our community. 

  Lakehead University and Confederation College will be opening laboratories, simulation classrooms and research facilities.  Centres for innovative health care in modern and heritage buildings and residences that once housed doctor's offices and homes are tour highlights.

Doors Open also highlights the heritage and cultural places that have shaped our community.  Visitors can go behind the scenes at a working grain elevator, an old cordage facility and the storage rooms of the Thunder Bay Art Gallery.  
A visit to local places of worship will reveal cultural places that have become neighbourhood landmarks and reflect the development of the city. read more ...
Millennials a generation bubble wrapped from failure - Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Too special to fail: When the status quo keeps people comfortable, there is little incentive to challenge or change it

 By Lauren Millar
Troy Media

OTTAWA, Ont. / Troy Media/ – “Youth, today! They’re lazy and entitled because everyone received participation trophies!” is a quip millennials hear so often that it has nearly lost all meaning.

But in fact, this joke points to a much larger issue – one that extends beyond millennials to all of society. Martin Luther King Jr. famously said, “True compassion is more than flinging a coin to a beggar; it comes to see that an edifice which produces beggars needs restructuring.” Calling out my generation on its ‘delicate flower persona’ ignores how it emerged in the first place: from older generations and big government.

Most articles I’ve read in defence of millennials argue one of two things: our ‘failure to launch’ is because of the unprecedented combination of a bad economy, high housing prices and skyrocketing student debt; or our generation is not all that different than any previous one and complaining about us is the equivalent of crotchety Grampa Simpson shaking his fist at a cloud.

I don’t disagree with either argument, but they miss the larger point. read more ...


Leadership Thunder Bay class of 2016


THUNDER BAY, ON ------  June 19, 2016 (LSN) The Leadership Thunder Bay class of 2016, the largest class in the program’s 12 year history, graduated this evening in a ceremony at Fort William Historical Park.  28 participants from a wide variety of organizations and businesses successfully completed the 10-month community leadership development program 

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Kakabeka Farmers Market - Monday, June 6, 2016

Kakabeka Farmers Market #LSN_FarmFresh

June 6, 2016 – Kakabeka Farmers' Market begins its third season on Saturday, June 11. The Market will operate every Saturday until Thanksgiving Kakabeka Farmers Marketfrom 10 am to 1 pm, at Kakabeka Legion #225, located on Hwy. 11/17 just east of the village of Kakabeka Falls.

Market vendors sell locally produced fruits & vegetables, graded eggs, local cheese, inspected local meats, bread, pies and other baked goods, jams & preserves. The Market's emphasis will be on fresh, nutritious local food. Bedding plants & perennials, country crafts, woodwork and specialty items will also be featured. 

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Ribfest one of the top 100 Events in Ontario - Friday, May 6, 2016

Ribfest one of the top 100 Events in Ontario #LSNnews


 Suzan Cooper Rochon was recognized by Festival & Events Ontario  for her significant Contribution and many devoted hours she unselfishly gave to Ribfest. and Jim Comuzzi holding plaque signifying the Ribfest one of 2015 Top one Festival & Events. 

 THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO  ---  May 6, 2016  ---   Festivals and Events Ontario (FEO) is proud to announce Thunder Bay's Ribfest as one of the  2016 Top 100 Festivals & Events in Ontario. 

 read more ...


Nishnawbe Aski Nation (NAN)

 THUNDER BAY, ON ---  April 5, 2016 ---  Nishnawbe Aski Nation (NAN) has launched an emergency relief fund to assist Pikangikum First Nation following a tragic house fire that claimed nine lives in the remote community last week.

“Chief and Council have been overwhelmed with generous offers of support, and while these kind offers are greatly appreciated they are often difficult for the community to coordinate,” said Grand Chief Alvin Fiddler. “To simplify things we have established the Pikangikum Emergency Relief Fund to accept monetary donations, 100 per cent of which will be provided to the community to help meet their needs. 

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Barb Barkman (Sachigo FN), mother of 3 students attending DFC, Adam Beardy
(former DFC Student from Sachigo FN) Robert Barkman (Sachigo FN),
NAN Deputy Grand Chief Derek Fox, Darlene Barkman (Sachigo FN),
and Natasha Chapman (Fort Severn First Nation, former DFC Student)

THUNDER BAY, ON  ----   March 10, 2016  --- Nishnawbe Aski Nation (NAN) Deputy Grand Chief Derek Fox welcomed to Thunder Bay, walkers from the Sachigo Lake First Nation on the completion of 'Journey of New Beginnings lll', a 1,000-kilometre journey to raise funds for the proposed Dennis Franklin Cromarty Living Centre in Thunder Bay.


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Demolishing old Nipigon River Bridge Begins - Monday, February 29, 2016

Demolishing old Nipigon River Bridge Begins #LSNnews

Nipigon River Bridge

NIPIGON, ON  ----- February 29, 2016 ----  With the re-opening of the Nipigon River Bridge to two lanes of traffic last week, work will resume Tuesday on the remainder of the project.

The next phase of work includes the demolition of the former bridge in order to make way for the other side of the new cable-stayed bridge. This phase is expected to last up to six weeks, weather permitting.

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TBay Chamber of Commerce 2016 Scholarships - Monday, February 29, 2016

TBay Chamber of Commerce 2016 Scholarships #LSNnews

2015 TBCC Scholarship Winners

 THUNDER BAY,ON ----  February 29, 2016  ---- The Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce is once again offering two $500 scholarships to local secondary school graduates. Applications are being accepted from students planning to attend a business related program at a Thunder Bay post-secondary institution for the 2016-2017 school year. 

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Scout Rapid Rally Racers - Monday, February 29, 2016

Scout Rapid Rally Racers  #LSNnews

Rapid Rally Racers

 On Saturday February 27, 2016, the Thunder Bay Area Scouting Groups, descended on Victoria Ville Mall for another great year of Rapid Rally Racers.

We had Beavers aged 5 to 7 who built beaver buggies from a kit of wood, wheels and axle’s, painted and decorated them to take part in a non competition race with each other, as well as playing games and doing crafts all centered around the big race day. read more ...
Report Card on Ontario's Secondary Schools 2016 - Sunday, February 28, 2016

Report Card on Ontario's Secondary Schools 2016 #LSNnews

 THUNDER BAY, ON  --- February 28, 2016  --- The Report Card on Ontario’s Secondary Schools 2016 collects a variety of relevant, objective indicators of school performance into one, easily accessible public document so that anyone can analyze and compare the performance of individual schools. By doing so, the Report Card assists parents when they choose a school for their children and encourages and assists all those seeking to improve their schools. 

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Norman Shewaybick launched Healing Journey Home 2016 - Thursday, February 25, 2016

Norman Shewaybick launched Healing Journey Home 2016 #LSNnews

Norman Shewaybick
Norman Shewaybick, flanked by his sons and Jessie Sofea,
drags an oxygen tank as they begin to walk the winter road to Webequie First Nation.
Photo Credit: Blue Earth Photography

THUNDER BAY, ON  ---   February 25, 2015  ------   A group of walkers led by Webequie First Nation member Norman Shewaybick launched Healing Journey Home 2016 on February 12, 2016 to raise awareness of the lack of health services in remote First Nations following the loss of his wife last year.

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OPP Marine

 THUNDER BAY, ON ---  January 26, 2016 --- The Thunder Bay Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) is currently seeking applications for Marine Assistant positions for the summer 2016 marine season.

The purpose of the program is to provide an opportunity to gain exposure and experience within the field of Law Enforcement through hands-on experience 

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Nipigon River Bridge open One Lane - Monday, January 11, 2016

Nipigon River Bridge open One Lane #LSNnews

Nipigon River Bridge

THUNDER BAY, ON  ---   January 11, 2016  ---   One lane is open for cars and regular weight transports.  Staff are continuing to work to determine when oversized trucks can use the bridge

On Sunday afternoon, the OPP closed the Nipigon River Bridge to traffic due to safety concerns.
Ministry staff worked through the night to rectify the situation, using counterweights to level the bridge surface. An engineering inspection was also completed to ensure the safety of the bridge and the traveling public 

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Nipigon River Bridge Closed - Sunday, January 10, 2016

Nipigon River Bridge Closed  #LSNnews

Nipigon River Bridge

THUNDER BAY, ON  ---   January 10, 2016 ---  Highway 11 - 17 is closed at the Nipigon River bridge. Do to one section of the bridge dropping

Vehicles are being encouraged to travel west to go through the United States at the border crossing in Sault Ste. Marie. and those heading east can cross into the states at Pigeon River.

Mayor of Nipigon, Richard Harvery said If anyone is stranded because of the bridge we will be keeping the community center open for people to stay warm. 

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Flavours of the Northwest - Sunday, January 10, 2016

Flavours of the Northwest  #LSNnews

Formn North Food

 THUNDER BAY, ON ---  January 10, 2015  ---   This one-day conference in Thunder Bay on January 19th, aims to make new connections between agricultural, foodservice, industrial and hospitality stakeholders from across Northwestern Ontario.  Inspired by keynote speaker Jamie Kennedy and guided by experts with the Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance, we'll explore ways to promote foods produced within the region both to visitors and among our own communities.

75 exhibitor spaces were available in the networking space where meals and breaks will be held throughout the day, along with the evening wrap-up reception.   Each exhibitor space comes with one 8′ table and table cloth.

Keynote Speaker Jamie Kennedy: 

 read more ...

General News Stories 2015



Mushkegowuk Elder Marguerite Wabano,
Marguerite Wabano of Moosonee turned 103 on January 28, 2007. A party was held for her that day at the Curling Club in Moosonee. Most of the pictures in this gallery are from that party. On February 27, 2007, she was honoured by the Mushkegowuk Council Chiefs in Moose Factory. Marguerite is a member of the Attawapiskat First Nation

THUNDER BAY, ON:  -----  November 14. 2015  ----    Nishnawbe Aski Nation (NAN) Grand Chief Alvin Fiddler, on behalf of the Executive Council, expressed condolences on the passing of Mushkegowuk Elder Marguerite Wabano, Canada’s oldest residential school survivor who passed away today in Moosonee at 111 years of age. 

 read more ...
Top of Lake Superior Chamber of Commerce New President - Thursday, November 12, 2015

Top of Lake Superior Chamber of Commerce New President   #LSNnews

Top of Superior Chamber of Commerce

 NIPIGON, ON  ----   November 12, 2015  --- Top of Lake Superior Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce that Dan Bevilacqua has been appointed President. Bevilacqua replaces Glenn Hart who has led the organization as president since April 2014. Glenn, as past president, has taken the position of Vice President and will oversee Marketing and Event Coordination.

“I am extremely happy to have Mr. Bevilacqua take the role of president and look forward to continuing my work with the chamber as the Vice President overseeing Marketing and Events” said Glenn Hart.  “The chamber has developed a team that will ensure the creation of partnerships with other organizations in order to expand and grow within the region.” 

 read more ...
CP's Holiday Train 17th year - Sunday, November 8, 2015

CP's Holiday Train 17th year  #LSNnews

CP Holiday Train

THUNDER BAY, ON  ------   November 8,  2015  ----  Every year, our CP Holiday Trains travel through dozens of communities, raising food and cash donations for North American food banks.

The CP Holiday train, in Thunder Bay, Ontario on the evening of  December 3rd  and in CP Holiday Train Lacrosse WI on December 5th and Cottage Grove Mn December 10th and Northeast Minneapolis ​the 10th 

Making a difference, one stop at a time  The Canadian Pacific Holiday Train hits the rails again on November 25 and will be visiting over 150 communities across our network.  Each event features a boxcar stage, a lineup of great musical talent and a contribution to the local food bank.  Everyone who attends is encouraged to donate food and money which stays in their community.

 read more ...
NADF Mining Summit & Business Awards - Wednesday, October 7, 2015

NADF Mining Summit & Business Awards #LSNews

NADF Mining Summit & Business Awards

 THUNDER BAY, ONT ---- October 7, 2015  ----The 5th Annual Mining Summit is a two-day event in Thunder Bay, that will feature guest speakers who will present, discuss and share their experiences, expertise and knowledge on topics and issues related to mining, including partnership opportunities, regional  and global outlooks, economic opportunities, industry labor requirements, lessons learned and best practices. 

 read more ...
New General Manager of Infrastructure & Operations - Tuesday, October 6, 2015

New General Manager of Infrastructure & Operations  #LSNnews

THUNDER BAY, ON  ----  October 6, 2015 – Following an extensive search and hiring process, Thunder BAy City Manager Tim Commisso is pleased to announce Kerri Marshall as the new General Kerri MarshallManager of the City’s Infrastructure & Operations Department.

Ms. Marshall, former Director of the City’s Environment Division has been serving as the Acting General Manager since early June of this year, following the retirement of Darrell Matson. Ms. Marshall is a nationally recognized Professional Engineer with more than 18 years combined direct experience in the administration, design, construction and operation of public waste, wastewater, solid waste, transportation and parks infrastructure. She also holds a Masters of Business Administration. Ms. Marshall has been with the Corporation for 12 years, starting as a Project Engineer, and steadily progressing through various leadership roles. read more ...


 Signing of Accord

Toronto, ON -----  August 24, 2015 --- Ontario Regional Chief Isadore Day and Premier Kathleen Wynne signed a historic political accord at a ceremony at the Ontario legislature today.
“This political path forward for First Nations in Ontario is the most important collective milestone in modern times. With this Accord, First Nations and Ontario have committed to strengthening a new relationship,” said Regional Chief Isadore Day. “I look forward to working with Ontario in developing a comprehensive strategy and framework that will fully utilize this Accord to advance our jurisdiction and Treaty rights on our terms.”
The Chiefs in Assembly adopted the Political Accord June 18 at the 41st Annual All Ontario Chiefs Conference in Anishinabe of Wauzhushk Onigum First Nation (Rat Portage) Treaty #3 Territory. 

 read more ...
25th anniversary NAN Legal Services - Monday, August 24, 2015

25th anniversary NAN Legal Services  #LSNnews


NAN Legal Services

 Thunder Bay, ON ---- August 24, 2015 ----  This year marks the founding of Nishnawbe-Aski Legal Services Corporation (NALSC). It is from the vision of Treaty No. 9 chiefs in the late 1980s, and the hard work and dedication from the many individuals who have contributed to our work over the years that has shaped NALSC to what it is today. NALSC is excited to be celebrating 25 years of providing various legal services.

In April 1990 when NALSC first its opened doors, the office was a trailer located on the Fort William First Nation reserve. Today, NALSC has offices located throughout the Nishnawbe Aski Nation (NAN) territory, and 54 employees to service the 49 First Nations of NAN. 

 read more ...



 THUNDER BAY, ON / AROLAND FIRST NATION --- Aug 15, 2015  --- Nishnawbe Aski Nation (NAN) Grand Chief Alvin Fiddler, on behalf of the NAN Executive Council, congratulates the recipients of the 2015 Keewaywin Awards for their outstanding achievements and contributions to Nishnawbe Aski Nation.

“On behalf of the 49 Chiefs and Councils of Nishnawbe Aski Nation it is my honour to congratulate all of this year’s award recipients for their commitment to strengthening their communities and improving the lives of the people of Nishnawbe Aski,” said Grand Chief Alvin Fiddler. “The dedication, leadership and compassion of these outstanding individuals has made a tremendous impact on the lives of our people and their accomplishments are an inspiration to us all.” read more ...

THUNDER BAY, ON /AROLAND FIRST NATION/ ---- August 13, 2015  --- Chiefs and proxies from Nishnawbe Aski Nation’s (NAN) 49 First Nation communities elected Alvin Fiddler, of Muskrat Dam First Alvin FiddlerNation, as Grand Chief this afternoon during the XXXIV Keewaywin Conference.

“I am honoured to be elected Grand Chief and it is humbling to receive such a strong mandate from our Chiefs. I am inspired by the leadership of our Chiefs and the spirit of our citizens and I believe that by working together there is nothing we cannot achieve,” said Grand Chief Alvin Fiddler, who has previously served three terms as Deputy Grand Chief (2003-2006, 2006-2009, 2012-2015). “There are many expectations of this Executive Council and I look forward to hitting the ground running to address the many issues facing our communities. We will ensure that all NAN members, especially our youth, are fully engaged as we work together for a better future for people and our communities. read more ...


NAN Elections 2015

 THUNDER BAY, ON ----  July 14, 2015  ---   Nishnawbe Aski Nation (NAN) Electoral Officer Larry Amos has received and approved nomination papers from the following persons for the position of Grand Chief (1) and Deputy Grand Chief (3) for the August 2015 election for the Executive Council of Nishnawbe Aski Nation:

 read more ...
TBCC 2015 Schollarship Winners - Monday, June 22, 2015

TBCC 2015 Schollarship Winners #LSNnews

Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce Scholarships

 THUNDER BAY, on  --  June 22, 2015  --   - The Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce that the winners of the 2015 Chamber of Commerce Scholarships are Mariah Dykstra of Sir Winston Churchill Collegiate & Vocation Institute and Danielle Sargent of St. Ignatius High School.

The Chamber of Commerce Scholarship is now in its 23rd year. We are pleased to have supported so many students in advancing their education and careers, and wish Mariah and Danielle every success in their post-secondary education pursuits. 

 read more ...
Neebing Fire/Rescue Tailgate Sale - Saturday, June 6, 2015

Neebing Fire/Rescue Tailgate Sale #LSNnews

Neebing Fire Tailgate Sale

THUNDER BAY, ON  ----   June 6, 2015  ---   The 10th annual Neebing Fire/Rescue Association ( NFRA) Tailgate Sale is coming up on Saturday, June 20th from 10 am – 2 pm at 4766 Hwy just south of Thunder Bay, on highway 61. Our neibours from Minnesota  as well as the community and district are invited to attend, participate and celebrate the many good things that these community volunteers do. NFRA was one of the recipients of  June Callwood Outstanding Achievement Award for Volunteerism in 2015. This recognition comes from their dogged determination to provide funds for needed fire and rescue equipment for Neebing Emergency Services The fundraising efforts of this group continues to be diverse throughout the year and celebrating 10 years with one event, shows dedication and ingenuity. This year's Tailgate features a new event, The  Lumberjack Contest, where contestants 18+ will be timed  through a circuit of  four woodcraft skills: piling, splitting, nailing and sawing. The best times for this completed circuit will result in prizes for both female and male participants. This event starts at 11am and registration is $5 onsite. Safety apparel should be worn. Tools will be provided.


 read more ...


 Kunuwanimano Child and Family Services


THUNDER BAY, ON ----  May 3, 2015  ---   Nishnawbe Aski Nation (NAN) Deputy Grand Chief Goyce Kakegamic today expressed congratulations on behalf of the Executive Council as Kunuwanimano Child and Family Services will receive designation as a fully mandated child welfare agency by the Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth Services on May 1, 2015.

“We are pleased to congratulate the Kunuwanimano Board of Directors, staff and the Chiefs of the First Nations served by this agency who have worked for years to reach this very important milestone,” said Deputy Grand Chief Goyce Kakegamic, who holds the Social Services portfolio at NAN. “Kunuwanimano means ‘keeping our own’, and designation will ensure that our children and families are cared for in a culturally appropriate manner closer to home where they can continue to live and grow in supportive surroundings where customary care practices of caring for children will be respected and practiced.” 

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Love Us Chip Us Chip-a-thon Keep Pets Safe - Monday, April 27, 2015

Love Us Chip Us Chip-a-thon Keep Pets Safe  #LSNnews

 THUNDER BAY, ON ---- April 27, 2015 –---- The City of Thunder Bay Animal Services Centre in partnership with Friends of the Animals and local veterinarians will be hosting a Chip-a-thon on Saturday, May 9, at the Animal Services Centre, 882 Alloy Place, from 10 am to 3 pm. Appointments must be booked by Monday, May 4.

The Chip-a-thon allows pet owners to have their pets microchipped by local veterinarians for only $35 for the first pet, and $30 for each additional pet. read more ...
Transport Canada Approves Deicing Fluid Wasaya Airways - Friday, April 17, 2015

Transport Canada Approves Deicing Fluid Wasaya Airways #LSNnews


Wasaya Airways Beech

THUNDER BAY, ON   ----  April 17, 2015 – – Wasaya Airways of Thunder Bay, announces a major enhancement to its ground de-icing program by introducing Type IV de-icing fluid. Transport Canada has approved Wasaya Airways for the use of Type IV fluid, which will enhance its capabilities for safe, fast and reliable air travel.

Wasaya’s ground de-icing program ensures that the critical surfaces of all aircraft are free from contamination by snow or ice before they become airborne. The benefit to moving to Type IV is the improved holdover time. This is the time period during which the fluid will ensure the aircraft is free from contamination prior to take-off. 

 read more ...


Deputy Grand Chief Goyce Kakegamic

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO ----- April 4, 2015 ---  Nishnawbe Aski Nation (NAN), Thunder Bay, Deputy Grand Chief Goyce Kakegamic released the following statement in response to a proposal announced by the NewDemocratic Party regarding the flawed Nutrition North food subsidy program:

“We are pleased to see the Official Opposition challenge the Harper government on this very important issue and we hope this signals a strong commitment to helpingus secure access to high quality, affordable food

 read more ...


THUNDER BAY, ON  ----   March  21,  2015  ----  The Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce is holding its 21st Annual Business Excellence THUNDER BAY CHAMBER OF COMMERCEAwards on Saturday, April 11, 2015 at the Victoria Inn Hotel & Convention Centre.  The event is proudly presented by BELL.   

We are pleased to announce the 66 nominees in 13 categories: read more ...
RMYC Receives Respect Award #LSNnews - Thursday, March 19, 2015

RMYC Receives Respect Award  #LSNnews


RMYC Receives Respect Award

 Congratulations to the Regional Multicultural Youth Council receiving the Respect Award at the 9th Annual Celebration Breakfast of the United Nations International Day for the elimination of racial discrimination at the Victoria Inn, Thunder Bay
Photo by Frank Pullia 

THUNDER BAY, ON  ---   March 19, 2015  ---  Close to 400 people were on hand this morning at the Victoria Inn to take part in Diversity Thunder Bay’s 9th annual International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination Celebration Breakfast.  Despite the early hour, attendees came away both enthused and inspired. 

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Neebing Fire Tailgate Raffle #LSNnews - Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Neebing Fire Tailgate Raffle  #LSNnews

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO -----  March 10, 2015   ----   This year, Neebing Fire/Rescue Association’s just south of Thunder Bay, Ontario,  Neebing Fire Rescue Association(NFRA)Tailgate Sale Raffle will be drawn June 20th, for a “truly Rural” prize.

Local business men Colin Chaschuk of Chaschuk Enterprises and Ray Johnson of Ray Johnson Services, have donated 10 cords of birch firewood read more ...
Property rights dispute takes a short break #LSNnews - Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Property rights dispute takes a short break #LSNnews
CALGARY, AB/ Troy Media/ LSNews/ ---- March 10, 2015  --- Amid the current focus on provincial red ink, one issue has slipped off the public radar screen in Alberta: Mark MilkeProperty rights.

The lack of attention is understandable given the nearness of the provincial budget and the province’s poor finances. But until recently, property rights, and more broadly land-use issues (which involve regulation of both private and leased land), were a continual, high-profile source of conflict in Alberta.

For example, in 2009 and 2010, the province introduced a series of four bills – 19, 24, 36 and 50 – to which Keith Wilson, the lawyer for one property rights organization, asserted that the bills would a) concentrate power in the hands of the provincial cabinet, b) limit rights to compensation, c) seek to remove the role of the courts, and d) diminish adherence to the rule of law in Alberta.

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Community consultation for a new francophone center #LSN - Friday, February 27, 2015

Community consultation for a new francophone center #LSN

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO  ---   February 26, 2015 – The Francophone organizations currently housed at The Francophone Center on South Francophone CenterCourt Street in Thunder Bay will move from their current location on February 27 and will be reunited after a period of renovations in a new building at 234 Van Norman Street.

Francophones and Francophiles are invited to participate in a community consultation to share their views and opinions regarding the new center and the type of activities and services that could be offered in order to determine the next steps to achieve by 2020.

"We want Francophones to feel at home. With this new center, we will have more space, and we finally have a real community hall to come together!" says Claudette Gleeson, volunteer coordinator for the project. "I invite all Francophones to participate in this consultation because it's time to share our common desire and get involved in the realization of a dream that we all have had for several years." read more ...
Ontario’s education system needs reform not spending cuts #LSNnews - Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Ontario’s education system needs reform not spending cuts  #LSNnews

THUNDER BAY, ONT / VANCOUVER, BC/ Troy Media/ ---  One of the big stories coming out of Queen’s Park on the government’s fall Ontario Education economic update was the possibility of reductions in education spending. Indeed, shortly after the update was made public, the NDP charged that the Liberals were planning some $500 million in spending reductions. Unfortunately, what was completely missed in the often times heated exchanges was the possibility of reducing government spending while improving education through reform.

Ontarians seem to be realizing that the status quo finances of the provincial government are not sustainable and are imperiling the province. The economic update released earlier this week confirmed a deficit of $12.5 billion, which the government hopes to reduce to $8.9 billion next year, to $5.3 billion in 2016/17, and finally balance the budget in 2017-18. read more ...
NAN student Career Fair joined with local business and educator - Friday, February 13, 2015

NAN student Career Fair  joined with local business and educator

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO,  ---  February 13, 2015  -- Nishnawbe Aski Nation (NAN) joined with local business and educators today to Dennis Franklin Cromarty studentsintroduce secondary school students from NAN First Nations to career and employment opportunities in the Thunder Bay area during the Working Together for Student Success NAN Student Career Fair.

“This career fair builds on the success of our inaugural student orientation and is designed to introduce our youth to employment opportunities and career options to help set them on a path to success,” said Grand Chief Harvey Yesno. “We are building on that momentum by giving our students an opportunity to learn about the many careers, training and volunteer opportunities available to them during their school years and after graduation.” read more ...
Poverty Free Thunder Bay Message to TBay Council - Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Poverty Free Thunder Bay Message to TBay Council 

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO   -------   February 4, 2015   ----  Poverty Free Thunder Bay is an advocacy coalition woPoverty Free Thunder Bayrking for change at the local, provincial and national level to eliminate poverty and its impact on our community.

Our membership is broad and diverse, including agencies in the health and community sectors, faith groups, labour and academics, concerned citizens and low income individuals and families. As a community builder, we continue to focus our efforts to engage, educate and act as a catalyst for systemic change and social inclusion.

There are five areas of expenditures and revenue that we are emphasizing in the 2015 budget: Strategic, Initiatives, Recreation, Housing, Child Care Centres, and Transit.  For the first three, we want, for the most part, to extend kudos.

 read more ...
Shaw offers 800 WiFi Hotspots Free - Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Shaw offers 800 WiFi Hotspots Free

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO --(Marketwired - Feb. 4, 2015) - Shaw Communications Inc. announced it will be providing free access to its Shaw Wfi extensive Shaw Go WiFi network at all locations across Thunder Bay. Beginning today and continuing until February 22, all residents and visitors will be able to access Shaw Go WiFi at over 800 hotspots across the city for free.

"Canadians love the Internet, and are increasingly looking for access to a quality connection at the places they visit the most, be it at work, at a coffee shop or in a public park," said Katherine Emberly, Vice President, Operations, Shaw. "This trial will give Thunder Bay residents and visitors the chance to sample Canada's largest WiFi Network, and discover why hundreds-of-thousands of Shaw customers across the country love Shaw Go WiFi."

As Canada's largest WiFi Network, Shaw Go WiFi provides users with carrier-grade Internet connectivity at hotspots located at hundreds of locations across Thunder Bay. With over 800 hotspots across the city, Shaw Go WiFi is Thunder Bay's largest WiFi network, and will allow users to access content on the go using their portable connected devices while avoiding potentially expensive cellular data charges. read more ...



David Hartley Lake Superior NewsHosted by Lakehead Social Planning Council.

Trainer/Facilitator David Hartley is engaging, straight-forward and no one else trains Canadian nonprofit boards and leaders more than David. He has trained or consulted with over 15,000 Canadian nonprofit senior staff or board members over the past 7 years in the areas of board governance, team leadership, healthy conflict, risk management and insurance. He carries the Canadian Risk Management CRM designation and has worked in over 80 Canadian communities.

 Practical for any nonprofit board.

 Reasonably protecting your people, reputation / liability
 read more ...
It’s a Boy! - Saturday, January 3, 2015
THUNDER BAY, ON  ----   January 3, 2015   -----   Kian Fleming arrived at 11:34 a.m. on New Year’s Day, earning him the title of Northwestern Ontario’s first News Years Baby 2015 Thunder Baybaby of 2015. Each year, our community anticipates the announcement of the first New Year’s Baby born at the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre (TBRHSC).

Kian was made an honorary member of the First Marks Club. His name and birth date will be inscribed in a baby-sized footprint and permanently added to the Celebration of Life Wall. The Wall is located in the Maternal Child Unit.

Photo:  New Year’s baby Kian joins brothers Camlen, 2 (left) and Ayvan, 4 (right).

The First Marks Club is a program of the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Foundation and raises funds in support of the Maternal Child Unit at TBRHSC. Proud parents, grandparents, friends, and family can have a footprint with Baby’s name and birth date added to the wall with a minimum donation of $250. The footprints permanently mark the miraculous occasion of a newborn’s arrival. read more ...

Wendy Landry Sworn is a Reeve Shuniah

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO---   December 2, 2014 --- Today is a great day, a new day for Shuniah, I am humbled by the trust and the confidence the residents of Shuniah have placed Shuniah Councilin me.  I am pleased and look forward to serve our community as your Reeve. said Wendy Landry the New Reeve of Shuniah.

I am excited for our Municipality, and for our council. This is a time for a new and positive energy to take our diverse and amazing community into the future. As a council we have the opportunity to take Shuniah to its full potential. This will take time, we as a committed team will work together in a progressive manner to begin the development of a strategic community plan. A plan; that will continue to offer a safe, clean, friendly and prosperous community. A plan, that includes growing our community and connecting with our neighbors. I believe that we are one large community with smaller diverse neighborhoods who have a rich history and strong connection to the lands.  We need to plan how to maintain our tax base without jeopardizing our quality of life. A plan, that will offer us guidance for our decision making, land management, land use, planning and day to day business. Lake Superior News read more....>

Its Christmas Time

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO  ----    November 21, 2014   ---  Kathy Skirving, Chair of Victoriaville Board and BIA Board Member, said “The Fort William Business District Business Improvement Area is pleased to announce the 20th Anniversary of our Tree Lighting Ceremony in Paterson Park.”

Kathy Skriving  JP FraserPhoto of Kathy Skirving, Victoriaville Chair and JP Fraser, Board Member of the Fort William Business District BIA holding a Gingerbread House which children are invited to come to Victoriaville Centre, on Friday, to build, as part of a free PA Day Program.

On Friday, November 21st, there is a full day of activities in our business area, starting at 11 am, in Victoriaville Centre, Village Green, with free Gingerbread House building.

At 6 pm the Fort William Business District BIA will host their 20th annual Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony.   Taking part in the ceremony is Ogden School Childrens’ Choir and First Wesley United Church will be providing hot apple cider.
You will also be able to take part in horse drawn sleigh rides from 7 to 9.

You are invited back to Victoriaville’s Village green to enjoy the Fort William Male Choir and Jim & I who are a delight for the children.
Hot Chocolate, Robins Eggs and Cup Cakes will also be available for all attending.
Lake Superior News  read more....>

Neebing Rural Municipal OPP Police Costs

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO ---  November 17, 2014  ---  In Ontario, municipalities are required by law to provide police services for their constituents. There are OiPP Costs only two legal ways to do this. One is to create a municipal police department (as is the case in Thunder Bay). The other is to use the services of an existing police department (such as a neighbouring municipal police force or the Ontario Provincial Police). The minimum standards for creating municipal police departments make creating an in-house service cost-prohibitive for small municipalities. As a result, most of Ontario’s small and rural municipalities use the services of the Ontario Provincial Police, either by contracting with the OPP directly for a specified level of service, or through the “default” provisions of the Police Services Act.

The impact on Neebing’s 2015 budget is not pretty.

In the calendar year 2014, Neebing paid $111,961.00 for OPP policing. This was paid under a contract for services which was terminated during the review. Under the new funding model (ignoring any phase-in reductions), the annual price tag for police services in Neebing will increase to $304,000.00. This is an increase of 271%. Lake Superior News  read more.....>

Thunder BayChamber of Commerce  2015 Board of Directors

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO   ---    November 12, 2014   ----   The Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce is very pleased to announce that these  individuals have been elected to the Board of Directors for a three year term, Joe Mosescommencing November 1, 2014:

Joe Moses will officially be sworn in as the 2015 Chair of the Board at our Annual General Meeting & Chair’s Dinner on January 28, 2015.  The Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce is the “Voice of Business” for over 1,000 businesses and 14,000 employees in Thunder Bay and area.  

The newly elected Board Members for a three year term are:
  •                Ray Barnwell (Gillons)
  •                Elizabeth Calonego (Atwood Labine Arnone McCartney LLP)
  •                Reese Little (Little Consulting)
  •                Chisholm Pothier (Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre)

Lake Superior News  read more...>

CP Holiday Train Northern Ontario Wisconsin Minnesota North Dokata

THUNDER BAY , ON  ---    October 25, 2014   --- Plan now to come out and visit the CP Holiday train, in Thunder Bay, Ontario on the evening of Holiday Train 2014December 2st  and in CP Holiday Train Lacrosse WI on December 8th and Cottage Grove Mn December 10th.   Making a difference, one stop at a time  The Canadian Pacific Holiday Train hits the rails again on November 25 and will be visiting over 150 communities across our network.  Each event features a boxcar stage, a lineup of great musical talent and a contribution to the local food bank.  Everyone who attends is encouraged to donate food and money which stays in their community.

The CP Holiday Train is North America's longest rolling food bank fundraiser and since we started in 1999​, the program has raised close to $9.5 million and 3.3 million pounds of food.  Over the three weeks of the program, musicians will play more than 150 concerts from a boxcar we've turned into a travelling stage.

The concerts are free, but we encourage you to bring a donation for your local food bank -- either a non-perishable food item or a cash donation. All contributions will stay in your community. Lake Superior News​  read more.....>


THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO  ----  October 6, 2014   ---  The Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce is sharing responses from municipal election candidates to a survey of loElection Survery Thunder Bay Chamber of Commercecal business questions and concerns.  All candidates in the municipal election were invited to provide responses to ten questions related to the top issues of Chamber members. City spending and competitiveness, economic development, the Event Centre, and crime reduction are addressed in the questionnaire that was completed by 33 candidates.

Chamber President Charla Robinson says, “These survey responses will help to inform voters on the views and opinions of participating candidates regarding priority issues facing our community. We welcome further one-on-one dialogue with candidates regarding the concerns of our membership.”  Candidate responses are posted at:

On October 27th, registered voters have an opportunity to choose the Councillors and Mayor that will represent Thunder Bay, Ontario,  for the coming four-year term. Our city is changing and the business community needs to get engaged to ensure that the decisions made at the Council table support business growth and competitiveness both now and in the long-term. Lake Superior News read more.....>

Former TBay Resident Receives Order of Canada

THUNDER BAY, ON   ---   September 18, 2014  ---  Former Thunder Bay Resident Received Order of Canada  Murray Angus has dedicated himself to Murray Angus Order of Canadaimproving relations between Native and non-Native Canadians. As a consultant and grassroots activist, he has worked to increase awareness of Canada’s Native people and respect for their traditions. He has also played a vital role in empowering Inuit youth as the founder of Nunavut Sivuniksavut. This unique college program brings students to Ottawa to experience life in southern Canada and to study Inuit history and land claims. It also helps them to enhance their Inuktitut and cultural skills, which have been in decline in recent generations. He maintains an integral role in all aspects of the program and is a cherished mentor for students. 
Lake Superior News read more....>

Child safety concerns at Marina Park

THUNDER BAY, ON ----   August 31, 2014   ---James Marsh, who is a candidate for Red River Road shared his concerns about a safety James Dean Marshissue at Marina Park.

How long before our beautiful marina becomes the site of a horrible accident? Guide wire fencing stops right around the corner of our splash pad which is filled with small children all summer long.

 Sitting area complete with chairs designed for children flank the splash pad. A mere 24 feet from these chairs is a long unprotected area of the dock with only a timber separating a child from a 3 foot drop into the frigid Lake Superior waters. And if , god forbid, a child would fall in, it would require extreme effort to rescue drowning child.  Lake Superior News read more......>


THUNDER BAY, ON  -------   August 12, 2014   ----  Councillor at Large Iain Angus will be asking his colleagues to ensure that the funds from the sale of any parkland, Iain Angusincluding Municipal Golf Course are transferred to the existing Park Reserve Account which is used to buy land for park purposes.

 In a memo to be considered on August 25, Angus advises Council that the vast majority of lands used today for parkland have been either donated or set aside for park and recreation purposes through the subdivision process and under the 18 year old Land Development Policy all proceeds from the sale of park lands, like Municipal Golf Course, are to go into the Land Development Fund and used for land acquisition for a wide range of for development.

“Parks like Vickers and Boulevard were donated outright, while Chapples was created through a significant financial donation from a local family. Others, like the majority of the community centres, have been built through thousands of hours of labour by local residents. If any of these should be sold in the future it is imperative that the funds go to further the development of parks and open spaces in our community” said Angus.

 Angus will tell his colleagues that “Should this policy remain in place Parks, which invested significant public funds into these recreation facilities will see none of the benefits of the disposal of these lands – further restricting their ability to improve the remainder of the properties under their care. At the same time, diverting funds away from the original purpose of the financing of a park goes against the original intent of either the 5% land conveyance, the cash-in-lieu provisions, outright land or cash donations or the extensive work by volunteers. “

 Angus encourages the public to let Council members know if they support keeping park money in parks.  Lake Superior News  read more....>

THUNDER BAY, ON ----  July 23, 2014  -----  Nishnawbe Aski Nation (NAN) Grand Chief Harvey Yesno, on behalf of the
Grand Chief Harvey YesnoExecutive Council, issued the following statement following comments by City of Thunder
Bay Mayor Keith Hobbs in a recent media report regarding acts of violence within the City:

“We were very disappointed with the incorrect and inflammatory statements made
by Mayor Hobbs with respect to acts of violence within the City, including his
insinuation that we are unwilling to address this very serious issue. As a strong
corporate citizen NAN is concerned for the safety and security of all residents,
regardless of ethnicity 

Lake Superior News read more....>



Two New Directors Appointed to Tbaytel Municipal Service Board

THUNDER BAY, ON  ---- July 7, 2014 – After engaging in an extensive national search, Thunder Bay City Council is pleased to announce the appointment of two new Directors to Joe VirdiramoTbaytel’s Municipal Service Board. Joining the Board effective July 1, 2014 are Mr. Eugene Lysy and Mr. Robert Watson.


Mr. Lysy has an extensive record of experience in executive management and corporate governance, having served most recently as Executive Vice President of NCC Investment Group Inc. and as Chair of the Nunavut Housing Corporation Board of Directors. He was also Senior Business Development Advisor for Nishnawbe-Aski Development Fund and as a former Deputy Minister of Economic Development for the Government of Yukon, he has a firm understanding of the core principles that have guided Tbaytel’s Municipal Service Board since 2004.

“With the breadth of knowledge, experience and expertise that Mr. Lysy and Mr. Watson both have to draw upon, I have no doubt that their appointments will be a positive addition not only to the Board but to Tbaytel as a whole," explains City Councillor Joe Virdiramo, who is also head of the Municipal Service Board recruitment committee. “Both have impressive portfolios of work which align very closely with the overall goals of Tbaytel and with the needs of Northern Ontario so we are thrilled to have them join us during such an exciting period of growth for Tbaytel and for the City of Thunder Bay.” Lake Superior News  read more....>

Tracy L. Hurlbert Thunder Bay Transit

THUNDER BAY, ON  ------  July 3, 2014  ---  Letter by Tracy L. Hurlbert to Thunder Bay City Council regarding  Transit poliocy of Tracy L. HurlbertDisallowing wheel chair bound citizens to sit facing  forward in spite of Doctors letter,
Dear Council:
I am writing to you in regards to a situation that happened to me on June 30. I was at City Hall, trying to catch the last James bus to get home, but it was one of the newer ones with a rear-facing wheelchair access bay. (Bus number 176 at 11:40) I CANNOT ride backwards, due to medical issues. I have a certificate from my doctor stating that I cannot ride backwards, in any situation! I was denied service due to my disability, despite the fact that I have a monthly bus pass for which I had paid $63.50. The driver & controller both told me that I could ride the Mainline Westfort & walk 6 blocks or the Airport & cross Arthur Street at night in my chair or walk home. When I told them I can’t, I was told that I was being unreasonable & putting them in an unreasonable situation. The driver actually said that I shouldn’t have stayed out so late. That is NONE OF HIS BUSINESS! Would he say that to an able-bodied customer? Certainly not! They were the ones being unreasonable, not me. Why should I risk neurological injury, a seizure, or a back & neck injury just to please them? Crossing Arthur Street is dangerous when there is no crosswalk & the police told me not to cross there. I have a vision disability & they are concerned I’ll get hit. As for walking home along Walsh Street at night for 6 blocks, that is not something safe, either. Some of those sidewalks are in bad shape & some of the curb cuts are still pretty rough. I cannot see which ones are safe, especially at night. Lake Superior News  read more.....>


THUNDER BAY, ON  ----  June 25, 20214 ---–Fort William First Nation appeared before Madam Justice Pierce of the Superior Court of Justice on Monday June 23, 2014 in Fort William First NationThunder Bay to request an injunction to prevent Ontario from allowing any further activity on FWFN Treaty Lands and from issuing a final approval for the proposed Horizon Wind Inc. Big Thunder Wind Project on those Lands until such time that Ontario commits to protect Treaty Rights of FWFN community members and those of future generations from incompatible Treaty Lands development.

Madam Justice Pierce has reserved her decision to allow her time to thoroughly review the factual record and legal submissions of the parties before issuing her decision.

Although the former Minister of Environment, the Honourable Jim Bradley, and former Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, the Honourable Bill Mauro, promised that no final approval for the Project would be issued until all outstanding project concerns are resolved with FWFN and its Treaty partners, Ontario’s legal counsel did not agree with that position on Monday and continues to oppose interim relief or to halt the final approval process for the project. Lake Superior News read more.....>

Walking With Our Sisters 

THUNDER BAY, ON  -----    June 25, 2014 ---- The Walking With Our Sisters - Thunder Bay planning committee is inviting the Thunder Bay community to join us for our 2nd Full Moon Memory WalkCommunity Conversation. In preparation for Walking With Our Sisters, this is an opportunity for our community to hear about what Walking With Our Sisters is and how to get involved. Because WWOS is all volunteer-run and community-based we need the help from our community in varying capacities such as: volunteers for installation, greeters, bead team, community outreach coordinator, expanded programming coordinator, tea sale coordinator, youth coordinator, coffeehouse/art auction coordinator, and more people to join the volunteer coordinator position.

Most importantly, Walking With Our Sisters is a journeying bundle that is considered sacred. We need our Elders, traditional people, and knowledge keepers to help guide us in how to honour this sacred bundle with ceremonies and practices of this area. We have a lead Elder, Wanda Baxter who has been on the committee gently guiding us over the last 7 months. She now needs help and support from other Elders to make decisions regarding this sacred bundle. Lake Superior News  read more......>


THUNDER BAY, ON   ----  June 18, 2014  ----  Over the past several months many many people have approached me on a daily basis with Ken Boshcoff encouragement to seek the Mayor's chair.  It is the people of Thunder Bay who have confirmed to me that I can serve them best as Mayor.

The community's enthusiasm that I offer myself for re-election to lead Council was extremely positive. Thus, in response to this public endorsement I will  submit my name to represent you and our great city as your Mayor.

My campaign will be a "People and Community" one that practices what I preach-positive, lean, green, cost-effective, and conducted in an honourable manner with dignity and respect. I will continue to demonstrate that really listening to people is the best way for a leader to lead!

I believe in Thunder Bay and its potential. We must build our optimism into reality. We know that we are poised to be the City we believe it can be, but only an energetic and competent leader can ensure that we do persevere and succeed. As Mayor I will work alongside his Council and community to find the right solutions.  Lake Superior News  read more


 Advance poll locations THUNDER BAY--SUPERIOR NORTH

THUNDER BAY, ON ----  June 4, 2014  -----  Advance poll locations are open 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM local time on the following dates /Elections Ontario 2014ED091 - THUNDER BAY--SUPERIOR NORTH / THUNDER BAY - SUPERIOR-NORD

Peter Doig - Returning Officer / Directeur du scrutin RETURNING OFFICE / BUREAU DU SCRUTIN (500 OLIVER ROAD, THUNDER BAY) will be open on / sera ouvert: June 1, June 2, June 3, June 4, June 5, June 6 / 1er juin, 2 juin, 3 juin, 4 juin, 5 juin, 6 juin 2014

Lake Superior News read more.......>


THUNDER BAY, ON ----  May 5, 2015 -----Thunder Bay: Long time public servant Iain Angus announced today that he will seek re-election as a Councillor at Large for the City of Iain Angus Thunder Bay.

First elected to Council in 2003, and re-elected in 2006 & 2010 Angus has also represented the Riding of Fort William (1975-77) in the Ontario Legislature and the riding of Thunder Bay-Atikokan in the House of Commons (1984-1993).
“The last 11 years represents significant progress for the City of Thunder Bay” said Angus  “but more remains to do to grow both the economy and the quality of life in our community.  I am seeking four more years during which I can be part of the team that will move this community further forward.”
Angus cited a number of key initiatives that reflects on the growth in the community:
•    The investment in the Regional Research Institute continues to see ongoing returns to the community in the form of significant employment and medical progress
•    The phenomenal success of the public and private investments in Prince Arthur’s landing
•    The construction of the new Thunder Bay District Social Services Administration Board headquarters that not only saves the municipal taxpayer money over the long term but drastically enhances the quality of service for the residents who rely on DSSAB for housing, income assistance and children’s services
•    The retention of the Thunder Bay Generating Station and its operation on advanced biomass
•    The creation of a Mining Readiness Strategy that provides a blueprint on how the Thunder Bay and regional economy will benefit from a broad range of mining opportunities when properly implemented
•    The development of an Asset Management Plan for parks and recreation facilities that will ensure that these necessary quality of life facilities receive the same renewal investment as our roads, bridges and underground pipes .  Lake Superior News read more.....>>

 SHIFT support the investigation into Events Centre

THUNDER BY, ON  ----  April 1, 2014 -----  SHIFT, Thunder Bay’s Young Professionals Network, continues to support the investigation into Nathan Lawrence, President - SHIFT Thunder Baythe feasibility of an Event Centre. For the project to be viable, SHIFT and its membership understand that there must be a net economic benefit to our local economy and a sound business plan must be created to demonstrate financial stability.  As the next generation of Thunder Bay, SHIFT understands the decisions made today will have a lasting effect on us in the future and thus we feel a comprehensive evaluation must be completed before a decision of such magnitude can be made. After polling our membership and analyzing the feedback, our stance is that SHIFT is encouraged by the process  the City of Thunder Bay has taken, but understand there is a great deal of due diligence required  before initiating construction.

Nathan Lawrence, President - SHIFT Thunder Bay 

Lake Superior News read more.......>

Colonel Chris Hadfield Coming to Thunder Bay

THUNDER BAY, ON ----  March 28, 2014  ------Leadership Thunder Bay has announced that it will welcome a Canadian icon to the stage of the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium Colonel Chris HadfieldWednesday, June 4.  Colonel Chris Hadfield, a 21-year veteran astronaut and three time space traveller, will share his experiences of life in space with Thunder Bay youth and the general public at two events during his visit.

First Colonel Hadfield will spend time with students from Lakehead Public Schools and the Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board.  More than 1500 youth are expected to take part and the event is causing a great deal of excitement, says Kelly Green, Grade 6 Teacher, Ogden Community Public School.

"Commander Chris Hadfield's mission to the International Space Station made for an amazing journey in my classroom from science, to literacy to music to social media.  It made for a great teaching year.    Our students will be so excited to see him in June”, she said.

Colonel Hadfield will then host “An Evening with Chris Hadfield” at 7:30 p.m. at the Auditorium. Lake Superior News read more......>

TBDSSAB 2014 Board Executive  

February 1, 2014 – At the January 23rd Inaugural Board meeting The District of Thunder Bay Social Services Administration Board (TBDSSAB ) The consolidated annual Aldo Rubertobudget of TBDSSAB and TBDHC is $84.3 Million with a staff complement of 185.The TBDSSAB is also the sole shareholder of Thunder Bay District Housing Corporation (TBDHC).

The TBDSSAB board welcomed the new executive to lead the Board in 2014. Bob Katajamaki, who represents the Territory without Municipal Organization (TWOMO), will serve a second consecutive term as TBDSSAB Chair.

Councillor Aldo Ruberto of the City of Thunder Bay will serve a second consecutive term as Vice-Chairman, and Councillor Joe Virdiramo of the City of Thunder Bay will serve as Secretary-Treasurer.

In addition, Members of the Executive Committee were appointed which included the elected Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary-Treasurer, along with Past-Chair Councillor Iain Angus of the City of Thunder Bay and as Member At Large Councillor Armand Giguere of the Municipality of Greenstone.
Lake Superior News read more......>



 Nobel Peace Prize Nominee to Speak at Diversity Thunder Bay Breakfast

THUNDER BAY, ON  ---  January 19, 2014  ---  Nobel Peace Prize Nominee to Speak at Diversity Thunder Bay BreakfastDr. Izzeldin Abuelaish, a three-time Nobel Peace Prize Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaishnominee with a powerful and moving message, will be the keynote presenter at Diversity Thunder Bay’s upcoming International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (IDERD) Celebration Breakfast, scheduled to take place March 20 at the Victoria Inn.   

Now known simply as “the Gaza doctor”, Dr. Abuelaish captured hearts and headlines around the world in the aftermath of horrific tragedy:  on January 16, 2009, Israeli shells hit his home in the Gaza Strip, killing three of his daughters and a niece.  But it was his response to the loss of his children that made news and won him humanitarian awards around the world.  Instead of seeking revenge or sinking into hatred, he wrote a book entitled “I Shall Not Hate” which has become an international best seller.  Lake Superior News read more.....>

Christmas Activities Fort William Business District

THUNDER BAY, ON  ---   November 19, 2013  -----   The Fort William Business District and the Victoriaville Board  held a joint Media Conference Tuesday to announce their Christmas programs.BIA Christmas Activities
JP Fraser, board member of the Fort William Business District stated in his opening remarks that For the past 19 year our focus has been on positive family orientated activities from the little ones to grandparents.  And this year is no exception. This year, there even are more activities for the whole family.
1. In the afternoon of Wednesday Nov 27th – Youth from the Community Arts and Heritage Education Program (CAHEP) in conjunction with Lake Superior Art Gallery are decorating the Victoria Ave windows of the Fort William Business Centre (former Royal Bank Building) with a theme of the 12 Days of Christmas.

2. On December 1st the CP Holiday Train will be at the Fort William CPR Station on Syndicate Ave arriving at 8:45 p.m.  JP

3. In keeping with the Christmas spirit for the fourth year the Lake Superior Art Gallery will have an eclectic train in its window.
There are lots of great things happening for the who family in the Fort William business District.  We look forward to seeing you.
 Kathy Skirving Chair of the Victoriaville Board of Management, told those in attendance that the Fort William Male Choir will be inducted into the Victoriaville Walk of Fame this Friday evening at 5 pm.  Again this year the Native Arts and Craft Show will be held in the centre from Dec 3rd to 7th and their will be breakfast with Santa on Saturday December 14th.
Tina Huk, BIA coordinator, Fort William Business District,  invited everyone to come up to the BIA’s Tree Lighting Ceremony Paterson Park  ~ Friday Nov 22, 2013 from 6pm -8:30pm

• This year we are excited to have the Fort William Male Choir sing for us before the tree lighting as we sip hot apple cider served by volunteers from First Wesley United Church Centre.  Lake Superior News read more......>

CP Holiday Train Visits

THUNDER BAY , ON  ---    November 10, 2013   --- Plan now to come out and visit the CP Holiday train, in Thunder Bay, Ontario on the evening of December 1st  and in CP Holiday TrainLacrosse WI on December 5th   Making a difference, one stop at a time  The Canadian Pacific Holiday Train hits the rails again on November 25 and will be visiting over 150 communities across our network.  Each event features a boxcar stage, a lineup of great musical talent and a contribution to the local food bank.  Everyone who attends is encouraged to donate food and money which stays in their community.

Since its inception in 1999, we've raised more than $7.4 million and over 3 million pounds of food in the U.S. and Canada.

The Canadian Holiday Train embarks on its three-week journey on November 26 from Beaconsfield, Quebec, finishing up in Port Coquitlam, BC, on December 16.

The CP Holiday Train kicks off it's 15th year in Quebec on November 25. Check the U.S. or Canadian train entertainer schedules to see who plays at your stop.  Lake Superior News read more....>

Lukinuk Earns Professional Registered Status

THUNDER BAY, ON  ----  November 4, 2013  --- Lori Lukinuk, Thunder Bay, Ontario,  has attained Professional status after successfully completing the Professional Qualifying Course offered by the National Association of Lori LukinukParliamentarians (NAP), the world’s largest organization of parliamentarians.  The Professional status is the highest status achievable through NAP
Lukinuk joins the ranks of approximately 300 Professional Registered Parliamentarians (PRPs) throughout the United States and Canada, less than 10 of which are in Canada, who offer specialized parliamentary assistance to all types of organizations and local governments.
Lukinuk became a member of NAP in 2010 and that same year achieved her Registered Parliamentarian, RP, status.  She is a member at large with District 4 which encompasses Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Ontario.
“I am very excited to have achieved Pofessional status as a Parliamentarian.  I can help individuals and boards understand parliamentary procedure resulting in more effective and efficient meetings where member rights are protected and good decisions are made.” says Lukinuk. Lake Superior News 
read more .....>



Navy Cooperative Education Program Begins

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO   ---  September 23, 2013 --- Nine recruits were enrolled into the Royal Canadian Navy as part of the Cooperative HMCS Griffon COOP EducationEducation program being run jointly by the local school boards and HMCS Griffon.
The program is now in its 5th year. This year’s enrolees include students from Sir Winston Churchill Collegiate, Westgate High School, Hammerskjold High School, and La Verendrye High School.

Students will study topics including Military Knowledge, Military History, Canadian Armed Forces Drill, First Aid, Physical Fitness, and boat operation, Monday through Friday from 12:30 p.m-3:30 p.m. and receive two high school credits as part of the program. The course runs for 16 weeks during the first semester with graduation taking place on the 21st of January, 2014. Lake Superior News  read more.....>

Highway Blasting 11 - 17 Week of Sept 16th

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO ---   September 17, 2013 --- This week most of the blasting will be 2km west of the Shuniah Land Fill site on Highway 11 - 17 east of Thunder Bay, Blasting Hghway 11 - 17Ontario.

The Ministry of Transportation is committed to the construction of four-laning Highway 11/17 for 13 km from Highway 527 to west of Mackenzie Station Road.  This project commenced in the fall of 2012 and the projected completion date is fall 2015.

Contract Administration is being performed by TBT Engineering.  Throughout the construction period, the public is advised that there will be drilling and blasting occurring.  The blasting for the week of Sept 15th to Sept 21st, 2013 is currently planned as indicated in the table below. Lake Superior News read more....>

Shuniah Blasting Sept 3rd

THUNDER BAY, ON ----  Aug 31, 2013  ---  With school buses starting up again next week, the Contractor will not be blasting Monday to Blasting Shuniah Highway 11 - 17Friday during the hours of 6:00 am to 9:00 am and 3:00 pm to 5:30 pm.

The Ministry of Transportation is committed to the construction of four-laning Highway 11/17 for 13 km from Highway 527 to west of Mackenzie Station Road.  This project commenced in the fall of 2012 and the projected completion date is fall 2015.

Contract Administration is being performed by TBT Engineering.  Throughout the construction period, the public is advised that there will be drilling and blasting occurring.  The blasting for the week of Sept 1st to Sept 7th, 2013 is currently planned as indicated in the table below. Lake Superior News  read more ....>

Blasting Shuniah Week of Aug 16th

THUNDER BAY, ON  ----- August 17, 2-13  -----Most of the blasting will be concentrated around the east end of the contract east of the landfill and just before the new four lShuniah Blasting Week of Aug 19thane section.

Contract Administration is being performed by TBT Engineering.  Throughout the construction period, the public is advised that there will be drilling and blasting occurring.  The blasting for the week of August 18th to August 24th, 2013 is currently planned as indicated in the table below.

Please be advised that this plan is preliminary in nature and is provided to give a generic advance warning and location where the blasting is occurring.  Time and locations may vary, sometimes significantly, depending on weather, traffic and equipment. Lake Superior News read more....>

From McKenzie to Birch Beach Expressway Now Open

THUNDER BAY, ON ----   July 27, 2013  ----- Presenlty the only acesss to the former highway 11 17 between McKenzie River and Birch Beach Road for the Lakehead Expressway is by way of Mckenzie Heights Road down to the new Lakeshore Drive.

Once the connections are complete there will be access at McKenzie Station Road at the west end by the Fire Hall and at the east end at Birch Beach. These sections are to be completed with in a week.

Crystal Beach Variety has now become a LCBO Agency Store.

The Ontario government has completed improvements to another section of Highway 11/17 between Thunder Bay and Nipigon.

A 14-kilometre section from west of Mackenzie Station Road to Birch Beach Road has been expanded to four lanes. This important project will make travel easier and safer for families and businesses while strengthening tourism and the economy in the north. Lake Superior News  read more......>

McKenzie Heights Detour Shuniah

McKenzie Heights Detour Shuniah THUNDER BAY, ON  ---   July 22, 2013  --- On Thursday July 25th at 11 a.m. the new section Lakeshore Drive of the Lakehead Expressway will be open between McKenzie Station and Birch Beach.  For a week their will be only one access to the Expressway from Lakeshore Drive by way of McKenzie Heights Road.

The present connect will be closed to the Expressway and a temporary detour will be opened at McKenzie Heights Road. People travelling along the new section of Lakeshore drive between McKenzie River and Birch Beach can only access the Expressway  by using McKenzie Heights Road.  Once the highway intersections are complete in about a week you will be able to access the Express from McKenzie Station Road, McKenzie Heights Road or Birch Beach Road.  Lake Superior News read more.....>


Blasting Highway 11 17 July 14 – July 20 Shuniah

THUNDER BAY, ON  ------    July 14, 2013  ----   Pre-blast schedule week of July 14 – July 20, 2013 All the blasting next week will be limited to smaller shots as the contractor goes through the contract to break down the oversize boulders and toe (rock knobs) in the ditches.
Throughout the construction period, the public is advised that there will be drilling and blasting occurring.  The blasting for the week of July 14th to July 20th, 2013 is currently planned as indicated in the table below.

Please be advised that this plan is preliminary in nature and is provided to give a generic advance warning and location where the blasting is occurring. Lake Superior News  read more.....>

Thunder Bay Road Closures July 2013

July 7, 2013 – Several major projects are under way on Thunder Bay’s roads, and smaller public works Neebing River Bridge at Cameron Streetprojects are slated to begin shortly. Projects include road and sidewalk rehabilitation, residential paving and sewer and watermain repair/replacement/lining, along with bridge work and streetlight renewal.

Photo of reconstruction of Cameron Street Bridge over Neebing River. Expected to be reopened in November.

 The City is investing $32 million on roads, bridges, sidewalks, streetlights, sewers, watermains and related infrastructure. City Council has approved an Enhanced Infrastructure Renewal Program of an additional $4 million to the Roads’ Capital Budget in 2013.  Other projects are funded by the City’s Capital Budget and some receive additional funding through the Federal Gas Tax Program. Lake Superior News  read more.....>


Blasting Highway 11 17 July 8 to 13 Shuniah

THUNDER BAY, ON  ---   July 7, 2013  ----  Pre-blast schedule  Week of July 8th to 13th  The Ministry of Transportation is committed to the construction of four-laning Highway 11/17 Highway 11 - 17for 13 km from Highway 527 to west of Mackenzie Station Road.  This project commenced in the fall of 2012 and the projected completion date is fall 2015.

Contract Administration is being performed by TBT Engineering.  Throughout the construction period, the public is advised that there will be drilling and blasting occurring.  The blasting for the week of July 7th to July 13th, 2013 is currently planned as indicated in the table below. Lake Superior News read more......>




Blasting Highway 11 - 17 Shuniah

THUNDER BAY, ON ----  June 29, 2013  ---The construction of four-laning Highway 11/17 for 13 km from Highway 527 to west of Blasting Highway 11 17 ShuniahMackenzie Station Road.  This project commenced in the fall of 2012 and the projected completion date is fall 2015.


Contract Administration is being performed by TBT Engineering.  Throughout the construction period, the public is advised that there will be drilling and blasting occurring.  The blasting for the week of June 30th to July 6th, 2013 is currently planned as indicated in the table below. Lake Superior News read more....>


Blasting highway 11-17 June 24

THUNDER BAY, ON  ---  June 22, 2013  --- Re:  MTO Contract 2012-6010 Pre-blast schedule week of Jun 24 – Jun 29, 2013  The Ministry of Transportation is committed to the construction of four-laning Highway 11/17 for 13 km from Highway 527 to west of TBT Engineering Mackenzie Station Road.  This project commenced in the fall of 2012 and the projected completion date is fall 2015.


Contract Administration is being performed by TBT Engineering.  Throughout the construction period, the public is advised that there will be drilling and blasting occurring.  The blasting for the week of June 24th to June 29th, 2013 is currently planned as indicated in the table below.


Please be advised that this plan is preliminary in nature and is provided to give a generic advance warning and location where the blasting is occurring.  Time and locations may vary, sometimes significantly, depending on weather, traffic and equipment. Lake Superior News read more......>


THUNDER BAY, ON  -----  June 16, 2013  -----  Nishnawbe Aski Nation (NAN) Grand Chief Harvey Yesno and the NAN Executive Council are mourning the passing of NAN Elder Frank Frank Beardy Elder Beardy, a revered leader who dedicated his life to improving the lives of the people of NAN.

 The former NAN Grand Chief and Muskrat Dam First Nation member passed away Thursday June 13, 2013 following a lengthy illness. He is survived by his wife and their many children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

 “It is with heavy hearts that we mourn the loss of this great friend and distinguished leader and our thoughts and prayers are with his family and the Muskrat Dam community,” said NAN Grand Chief Harvey Yesno. “Frank’s commitment to the development of our Nation is unparalleled and his selfless contributions are immeasurable. His loss will be felt by all the lives he touched in such meaningful ways throughout his life and work.”

 Frank Beardy was instilled with the value of service at a young age, leading to a lifelong journey of leadership at the community, provincial and national level. He first made his mark in the 1970s when he encouraged ‘pirate’ radio stations in First Nation communities who were being denied broadcasting licenses. The licenses were eventually granted, which eventually led to the development of Wawatay Native Communications Society. He was involved in the early years of Tribal Council development and was a major force behind several health, education and economic development initiatives including the Sioux Lookout Meno Ya Win Health Centre, Oshki-Pimache-O-Win Education & Training Institute, Nishnawbe Aski Development Fund, the Nishnawbe-Aski Police Service and the Northern Nishnawbe Education Council.  Lake Superior Newsread more.....>

Treasure Hunt in Thunder Bay

THUNDER BAY, ON   -----  June 15, 2013   ---  Centre des Femmes Francophones du Nord-Ouest de l’Ontario (CFFNOO) in partnership with Thunder Bay Sexual Assault & Sexual Abuse Treasure Hunt in Thunder BayCentre (TBSASA) is proud to offer it’s first Treasure Hunt in Thunder Bay.  The Treasure Hunt has been created to promote the Draw-the-Line / Traçons-les-limites campain which is an interactive French and English campaign that aims to engage Ontarians in a dialogue about sexual violence. The campaign challenges common myths about sexual violence and equips bystanders with information on how to intervene safely and effectively.  This campaign was produces by Action ontarienne contre la violence faite aux femmes (AOcVF) and the Ontario Coalition of Rape Crisis Centres (OCRCC).

Those who participate in the treasure hunt from June 15th to 21st will have a chance to win either the iPad mini or the Nexus 7.  But to be eligible for the draw, you must find six different postcards that are located in various places in Thunder Bay.  The clues and details can be found either at or at   « We are very pleased to be able to offer this type of contest to the citizens of Thunder Bay.  This contest will give the community a chance to interact and engage in a dialogue about sexual assault.  We hope that more people will be aware that sexual violence is a reality in Ontario. »,  said Rose Viel, Executive Director for CFFNOO.

Sexual assault is present in every city and community across the province and impacts the lives of friends, family members and colleagues. Sexual violence can and must be eradicated. Lake Superior News  read more.....>

ONWA Concerned with Consequences for Aboriginal Women

THUNDER BAY, ON  ---   June 12, 2013   ---   Bill S-2, Family Homes on Reserves and Matrimonial Interests or Rights Act, passed the third reading in the House of Commons yesterday Ontario Native Women's Assoc(Tuesday, June 11, 2013) despite concerns from opposing First Nations. ONWA believes that while the Bill proposes to address issues relating to family real property on reserves, ‘granting’ First Nations rights to create their own laws, approve membership and notify the Attorney General, it was done so without sufficient consultation and consensus with Aboriginal women.

Prior to European contact, Aboriginal women exeONWA Concerned Aboriginal Womenrcised great authority and jurisdiction in all areas of governance. Women in many tribes not only owned the home but substantial property interests and exercised authority over major subsistence activities. Paternalistic and European world views conveyed in the Indian Act affectively stripped women of their former revered positions within their communities, and created a system in which Aboriginal women are more likely to become victims of poverty and violence, thus contributing to issues related to Matrimonial Real Property (MPR). Bill S-2 fails to properly address the systemic and paternalistic system that created such socio-economic disadvantages for Aboriginal women.

“While the Ontario Native Women’s Association (ONWA) recognizes that there is a significant lack of MRP protections on-reserve, and supports the intentions of Bill S-2 to rectify this gap, there are many flaws in the Bill that cannot be ignored Lake Superior News  read more....>>

SHIFT Volunteers Drive Away Hunger

THUNDER BAY ON  ------   June 12, 2013  ----- Hot and sunny weather made giving back to the community feel even more fulfilling for SHIFT Thunder Bay’s Young Professionals Shift Thunder BayNetwork at their 2nd Annual Drive Away Hunger Volunteer Food Drive, presented by BDO and supported by 5 Forks Restaurant. On Tuesday, June 11th, 2013 between 6pm-8pm, SHIFTers; including a few of SHIFT’s youngest attendees yet, were glad to volunteer their time canvassing a Thunder Bay neighbourhood asking residents for contributions of non-perishable food items to donate to the Regional Food Distribution Association (RFDA). Drive Away Hunger flyers were sent in advance to the residential neighbourhood and a grand total of 617.1 lbs of food was collected by 20 eager volunteers, visiting 500 houses, in record time, in just over an hour. All volunteers and participants were welcome to an After Party at 5 Forks Restaurant where they enjoyed a variety of scrumptious appetizers and socialized in the Forks South multifunction  private room. Lake Superior News read more ......>


THUNDER BAY, ON   ----   June 10, 2013  ----   Nishnawbe Aski Nation (NAN) Grand Chief Harvey Yesno and Deputy Grand Chief Alvin Fiddler are heralding the formal commencement NAN of the joint inquest into the deaths of seven NAN youth who have died under similar circumstance while attending school in Thunder Bay.

Tuesday marks the opening of the Inquest into the Death of Seven First Nations Youth in Thunder Bay. The proceedings will begin at 10 a.m. in Auditorium A, Ontario Government Building, Main Floor, 189 Red River Road. NAN will be in attendance to apply for standing at the Inquest and to continue its ongoing political support for this process and for the families and communities who have lost their youth.

“For years NAN has taken the lead in ensuring scrutiny into the safety and education of our youth and this inquest is a culmination of our efforts to get answers for the families,” said NAN Grand Chief Harvey Yesno. “The commencement of the joint inquest is a welcome first step in the journey towards answering some of the questions the families of these youth and their communities have been asking for years Lake Superior News  read more....>>

Construction for the week of June 10th Thunder Bay

THUNDERBAY, ON   ----   June 10, 2013 – A busy construction season is taking place in Thunder Bay. Several major projects are under Road Construction way, and smaller public works projects are slated to begin shortly. Projects include road and sidewalk rehabilitation, residential paving, sewer and watermain repair, replacement and lining, along with bridge work and streetlight renewal.

Road work often results in road closures, detours and delays for drivers. Drivers should reduce speed, be alert and watch for workers in construction zones.

 Temporary street closures will be in effect: 

·         Sunday, June 12, from 9 am to 2 pm, South Archibald Street from Donald Street to 208 S. Archibald St. will be closed for the St. Patrick’s Cathedral Parish Picnic.

·         Thursday, June 13, from 1:40 to 2:15 pm, west lane of Madeline Street from Grandview Arena to River Street, and north curb of River Street from Madeline Street to the Thunder Bay 55+ Centre at 600 River Street will be closed for the Seniors Rock Walk.

·         Saturday, June 15, from 8 am to 5 pm, Queen Street from Fort William Road to Memorial Avenue, and Fort William Road south of Queen Street to dead end (north) will be closed for the Annual Car Show.  Lake Superior News   read more........>

No Rain in Forecast

THUNDER BAY, ON  ----- May 22, 2013 – We don't expect any precipitation from Wed. Afternoon to Thurs. Evening. Following Neebing River at Edwardadditional rainfall overnight, Monday the City’s Atlantic Avenue Water Pollution Control Plant performed to expectation. Lakehead Region Conservation Authority issued a “Flood Warning” Sunday due to rising water levels in area waterways. It is expected to revert to “Watch” status Wednesday  morning.
“The Needing River is two meters lower than it was at this time last year. We had what they call a five- to 10-year return this year, versus the 100-year return last year.” the LRCA is reporting Lake Superior News 
read more.....>

City on High Alert as Flood Warning is Issued

THUNDER BAY, ON  ----- May 20, 2013 ----–  The City’s Emergency Operations Control (EOC) Group convened at 4 pm today Neebing River Bike Trailto discuss the status of the City’s rivers, creeks and infrastructure following heavy rainfall over the last 24 hours.

Lakehead Region Conservation Authority has issued a flood warning due to rising water levels in area waterways, with approximately 50 to 60 mm of precipitation recorded. The potential for up to another 70 mm of additional rain is forecasted overnight.

“We are on high alert and monitoring the situation very closely,” said Darrell Matson, General Manager of Infrastructure & Operations. “Although area rivers and creeks are high, our Municipal infrastructure system, including the Atlantic Avenue Water Pollution Control Plant, is performing to our expectations. However, the public can expect to see an increased presence of crews throughout the City.”  Lake Superior News read more......>

$4 Million for Safe Homes Program

THUNDER BAY, ON ---- April 26, 2013 ----- The City of Thunder Bay's Safe Homes Program provided immediate Linda Jeffrey, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housingassistance to over 400 flooded homes by replacing hot water tanks and furnaces, as well as providing extensive clean-up to make basements habitable and safe.

The Hon. Linda Jeffrey, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, along with the Hon. Michael Gravelle and MPP Bill Mauro met with Mayor Keith Hobbs, Councillor Joe Virdiramo and members of the Disaster Relief Committee (DRC) today to announce they are providing $4 million in support towards the City’s Safe Homes Program. The city will absorb the remaining $200,000 spent on Safe Homes, according to Mayor Hobbs.

“I commend Minister Jeffrey for recognizing this program and for continuing to work with us,” said Mayor Keith Hobbs. “We appreciate her commitment, as well as the continued efforts from Michael Gravelle and Bill Mauro to ensure that flood victims are taken care of.” Lake Superior News  read more...>

Upcoming Chip-A-Thon for Pets

THUNDER BAY, ON ------ April 15, 2013 –--- The City of Thunder Bay Animal Services is encouraging all pet owners to pET micro chipprotect their pets by participating in the upcoming Chip-a-thon on Saturday, April 20 from 10 am to 3 pm at Animal Services Centre at 882 Alloy Place.
“Microchipping is a safe, permanent way to identify your pet in case if they become lost,” said Jody Kondrat, Supervisor – Animal Services. “When a lost pet without an ID tag is found, our staff use a handheld microchip scanner to check for a chip, and if one is detected, the owner will be contacted”.

A microchip is a tiny device about the size and shape of a grain of rice, and is placed just under the loose skin of a dog or cat at the back of the neck. The Chip-a-thon is hosted by Thunder Bay Animal Services, in cooperation with Friends of the Animals and veterinarians from Highview Animal Clinic, Meadows Animal Clinic, Northwestern Veterinary Hospital, Thunder Bay Veterinary Hospital and Crossroads Veterinary Clinic. The event is another Responsible Pet Ownership initiative from the City of Thunder Bay Animal Services and the Thunder Bay & District Humane Society. Lake Superior News  read more....>




New Lead Pastor Appointed Redwood Park Church

THUNDER BAY, ON ----- April 7, 2013 --- On Sunday, April 7th, Redwood Park Church announced the appointment of Joel Joel EnyartEnyart as its new Lead Pastor, effective June 3, 2013 subject to immigration processes. This is the result of much prayer and an intensive nine month search process with applications from across Canada, the U.S. and internationally. Chair of the Board, David Stezenko says, “We are delighted to have Joel lead our vibrant church and gifted pastoral team! God is moving at Redwood Park Church. Joel is coming at a key point in our history and will bring a new focus and energy to our mission of impacting Thunder Bay and beyond with the message and life of Jesus.”

Joel Enyart is currently Pastor of Life Groups at The Church at Rocky Peak in Chatsworth California – a church of over 2000 where 75% participate in 106 small groups led by Joel and his team. He is also one of the teaching pastors for weekend services. Prior to this, Joel served as Pastor of various student ministries at Rocky Peak, Bridges Community Church and North Coast Church since 2000. He has considerable experience in leading teams to implement key ministries in large churches with a similar ministry focus and weekend worship style as at Redwood. He brings a powerful skill set and track record that will strengthen the Redwood family and serve the community well. Lake Superior News 
read more....>

Wilson to Represent PC in Thunder Bay Atikokan Riding

THUNDER BAY ON ---- April 3, 2013 ---- Harold Wilson was elected as the canidate for the Progressive Conservative in the Harold WilsonThunder Bay-Atikokan riding. With over 25 years of experience in economic development, working to strengthen businesses and communities, Harold has decided it is the right time to seek to represent the people of Thunder Bay-Atikokan.

"I believe we have great opportunities in our region. But I have learned you have to fight everyday to turn these opportunities into reality, into good jobs. We have to see things through. I am ready to fight, to work every day, to get what we need to progress. Every day.” Harold Wilson

Harold Wilson was born and raised in Thunder Bay. He has an Honours Bachelor of Commerce from Queens University. Harold’s professional career has been a combination of public and private sector positions including Manger of Trade Investment and Strategic sectors for MNDM, Executive Director of the Northwestern Ontario Development Network and recently the President of the Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce. Lake Superior News read more....>

Disclosure of aboriginal politicians' salaries

WINNIPEG, MB ----- March 29, 2013 ----The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) applauded the federal government for passing and proclaiming Bill C-27 today; legislation that will require aboriginal politicians on all reserves in Canada to disclose their salaries to the public (just like every other politician in the country). The CTF first began pushing for such a change back on December 22, 2009.

“We’re ecstatic this bill has become law as we’ve pushed hard for it over the last three years,” said CTF Prairie Director Colin Craig. “Plain and simple, aboriginal politicians should have to disclose their pay to the public just like all other politicians in the country. The federal government deserves praise for addressing this issue.”

“We really tip our hat to the brave men and women on reserves who have risked a lot to leak documents or speak out,” added Craig. “Most people don’t understand it, but it can be really difficult to speak out on reserves. This legislation will help people on reserves hold their officials accountable.”  Lake Superior News read more.....>

Charla Robinson New Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce President

THUNDER BAY, On –-- March 20, 2013  --Charla Robinson Thunder Bay Chamber of CommerceThe Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce has selected Charla Robinson to serve as President for the business advocacy organization, effective Monday, April 29th.

“The NOMA Board of Directors have accepted with regret the resignation of Charla Robinson as NOMA Executive Director,” said Mayor Ron Nelson, NOMA President. “Charla has been key to NOMA’s success over the past three years. Her leadership in the development and implementation of our strategic plan has strengthened the organization and our advocacy efforts towards the betterment of our communities. The relationships she has developed through her time with NOMA will serve her well in her new role with the Chamber. We wish her all the best.” Lake Superior News read more.....>


Aboriginal Youth Leadership Program Launched

THUNDER BAY, ON ----- February 23, 2013 --- Leadership Thunder Bay and the Thunder Bay Urban Aboriginal Strategy, are proud to pilot an innovative initiative - Thunder Bay Urban Aboriginal StrategyAboriginal Youth Leadership Program. Made possible with a $43,000 investment from the Ontairo Trillium Foundation (OTF), the new initiative will focus on youth, aged 16 to 29, in Thunder Bay and feature a curriculum based on Aboriginal traditions and values. OTF representative Jason Hughes was on hand to officially congratulate the group, along with community leaders.

This innovative and empowering program will take the community’s emerging leaders on a voyage of discovery in which they learn both how to build their leadership skills but also gain a broader understanding of the critical issues affecting the community.

"I am very pleased that Leadership Thunder Bay and the Thunder Bay Urban Aboriginal Strategy have partnered to launch this new and innovative program. The Aboriginal Youth Leadership Program will offer aboriginal youth an opportunity to strengthen their leadership skills and gain a broader understanding of the critical issues affecting our community. This program will certainly offer unparalleled opportunities which will equip many aboriginal youth for bright futures in anything that they choose to pursue." – Michael Gravelle, Minister of Northern Development and Mines  Lake Superior News read more.....>

Randy McOrmond  Earns Canadian Star of Courage

THUNDER BAY, ON  -----  February 8, 2013 – Thunder Bay Fire Randy McOrmond Canadian Star of CourageRescue is pleased to announce that rookie fire fighter Randy McOrmond was awarded the Canadian Star of Courage today in Ottawa for a life-saving, extreme rescue he performed as a Sergeant with the Canadian Armed Forces in Nunavut in 2009.

The Star of Courage is the second highest award for bravery within the Canadian system of honours. Sergeant McOrmond was part of a search and rescue team that rescued a teenager who had been separated from his hunting party near Coral Harbour, Nunavut. The teen was discovered during an air search drifting towards Hudson’s Bay on a large pan of unstable ice. McOrmand and others on his team parachuted onto a nearby ice floe and made their way to the severely hypothermic victim by jumping from pieces of moving ice and crawling through the slushy snow. Lake Superior News read more.....>

Queen's Jubilee Medal Presented to Thunder Bay – Rainy River Citizens

THUNDER BAY, ON --- January 19, 2013 -- A new commemorative medal was created to mark the 2012 celebrations of Dorothy Chambers John Rafferty the 60th anniversary of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s accession to the Throne as Queen of Canada. The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal is a tangible way for Canada to honour Her Majesty for her service to this country. At the same time, it serves to honour significant contributions and achievements by Canadians.
During the year of celebrations, 60 000 deserving Canadians from across the country and various walks of life will be recognized.

The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal is a new commemorative medal created to mark the 2012 celebrations of the 60th anniversary of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s accession to the Throne as Queen of Canada. The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal is a tangible way for Canada to honour Her Majesty for her service to this country. At the same time, it serves to honour significant contributions and achievements by Canadians.

A new commemorative medal was created to mark the 2012 celebrations of the 60
th anniversary of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s accession to the Throne as Queen of Canada. The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal is a tangible way for Canada to honour Her Majesty for her service to this country. At the same time, it serves to honour significant contributions and achievements by Canadians.
During the year of celebrations, 60 000 deserving Canadians from across the country and various walks of life will be recognized.

In the Ridding of Thunder Bay – Rainy River, John Rafferty MP on behalf of the Governor General David Johnston present medals to 15 people James Ash, Kevin Bellin, Brian Berringer, Dorothy Chambers, Hector Fraser Dougall, Inspector Lorne Clifford, Honourary Lieutenant Colonel Frederick Boyd Johnson, Joseph Johnson, Elizabeth Jones, Alexander Koval, Joanne Locke, Jack MacLaren, Moffatt Makuto, Christopher Mills, Bill Towill

The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal is a new commemorative medal created to mark the 2012 celebrations of the 60th anniversary of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s accession to the Throne as Queen of Canada. The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal is a tangible way for Canada to honour Her Majesty for her service to this country. At the same time, it serves to honour significant contributions and achievements by Canadians. Lake Superior News  read more....>

Fire Rescue Commendation Awards Presented and New Graduates Honoured

THUNDER BAY, ON ---  December 1, 2012 – Thunder Bay Fire Rescue honoured both seasoned and new fire fighters Commendation Awards Presented and New Graduates Honouredat a Commendation Award and New Recruit Graduation Ceremony held today at the Thunder Bay & Region Protective and Emergency Services Training Centre.

For the first time, Thunder Bay Fire Rescue Commendation Awards were presented to six individuals within the Department. These new awards recognize fire fighters for exemplary action either on or off the job and can be awarded in three categories including Honor, Valor and Merit. Recipients must be nominated by their peers and then selected by the Recognition Committee. Lake Superior News read more.....>


Youth Centres Thunder Bay Private Public  Partnership

Thunder Bay, Ontario, --- November 1, 2012 -- A new Youth Centre opened today in Victoriaville as part of a private public partnership between the City of Thunder Bay and a local Jonathan Kakegamic, Principal of Dennis Franklin Comarty High Schoolregionly based airline.

A Thunder Bay based company is taking the leading role in helping to open a new youth centre in Victoriaville Centre. Centre organizer Pierre Mapeso said

The youth centre is now open. City taxdollars are also contributing to the centre to the tune of 120 thousand dollars.

Mayor Keith Hobbs and representatives from the Fort William Business District and the Victoriaville Board of Management praised the the Private Public partnership that is funding the Thunder Bay Youth Centres. Lake Superior News read more.....>



THUNDER BAY, ON  ---  October 29, 2012 ---  The Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce’s 23rd Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce’s 23rd Annual Wedding Wishes Formal FairAnnual Wedding Wishes Formal Fair will be taking place Sunday, November 4th at the Valhalla Inn.  This is the largest wedding exposition from Winnipeg to Toronto and once again, the largest ever in Thunder Bay. This event provides a terrific opportunity for Thunder Bay’s businesses to showcase their products and services. Lake Superior News read more....>


THUNDER BAY, ON: ---   July 16, 2012  ----  Nishnawbe Aski Nation (NAN) Deputy Grand Chief Mike Metatawabin War Of 1812 March Torontowill join other First Nation leaders from across Ontario today, in a commemorative procession honouring First Nation involvement in the War of 1812.

More than 10,000 First Nation warriors were instrumental in the preservation of Upper and Lower Canada, as they fought as British Allies. The First Nations considered the outbreak of war as a chance to stop the loss of their lands and the westward expansion of the Americans. Canada then consisted of the maritime colonies and parts of southern Quebec and Ontario. In Canada, the War of 1812 was the end of an era in which the First Nations had been able to keep their positions in return for service in war. Soon, with the growth of Upper Canada, the First Nations were outnumbered in their own lands. It was almost forgotten that if not for their support, Upper Canada might very well have fallen into American hands. Lake Superior News  read more.....>

Sjolander Court Nipigon Now Accessible for Seniors

THUNDER BAY, ON    -----    July 12, 2012 – To better enable seniors to age in place and remain in their home Sjolander Court seniors apartments Nipigoncommunity, The District of Thunder Bay Social Services Administration Board (TBDSSAB) has improved the accessibility of the housing stock in the Township of Nipigon. With the installation of an elevator at Sjolander Court seniors apartments, ten apartment units are now accessible for seniors living with mobility challenges and waiting for affordable and accessible housing.

“Numerous studies and discussions identified a serious lack of accessible housing for seniors as a barrier to their participation as full members of the community” said Bob Katajamaki, Chair of TBDSSAB. “Many seniors have had to leave the community to find suitable housing elsewhere as a result.” Sjolander Court apartments on the lower level have been full with a long waiting list, while the second floor has had vacancies due to poor accessibility. “With the addition of the elevator, we have now opened up ten new spaces for seniors with accessibility issues”, explained Katajamaki. Lake Superior News  read more.....>

Chartwell Select Steps Up

Thunder Bay, ON ----  June 7 2012 ------  I enjoyed an interesting conversation with Sean Adams, Manager of Sean AdamsChartwell Select home for seniors on Arundel Street.

On a bright sunny day it is hard to imagine that this senior’s facility is playing a vital part in helping the city of Thunder Bay recover from its state of disaster.

Sean came up with the idea of putting some of the retirement homes excess capacity to work to help out with the Red Cross’s disaster relief efforts. The whole effort came about quickly. Once he met with Red Cross Officials in his office at 5:00 p.m. on June 1st, rooms were made available and by 2:00 a.m. 37 Red Cross Volunteers were lodged at Chartwell Select . Who says things move slowly at a senior’s residence!

“It’s not just the flood, but all of the consequences that have come about because of the flood”, says Dave St. George, a Red Cross co-ordinator in Thunder Bay. “There are some complicated issues” says Dave in response to how long the Red Cross workers will be at Chartwell.

I asked Dave what has made the biggest impression on him since he arrived in Thunder Bay, he told me of an woman whose basement housed her custom sewing business. She not only lost a place to live but the $70,000 worth of fabrics and machines that form the basis of her livelihood were lost as well. When I spoke with Sean Adams about Chartwell’s role he said “ Chartwell is 100% committed to making people’s lives better, this was our opportunity to do something.”    read more....>

Grand Chief Stan Beardy announces candidacy Regional Chief of Ontario

THUNDER BAY,ON  –- May 13, 2012 ----   Nishnawbe Aski Nation (NAN) Grand Chief Stan Beardy has formally announced his candidacy for Regional Chief Beardy runs for Regional Chief of Ontarioof Ontario, giving incumbent Angus Toulouse his first challenger.

In his efforts to advocate on behalf of the 49 chiefs in NAN, Stan Beardy has a long list of achievements that span over 20 years in political office, both as NAN Grand Chief and as Chief of Muskrat Dam, his home community. These achievements include:

        • Reaching out to the Ontario, Canadian and international communities
        • Partnering with Lieutenant Governor of Ontario on establishing literacy programs in First Nations
        • Initiated Project Beyshick
        • Creating Youth, Elders’ and Women’s councils to advise the Executive
        • Enhancing the Junior Rangers program
        • Incorporating NAN First Nations as an intrical part in the planning for affordable electrical energy, generation and transmission as economic engines and establishing potential for all weather roads

As Ontario Regional Chief, Beardy will continue to forge meaningful relationships with governments, industry and commerce on First Nation terms, and to First Nation benefits. Beardy will continue to fight for Ontario First Nations’ fair share of the great wealth in timber, energy, minerals, and water that exist in First Nation lands throughout Ontario. In the office of Regional Chief, Beardy will continue to work with First Nations in Ontario to see the communities and people become key actors in the protection and management and development of those resources and equitable participants in the wealth created from them.  
read more.....>

Greenstone and Longlac launch Historical project

Greenstone,  On  -----  May 13, 2012  ----  Two local historical societies have launched a project to digitize the Greenstone region's historical photos.  Karmin "Karmi" Temple-Milne The consultant performing the work is Karmin Temple-Milne of KTM Media Services.

 Greenstone Historical Photo Project is a joint undertaking of Longlac Historical Society and the new Greenstone Historical Society.  The community newspaper, Times Star, has donated office space at its Geraldton address.

 The project has purchased a laptop and specialized scanner so that images of archival quality can be produced and stored as digital files.  The consultant follows strict protocols in recording the donors of print photos and obtaining permissions to copy.  Prints are returned to donors in short order.   Full Story........>


THUNDER B AY, ON  ----  May 11, 2012 -------  Today, Shkoday Abinojiiwak Obimiwedoon announced the end of BIWAASE’AAits BIWAASE’AA Program which, for the last eight years, has provided much-needed educational, nutritional, emotional and spiritual support to hundreds of children in need in Thunder Bay.

Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada, the main program funder, ended funding for the BIWAASE’AA program on March 31st 2012.

Tammy Bobyk, Executive Director of Shkoday Abinojiiwak Obimiwedoon said that children who need the program the most will be put in jeopardy.

 “This is very bad news for children in Thunder Bay. Our programming currently supports close to 500 children a day in seven local schools. Without this funding, we are forced to discontinue the program and leave these children in a vulnerable position. We are deeply saddened that it has come to this and particularly because these children depend on us but we feel that we will have no other option”, she said.    read more......>


THUNDER BAY, ON   ---  May 5, 2012  ----   Biwaase’aa Youth Outreach Worker Kelvin Redsky can sum up himself iwaase’aa Youth Outreach Worker Kelvin Redsky – sharing Sweat Lodge teachings with St.Ann studentsand his fellow workers in just a few words.  “We are”, he says, “the real deal”.

In photo Biwaase’aa Youth Outreach Worker Kelvin Redsky – sharing Sweat Lodge teachings with St.Ann students
What Redsky means is that he and the # other outreach workers who work with children in need in seven Thunder Bay schools are not only trained to help them with their school work but are also able to support their cultural and spiritual needs. They are able to do this, says Redsky, because they all are steeped in and, in many ways, living the Aboriginal traditions.  Among their ranks are pipe carriers and drum carriers who are all, he says, mindful of the responsibilities that go with the positions.

“We can’t teach what we know from books”, he said.  “Our ancestors did not write things down so now it is our job to pass the teachings down, sharing our knowledge about prayer, the pipe, language, medicine, regalia making and music.”   read more.....>>

Women’s United Run Walk a Mile in Her Shoes

THUNDER BAY, ON  ---  April 13, 2012  -- Royal LePage Lannon Realty launched their two major fundraising events Fay Gleeson with firefighters, realtors, sponsors and Councillor Trevor Giertugathis evening in a colourful fashion, debuting lime green t-shirts for the female participants and bright red high heeled shoes for the men.

Organizer Art Lannon said that the Women’s United Run, Stroll or Roll is in its 33rd year and the men’s Walk a Mile in Her Shoes is in its second.  The women’s event, said Lannon, has become a local institution and the men’s event promises to be as well.

“We know spring is here when we see groups of women out running the streets and filling the parking lots at the fitness centers, training for The Women’s Run, Stroll or Roll event”, he said.
Fay Gleeson with firefighters, realtors, sponsors and Councillor Trevor Giertuga.  She’s teaching them how to walk in the high heels

Scheduled for May 12 starting at 9:30 a.m., the Women’s United Run, Stroll or Roll will see well over 1000 women of all ages walk or run around Boulevard Lake to raise funds for women’s charities in Thunder Bay.  Organizing committee member Michelle Towell said that a highlight of last year’s event was when the male team members gathered at the Arundel Bridge prior to their walk to cheer the women on.   
read more...>

Hyer looking forward to working with Mulcair

THUNDER BAY, ON  ---  March 24, 2012  ---  “Today, New Democrats have chosen to build a better NDP for the future, instead of looking in the rear-Bruce Hyerview mirror,” said Hyer. “Tom is both pragmatic and passionate.He understands that as a party we must move forward. Canada cannot afford an unchecked Stephen Harper. I am looking forward to working with Tom to build a better Canada for all.”

 Montreal MP Thomas Mulcair was elected leader of the Official Opposition 9:00pm Saturday, in a dramatic NDP Leadership Convention in Toronto. Mulcair won the support of a majority of New Democratic Party Members after four rounds of voting at the Metro Toronto Convention Center.

“This is an interesting time to be a New Democrat,” said Bruce Hyer MP (Thunder Bay-Superior North). “There were many great candidates in this race. The choice wasn’t easy. I am very pleased that Tom has been elected leader by a majority of voting members.”   read more.....>

Superior National Forest Invites People to Get Outdoors and Enjoy the Early Spring Weather with a Couple Cautions

THUNDER BAY, ON - March 21, 2012 - Unseasonably warm weather is inviting people to enjoy the great USFSoutdoors. It is also creating a couple of hazardous conditions. Ice on the lakes is deteriorating sooner than usual and may not be safe for travel. Also, water temperatures are barely above freezing. At the same time, as snow cover disappears, dead grass and leaves are dried by sun and wind making it easier for fires to start and spread much more quickly than is usual at this time of year. read more...>


THUNDER BAY, ON - February 16, 2012 – The Commission on the Reform of Ontario’s Public Service released its final report in Toronto yesterday. The report provides hundreds of recommendations to Government including funding cuts and program changes. Of particular concern to NOMA municipalities is the recommendation to delay by two years the planned upload of $1.5 billion in provincial costs from the municipal property tax base. read more...>

Family Fun for the Voyageur Winter Carnival

THUNDER BAY, ON - February 16, 2012 – There is plenty of fun in store for the entire family during the tenth annual Voyageur Winter Carnival hosted by Fort William Historical Park, February 18th to 20th. Enjoyable outdoor recreational activities, games, and contests highlight this exciting celebration of winter. The Carnival runs from 11 am to
5 pm daily, including Monday, February 20th which is Family Day in Ontario.
read more...>

The Changing Face of Leadership

THUNDER BAY, ON  ------  February 3, 2012  ---  The idea of leadership often produces an image of one leader and many followers, along with the iLeadbelief that one person will effectively solve the problems that impact you, your organization, or your community.  However, there is a leadership movement that is sweeping the globe, a grassroots initiative seeking motivated and like-minded individuals who are compelled to effect change in their communities.  Could this be you?

This altered image of leadership, this innovative method that moves people to “walk out of limiting beliefs and assumptions and walk on to create healthy and resilient communities,” is why Leadership Thunder Bay has chosen world-renowned author and leadership consultant Margaret (Meg) Wheatley as their keynote speaker for the upcoming iLead: Innovation in Leadership conference, slated for April  read more.....>

Early Childhood Educators Coming to Thunder Bay

THUNDER BAY, ON  ---  January 31, 2012 – It is expected that over 200 early childhood educators from across the District will TBDSSABgather in Thunder Bay for the ‘Cherish the Children’ conference, being held at the Valhalla Inn from February 9 – 11th.

Participants will take part in a variety of professional development sessions aimed at enhancing the performance of practitioners working in the field of early learning and child care. The conference is co-sponsored by the Association of Early Childhood Educators Ontario and The District of Thunder Bay Social Services Administration Board (TBDSSAB).

Attendees will have a unique opportunity to engage with one of Canada’s top educational leaders. Jim Grieve, Assistant Deputy Minister of the Early Learning Division with the Ontario Ministry of Education will be the keynote speaker. “Leadership is essential—but often overlooked—in discussions about reflective practice in early learning,” Grieve says. “First and foremost, the leadership that professionals and parents provide to the young children in their care has a lifelong impact. It’s essential to understand how leadership skills can make a difference—both professionally and personally.” read more....>


THUNDER BAY, ON  ------    December 10, 2011  --  For many families, the holiday season marks one of the only times of year that all members can Comfort Keepers Thunder Baygather together to celebrate and enjoy each other’s company. The portrait before and after this joyous time, however, is often far less picturesque for seniors living alone or far away from relatives.

As the aging population continues to grow memory loss and dementia in seniors pose a major public health burden and it’s often difficult for relatives to monitor that aging. Many times our elderly family members are not getting the level of stimulation and socialization they want and need. But there’s hope: According to a recent study by the Harvard School of Public Health, researchers have found evidence that seniors with active social lives may have slower rates of memory decline and lower mortality rates.    read more......>

Calendar Parking Restrictions Take Effect

THUNDER BAY, ON  ---- November 28, 2011 – Calendar Parking Regulations take effect beginning today. “Based on City of Thunder Bay Calender Parkigthe snowfall this past weekend and the forecast of more snow later this week, we must now begin to enforce winter parking restrictions,” said James Coady, Manager Parking Authority.

Enforcement applies to Priority Routes, marked by signs in hospital, school zones, transit routes, downtown cores and emergency routes from 2 am until 7 am. Restrictions will also be in effect for streets subject to Calendar Parking restrictions from 9 am until 5 pm. The restrictions are necessary to allow for quick and effective winter road maintenance.

Under the By-law, the start and end dates of Calendar Parking are based on weather conditions in November and March. Unless waived by the Parking Authority in consultation with the General Manager of Infrastructure & Operations, parking restrictions will be enforced until March 31.  read more....>


THUNDER BAY, ON - November 24, 2011 - Nishnawbe Aski Nation (NAN) Grand Chief Stan Beardy, Coordinating Corporation (COCO) President Chief Gordon Beardy of Muskrat Dam First Nation and General Manager of Bell Aliant Chris Bell gathered today in Thunder Bay for a ceremony to embrace the positive working relationship demonstrated through the Northwestern Ontario Broadband Expansion Initiative. read more...>

Reserve Chief & Council Salary Disclosure BillWINNIPEG, MB:  November 23, 2011  --  The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) applauded the federal Reserve Chief & Council Salary Disclosure Billgovernment today for responding to its call to fix and re-introduce legislation that forces politicians to publicly disclose their salaries. The CTF has spent two years pushing hard for transparency in this area after it broke a national news story in December 2009 of a small reserve in Manitoba whose council members were each making more than Prime Minister Harper. In 2010, it obtained nation-wide figures from the Department of Indian and Northern Affairs that suggested upwards of 50 reserve politicians had been making more than the Prime Minister.

 Bill C-27, the First Nations Financial Transparency Act does exactly what the CTF has been pushing for – it will put chief and band council salaries and pay information on the internet for both grassroots band members and taxpayers to view. This will bring reserve politicians in-line with all other politicians in Canada that must disclose their pay to the public.

“This legislation is great news for grassroots band members and taxpayers,” said Colin Craig, CTF Prairie Director. “We have highlighted many cases where reserve politicians were paying themselves huge sums while band members and taxpayers had no idea.”    read more....>

Remembrance Day A Time To RememberTHUNDER BAY, ON  ------   November 5, 2011   ----   This coming Friday, is November 11th, a time for us to Dorothy ChambersRemember those who serviced our country during times of War.

Dorothy Chambers has arranged for the Wreath and Canadian Flag from MP John Rafferty (Thunder Bay Rainy River), to be part of the Remembrance Day display in the window of the Lake Superior Art Gallery in the Victoriaville Centre.

Royal Canadian Legion Branch 6 will hold their Remembrance Day Service on November 11 starting at 10:30 at the Fort William Gardens. Royal Canadian Legion Branch 5 will hold their service at the Cenotaph at Waverley Park. There will also a service on the First Ledge on Mount McKay.

Dorothy Chambers Military Driver, in the RCAF (WD) Women Division,  She serviced during WWII  in Ontario and Quebec.

Presently member of Branch 6 Royal Canadian Legion, MFRC she is also a member of the

Military Family Resource Centre located at the HMCS Griffon.   read more......>

CHAMBER HOSTS BRIDAL SHOWTHUNDER BAY, ON ---- November 2, 2011 ---- - The Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce’s 23rd Annual Wedding TBCC Wedding Wishes ShowWishes Formal Fair will be taking place Sunday, November 6th at the Valhalla Inn. This is the largest wedding exposition from Winnipeg to Toronto and once again, the largest ever in Thunder Bay. This event provides a terrific opportunity for Thunder Bay’s businesses to showcase their products and services.

Wedding Wishes Formal Fair is a unique information gathering and one-stop shopping opportunity for all future brides and grooms and those planning a formal occasion. Over 100 wedding specialists showcasing the latest in products and services will be on hand. The day also features four fashion shows from Thunder Bay’s leading bridal, ladieswear and menswear shops.   read more.....>

Superior North EMS Paramedics receive Exemplary Service MedalsTHUNDER BAY, ON --- October 20, 2011 --- Two Superior North EMS paramedics have received Exemplary Service Medals from the Governor General of Canada. The Emergency Medical Services Exemplary Service Medal expresses national gratitude for long and commendable service, particularly in fields of endeavor involving potential risk. The medals were presented to the paramedics by Major General Richard Rohmer, Canada’s most decorated person, at a special ceremony in Collingwood, Ontario, on September 29, 2011.

Receiving the medals:

Andrew Dillion, Advanced Care ParameStephane Leblancdic (ACP), Thunder Bay. Andrew has provided moreAndrew Dillon than two decades of excellent front-line patient care starting as a Primary Care Paramedic (PCP) and becoming an ACP in 2007. Andrew has also contributed to EMS through his union leadership activities, his role as a service instructor in teaching and developing training modules, and through his contributions to Superior North EMS strategic planning just this past year. Andrew has also contributed to youth in the community, through his coaching and refereeing activities.

Stephane Leblanc, PCP, Greenstone. Stephane started his career in EMS in 1982 with the Sensenbrenner Hospital based ambulance service in Kapuskasing Ontario. He worked as an Emergency Medical Attendant until 1986 and then obtained his Advanced Emergency Medical Care Attendant certificate and commenced in a full-time position until 2004. In 2004 he moved to Commercial Aviation as a full-time flight paramedic. Stephane worked for Commercial Aviation on a part-time basis since 1993. In 2008 Stephane became the Superintendent of the Greenstone Cluster for Superior North EMS, where he currently serves.  read more......>

Take A Hike Launches New “SHARE A PAIR” Children’s Sock CampaignTHUNDER BAY, ONTARIO – October 9, 2011 -- Take A Hike, Thunder Bay’s outdoor lifestyle store, has just launched Diane Petryna SHARE A PAIR” Children’s Sock Campaigna new children’s sock campaign called “Share A Pair”.  For every adult pair of GKS socks they sell during the month of October, they’ll donate a pair to children in need in the community. 

Diane Petryna, owner of Take A Hike, said that for many years they’ve run a Christmas sock campaign called “Sock for Shelter House” but this year decided to make children the focus of the campaign.  They’re also running it in October because of Thanksgiving.

“For those of us who can, being able to share a pair of socks with children in need, reminds us how much we have to be thankful for,” she added.  

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THUNDER BAY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE PROVINCIAL ELECTION SURVEY RESULTSTHUNDER BAY, ON ----  September 30, 2011  ---  The Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce sent a survey in mid Ontario VotesSeptember to all candidates for the Provincial Election. We asked their views on a range of topics important to the business community. “As the „Voice of Business? we want to assist voters in their choice of those running to represent us at Queen?s Park,” stated Harold Wilson, President.When we posted our Municipal Election survey results last October, our members found it very valuable. The results of the Provincial Election survey are now available on the Chamber?s website, and can be searched by candidate, question or Riding  read more.....>










THUNDER BAY, ON   ----   Moose Cree First Nation, ON ------September 27, 2011 –  – Seven Matawa First Nations and Seven Mushkegowuk First Nations have signed a declaration to work together to achieve the implementation of the Oral Treaty.   The Chiefs Declaration states that we are “...committed to exercising our inherent and
treaty rights, without limitations imposed by others. We will consider the use of any options to ensure that the development of our homelands occurs only with the free, informed and prior consent of our First Nations.”

“Implementation of the Oral Treaty is long overdue,” said Chief Sonny Gagnon of Aroland First Nation.  “For over 100 years we have kept the promises we made to the Crown Governments of Ontario
and Canada.   Now they will have to acknowledge, respect, and abide by the promises they made to
us.  From now on, the First Nations that signed this declaration will be living by the Oral Treaty.   That means we do not go by the written treaty document, but by the actual promises that were made to us at the time Treaty No. 9 was signed.”Lake Superior News 
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Council Asks Provincial Candidates to Answer Key Questions

THUNDER BAY, ON   -----  September 26, 2011 – Thunder Bay City Council is asking all candidates running in the Mayor Keith HobbsOctober 6, 2011 Provincial election to identify where they stand on issues important to the City of Thunder Bay and residents.

Mayor Keith Hobbs stated "The most important question for the city, Hobbs said, is on an industrial hydro rate and whether any of the parties will bring the rate down to 3-to-5 cents per kilowatt hour in order to be more competitive.

Ontario Hydro customers are now paying 10 cents per kilowatt hour during the peak day times hours and the McGuinty Government are paying wind mill producers 80 cents per kilowatt hour.

“City Council wants to know where the candidates stand on the issues that are important to the City of Thunder Bay and ensure members of our community have strong representation on key issues as our community continues to grow and evolve,” said Mayor Keith Hobbs.  Lake Superior News read more....>

Dr. Arthur V. Mauro Victoriaville Walk of Fame

THUNDER BAY, ON -----  September 21, 2011  ----    Dr. Arthur V. Mauro, O.C., O.M., LL.M., LL.D., Q.C., a prominent Dr. Arthur V. Maurobusinessman and philanthropist who has contributed significantly to our economic, civic and cultural lives will be inducted into the Victoriaville Walk of Fame on Wednesday, September 21, 2011, at 9:00 a.m. in centre court at Victoriaville Centre.

Dr. Mauro was born to Italian immigrants on February 15, 1927 in Port Arthur (now Thunder Bay), Ontario.   He grew up on Secord Street and attended PACI and graduated from St. Patrick’s High School. He studied law at the University of Manitoba and was called to the Bar of Manitoba in 1953.  His specialty was transportation and communication law and, in 1967, he was appointed Chairman of the Royal Commission on Northern Transportation and later, Chairman of the Transportation Industry Advisory Committee.Lake Superior News

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Unplug Dalton McGuinty’s Mandatory ‘Smart Meter’ Tax Machines






 THUNDER BAY, ON  -----   September 19, 2011 ---  Today, Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak was joined by Karm Singh, Ontario PC candidate for Etobicoke North, Mary Anne DeMonte-Whelan, candidate for Etobicoke Centre, and Simon Nyilassy, candidate for Etobicoke-Lakeshore at the Return Trax Warehouse to announce he will unplug Dalton McGuinty’s mandatory smart meter tax machines that are causing family energy bills to skyrocket. A Tim Hudak government will let Ontario families decide for themselves what’s right for their households and their family budget, by ending the mandatory smart meter time-of-use pricing program.

 Dalton McGuinty’s so-called smart meters unfairly force families to pay more on their home energy bills simply based on what time of day they do chores, when the kids use the computer for homework, or when families enjoy activities at home together. What’s worse, Dalton McGuinty has quietly approved charging Ontario families a new smart meter tax that will drive up bills even more. Lake Superior News  


read more.......>



 Trustees Announce Education Day Forum

THUNDER BAY, ON  ---- September, 17,2011  --Local and district Trustees are playing an integral role in providing Ontario Public School Boards’ Associationan opportunity for voters to learn about the important education issues and education related party platforms in advance of the October 6 Provincial Election.  To help voters make an informed decision on election day, the Ontario Public School Boards’ Association (OPSBA) has declared September 20 as Education Day. In support of Education Day, the Lakehead District School Board and the Superior Greenstone District School Board are organizing a non-partisan Education Day Forum.  Candidates from the four major provincial parties have been invited to the Forum to share their party’s education platform and answer voter questions.


“With an election just around the corner, voters want to know how their tax dollars will be spent in their local public schools,” says Ron Oikonen, Chair of the Liaison Committee, Lakehead District School Board.” It is our hope that the Education Day Forum will generate the most grass-roots-based meaningful discussion on critically important education issues that we've had in decades.” Lake Superior News read more.....>

City Appoints Acting Crime Prevention Council Coordinator

THUNDER BAY, ON  ---  September 8, 2011 – The City of Thunder Bay is pleased to announce the Sheelagh Hendrickappointment of Sheelagh Hendrick as Acting Crime Prevention Council Coordinator, effective Sept. 19, 2011.

Ms. Hendrick, a long-time City employee and Deputy City Clerk since 2008, brings a background in community development to the position and experience in community recreation. In 2000, she was seconded to be the City’s first Community Relations Coordinator, a position created to work with the health community recruiting physicians and health care professionals.

She collaborated and provided leadership in the establishment of the Thunder Bay Physician Recruitment and Retention Council and served as its first chair. She later supervised the Community Relations Coordinators and Family Physician Recruiters who came after her. Lake Superior News read more....>




BARRIE, ON  –  September 3, 2011   ---  “Dalton McGuinty doesn’t think tracking high rDalton McGuintyisk offenders’ whereabouts is a real issue. He seems more worried about the privacy rights of these criminals, than the safety of Ontario families.  An Ontario PC government will make public safety a priority and use GPS technology to monitor the people who threaten us.”  “We are the only party that will use twenty-first century technology to protect innocent families from dangerous criminals.  Police will be able to monitor offenders and, if needed, react immediately to protect the community.”  said Tim Hudak, Ontario PC Leader Lake Superior News read more......>


THUNDER BAY,ON  -- -  August 25, 2011 ---- The United States Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy



Rodney Brown

and Public Affairs issued a public statement on the passing of Jack Layton;

"We offer our deepest condolences to the people of Canada on the passing of Canada's official Opposition party leader, Jack Layton.

"Canada has lost a dedicated political activist committed to promoting a platform of social justice through compromise, tolerance, and hope. A humble public servant, Mr. Layton was a man of principle, an


optimist, and a pragmatist. He helped build the New Democratic Party into a vital force in Canadian politics.  Lake Superior News read more...>


THUNDER BAY, ON ---  August 24, 2011  -- A Thunder Bay memorial service will be held for the late Bruce Hyer Olivia Chow Jack Layton CanoeingThunderBayJack Layton, Leader of the Official Opposition. A Book of Condolence for Layton’s family will be available for people to sign.

According to local organizators the plan is to have a simple, non-denominational service about a half-hLake Superior Newsour long, with Rev. Jan Stevenson from First Wesley United officiating at Hillcrest Park. Rodney Brown will play some music. It is hope that John Rafferty, MP and Bruce Hyer, MP will be able to say a few words as well.  read more.....>


MICHAEL NITZ ASSUMES CHAIR Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce

THUNDER BAY, ON ------  August 18, 2011 ---  The Chamber Board of Directors announces that Michael NitzMichael Nitz, 1st Vice Chair of the Chamber of Commerce has assumed the role of Chair, effective today.  Earlier today, the Chamber Executive accepted 2011 Chair Justin Frape’s resignation, with regret.  Following the sale of his business this past July, Mr. Frape was no longer able to fulfill his responsibilities as Chair of the Board and Director.

“Justin’s dedication and commitment to the Chamber has been greatly appreciated” stated Michael Nitz.  “He has been a valued Director on our Board since 2007, and it is very unfortunate that he is unable to finish his term as Chair and Director of the Chamber of Commerce.  However, I am prepared to step forward a few months early into this important role representing the Business Community of Thunder Bay.  Additionally, we are very pleased that Ed Schmidtke has agreed to serve as the 1st Vice Chair for the balance of the year and that Uli Walther has agreed to join the Executive”. Lake Superior News read more.....>



 Chamber Board Meets with PC Party Leader Hudak

THUNDER BAY, ON  ---  July 14, 2011  ---  Following Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak’s luncheon Harold Wilsonaddress to the Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Hudak sat down with the Board to discuss several issues that the Chamber has advocated over the past year. Both Dr. Fred Gilbert and Anthony LeBlanc also participated in the conversation.

“We had an extensive dialogue on a number of key business topics with Mr. Hudak”, stated 2011 Chair Justin Frape. “Maximizing the benefits of Northern resources for the North, especially around the Ring of Fire, was a key point, as was how energy pricing, generation and transmission should be used to attract industrial investment. Quite frankly, we were very pleased to see the specific 26 million cubic metres guaranteed wood supply for industrial use included in the Changebook, which we have been requesting of the government. Finally, we appreciated that Tim Hudak has committed to no cut-backs in the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund.”  Lake Superior News read more....>


TBDSSAB Cheques Postal Strike

THUNDER BAY, ON   ----  June 24, 2011 – Due to the postal disruption, The District of Thunder Bay TBDSSABSocial Services Administration Board (TBDSSAB) and Thunder Bay District Housing Corporation (TBDHC) have implemented special procedures to ensure business continuity and client service.

Regardless of the status of the postal disruption and back to work legislation, Ontario Works social assistance recipient cheques for July will not be mailed and will only be available for pickup.

All TBDSSAB and TBDHC cheque recipients (including clients, vendors and landlords) served by City of Thunder Bay offices must pick up cheques in the Coliseum Building at the Canadian Lakehead Exhibition, located at 425 Northern Avenue Thunder Bay on June 29, June 30 July 4 and July 5 between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM ONLY. Cheques will not be available at TBDSSAB or TBDHC offices during this period. All cheque recipients must show valid government issued identification in order to pick up a cheque. Lake Superior News read more......>



Victoria Ave BIA & Simpson Street BIA’s join forces for the Multiplex

THUNDER BAY, ON - June 21, 2011 - “The Victoria Avenue BIA and the Simpson Street BIA’s have JP Fraser, Tom Petrie and Dave Wilsonjoined forces to urge Council to seriously consider placing the Multiplex in the South Core”, said Jim Hupka, Chair of the Victoria Ave BIA.  The South Core has the qualities and resources to support the economic and environmental sustainability for the viability of the project.  We currently have the infrastructure (fiber optics, upgraded sewer, water) in place.  We have an unobstructed view of Lake Superior from upper floors; we have a large selection of Hotels on Arthur Street, within shuttle distance, to accommodate the influx of tourism.Lake Superior News read more...>



Death of Lake Superior paddler serves as stark reminder cold-water dangers

CLEVELAND, OH - June 9, 2011 — The tragic death of a 19-year-old kayaker Tuesday night near the Apostle Islands in Lake Superior, is a reminder to paddlesport enthusiasts of the importance of life-saving equipment and safe boating practices.

The man, whose name and hometown are not being released, was paddling with three other people when his kayak reportedly capsized, sending him into the 49-degree water of Little Sand Bay. Lake Superior Newsread more...>


THUNDER BAY, ON - June 7, 2011 - Nishnawbe Aski Nation (NAN), Quality Market and True North David Stezenko, Grand Chief Stan Beardy, Joseph LeBlanc Community Co-Operative today announced a collaborative working relationship to bring wholesome, fresh foods to NAN First Nations.  The collaboration is supported by Nutrition North Canada through Indian and Northern Affairs Canada. Lake Superior Newsread more...>




Anthony LeBlanc acclaimed candidate for Thunder Bay – Superior North

THUNDER BAY, ON -----  May 26, 2011 ---   Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak congratulated Anthony Anthony LeBlanc candidate for Thunder Bay – Superior NorthLeBlanc on his nomination as the Party’s official candidate for Thunder Bay – Superior North. On October 6, Northern families will have a clear choice between Dalton McGuinty, who has grown out of touch with what's discussed around the kitchen tables and on mainstreets in Northern communities, and an Ontario PC Government that will deliver real relief for families.

LeBlanc noted that the HST and soaring hydro bills have made life unaffordable for many Northern families, and that an Ontario PC Government would provide immediate relief for families and seniors facing rising energy costs by removing the HST from home hydro and heating bills, and removing the debt retirement charge from home hydro bills.  Lake Superior News read more.....>


THUNDER BAY, ON  ---  June 17, 2011 ----  In celebration of National Aboriginal Day on June 21st, First Nation Gospel Concertvarious gospel artists from around the region will come together to perform at a gospel concert taking place at the Heritage Building on the Canadian Lakehead Exhibition (CLE) grounds in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

The event is open to the public and will feature performances by Cree and Ojibwa Singers, members of the Thunder Bay Legends, and additional acts from various communities in Northwestern Ontario and Manitoba. 

Welcoming remarks will be provided by Nishnawbe Aski Nation Grand Chief Stan Beardy and City of Thunder Bay Mayor Keith Hobbs. Lake Superior News read more.....>





Waterfront District Street Fair

THUNDER BAY, ON ----  June 25, 2011  ---   The Waterfront District BIA is hosting a free summer event The Waterfront Districtcalled the Waterfront District Street Fair on Friday, July 29 from 10am – 6pm on Red River Road.  This event will feature a display of classic cars, artists, vendors, crafts, inflatable bouncers and other activities. 

 This event is being held in conjunction with the Ontario Provincial Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.®) Rally to be held in Thunder Bay July 28-30, 2011. H.O.G. Rally activities taking place on the same day as the Waterfront District Street Fair include a show and shine plus live music one street over at the Casino. Lake Superior News  read more.....>




THUNDER BAY, ON: ----   August 4, 2011 ---  “The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) is not Whitewater Lake First Nationlistening to us as we continue to plead for help in battling the forest fires burning close to our community.  The fires are posing a serious and immediate threat to us and we do not have the resources available ourselves to battle them,” said Chief Slipperjack. of Whitewater Lake First Nation.

The Chief of Whitewater Lake First Nation is demanding immediate help to battle forest fires burning near that community.  Chief Arlene Slipperjack says the community is in a terrible state of threat.  Whitewater Lake First Nation is 250 miles north of Thunder Bay.  Lake Superior News read more......>

 Ads May Confuse Thunder Bay Hydro Customers

THUNDER BAY, ON - May 13, 2011 - Thunder Bay Hydro is receiving calls from customers inquiring
Thunder Bay Hydroabout advertising issued throughout the province by the Ontario Energy Board with the message that the lowest energy rates now start at 7 pm on weekdays. Thunder Bay Hydro customers are currently not on Time of Use rates and this information does not
apply to them.News   Lake Superior News read more...>

Advance Polls Thunder Bay Rainy River Thunder Bay Superior North

Ken Boshcoff  Yves FricotTHUNDER BAY, ON  --- April 23, 2011  ---   The Campaign offices of Yves Fricot,Thunder Bay – Superior North and Ken Boshcoff, Thunder Bay-Rainy River have provided us with information on Advance Polls listed below.

The Advance Polls are on Friday, April 22, Saturday, April 23 and Monday, April 25.

The times on all of the days are from noon to 8 PM. News   Lake Superior News read more....>




THUNDER BAY, On ---  April 19, 2010  – New Democrat Leader Jack Layton will make a campaign stop Bruce Hyer Jack Layton NDPin Thunder Bay this Wednesday, attending a Town Hall meeting co-hosted by local New Democrat candidates Bruce Hyer and John Rafferty.
“I and my NDP colleagues have taken pride in listening to our constituents, and keeping our doors open for people,” said John Rafferty, New Democrat candidate in Thunder Bay-Rainy River. “We’re continuing that by welcoming Jack Layton to Thunder Bay with a Town Hall meeting to talk to people about a key issue this election: the crisis in our health care system, and what we can do about it. On the doorstep, I’m hearing from people concerned about our health care system every day. People here want to see practical solutions.”  News   Lake Superior News read more.....>

Habitat for Humanity Thunder Bay Faces Major Cash Crisis

THUNDER BAY, ON - April 15, 2011- Habitat for Humanity Thunder Bay made a plea to the community, as ticket sales for their annual $100,000 raffle are at an all-time low. The 3rd annual raffle was launched back in December, and to date only 2000 out of the 12,500 tickets have been sold, leaving the not-for-profit organization in a very unfortunate position.News   Lake Superior News read more...>

NAN and NOMA Object to Bill 151

THUNDER BAY, ON - April 14, 2011 - NOMA OUTLINES CONCERNS WITH FOREST TENURE NANLEGISLATION - Today, the Northwestern Ontario Municipal Association made a presentation by video conference to the Standing Committee on General Government as part of its review of the Ontario Forest Tenure Modernization Act, 2011 (Bill 151). NOMA is asking for amendments to the Bill that would: limit to two the number of Local Forest Management Corporation pilot models; provide recognition and support for enhanced Shareholder Forest Licenses; and, remove the unacceptable expansion of Government authority to cancel licenses, commitments and supply agreements for any reason without legal recourse or remedy.

News   Lake Superior Newsread more...> 


THUNDER BAY, ON ----  April 5, 2011  ----  The Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce is offering two $500. scholarships in 2011 to secondary school graduates from Thunder Bay intending to attend a post-secondary institution in Thunder Bay the following year in a business related program.

Since 1993, the Chamber has offered a $1,000. scholarship annually, and beginning in 2009,
two $500. scholarships were made available. Application forms have been forwarded to all
local secondary schools. News   Lake Superior News read more......>


All Canadians should recognize Racial Discrimination underpinning the Indian Act

Serpent River First Nation  ---  March 21, 2011  ---   The International Day for the Elimination of Racial Chief Isadore DayDiscrimination is observed annually on 21 March. Canada exercises authority over a people with the only raced-based legislation in this country. First Nations have a connection to this day that is a shameful reminder to Canada that change is needed.

First Nation Chief and Councils across this country deal with the sad reality that segregation of a race of people is the governance that they perpetuate on behalf of the Canadian government; unless of course they have self-government agreements in place. There are very few of these types of agreements across the country today.
Chief Isadore Day, Wiindawtegowinini of Serpent River First Nation is hosting the Federal Green Party’s Elizabeth May in his community today and has a message that he would like her to carry forward in her efforts to affect Canadian politics in the next upcoming election. “The Indian Act is not only archaic and damaging to our people on reserves, it wasting away generations of precious human resources that could be collaborating with Canada in a 21st century economy.”News   Lake Superior News read more.....>




THUNDER BAY, ON - March 8, 2011 -  Nishnawbe Aski Nation (NAN) leadership together with the NAN NANWomen’s Council is celebrating the strengths and contributions made by First Nations women within NAN territory today on the 100th annual International Women’s Day.

“It is vital to our future that we all walk together equally to help restore the balance that has been lost in our communities,” said NAN Deputy Grand Chief Mike Metatawabin. “First Nations women are to be respected, honoured and valued because they are the heart and soul of our communities and the backbone of our families.” News   Lake Superior Newsread more...>


MARTEN FALLS, ON - March 3, 2011 - On January 25th, 2011, we announced that a blockade will Martenfalls logocommence and asked the companies to comply. To our knowledge, only the Billiken Camp complied; Noront made a statement to disregard the action; KWG made a statement that they obtained permission from Webequie First Nation (wrong First Nation to consult) and therefore, proceeded to disregard the order. This disregarded action has posed a serious threat to dialogue including the LUP (land-use plan with Ontario) process. In order to avoid a complete breakdown of communication and the imposition of a trespass notice to our territories, the following items need to be addressed by both government and the third party: News   Lake Superior Newsread more...>

Transit is Changing. Have Your Say

THUNDER BAY, ON - March 3, 2011 – The City of Thunder Bay is looking for feedback to help guide Thunder Bay Transitour future transit services to better meet the travel needs of the community. Public consultation is an important component in developing the City’s Transit Master Plan. The Plan will include strategies, which will guide the provision of both the conventional transit service as well as the door-to-door specialized transit service to seniors and those who cannot use the conventional service due to disabilities. News   Lake Superior Newsread more...>




THUNDER BAY, ON: -----   February 21, 2011  ---  Nishnawbe Aski Nation (NAN) Treaty 5Grand Chief Stan Treaty 9Beardy together with NAN Chiefs, elders, leading academics, students, youth and other interested parties will gather February 23 – 24, 2011 for the NAN/Canada Treaty Discussion Forum Symposium.

 DATE: Wednesday February 23, 2011 TIME: 9:15am –
 LOCATION: Lakehead University Lecture Theatre, Room 2011
 Thunder Bay, ON

The two-day Symposium, hosted by the NAN/Canada Treaty Discussion Forum in partnership with Lakehead University’s Aboriginal Initiatives is intended to foster dialogue among participants and provide the general public with a greater understanding of Treaty No. 5 and Treaty No. 9 through presentations and discussion panels that take into consideration both views of Treaty, the written document and oral history. News   Lake Superior News  read more.......>

Webequie First Nation Statement Jordan Wabasse

THUNDER BAY, ON   ----   FEBRUARY 14, 2011 --------  Webequie First Nation Chief Jordan Wabasse and Council Webequie First Nationissued the following statement today on behalf of the family of missing 15-year-old Jordan Wabasse of Webequie First Nation who was reportedly last seen on Monday February 7, 2011 in Thunder Bay, ON.

 “The family of 15 year old Jordan Wabasse expresses their appreciation for the assistance that is being provided by the City of Thunder Bay, Thunder Bay Police Department, Nishnawbe Aski Police Service, the Ontario Provincial Police and volunteers during this difficult time. The family is also very grateful to all of the organizations, communities and Jordan’s hockey team – The Current River Comets, who have provided financial support in the search effort. The parents are very hopeful that the massive search will result in a positive outcome and will find Jordan alive and well. News   Lake Superior News read more.....>


THUNDER BAY, ON: ---- February 2, 2011  ---The Nishnawbe Aski Nation (NAN)/CanadaStan Beardy NAN Treaty Lakehead University Thunder Bay CampusDiscussion Forum, in partnership with Lakehead University’s Aboriginal Initiatives, will host an historic Treaty Symposium this month.  The Symposium will showcase presentations on Treaty No. 5 and Treaty No. 9 by First Nations, Elders, and leading academics, and the treaty relationship between NAN and the British Crown as represented by Canada and Ontario.

The two-day event will also provide an opportunity for discussion with students, youth and the general public on the information being presented.  In addition, the Symposium will include a ‘Panorama’ of historical landmarks in the Treaty relationship with the Crown. News   Lake Superior News read more......>



THUNDER BAY, ON: Nishnawbe Aski Nation (NAN) Grand Chief Stan Beardy issued the Greg Rickford Kenora MPfollowing Stan Beardy NANstatement regarding the recent appointment of Kenora Member of Parliament (MP) Greg Rickford as the new parliamentary secretary to the Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development.

 “We are hopeful that Kenora MP Greg Rickford will be a strong advocate for Northern Ontario in his newly appointed position. He is familiar with the issues facing NAN communities, and is aware of the need for infrastructure upgrades in the areas of transportation, telecommunications and energy. We encourage MP Rickford to keep these important matters in mind in his new role and we wish him the best of luck,” said NAN Grand Chief Stan Beardy.  News   Lake Superior News read more.......>



THUNDER BAY – January 10, 2010  --   The Northwestern Ontario Municipal Association is pleased to Dennis Brown NOMAprovide an overview of our advocacy activities throughout 2010.

 Acting NOMA President Dennis Brown says, “NOMA President Anne Krassilowsky and the entire NOMA Board worked diligently throughout 2010 to bring Northwestern Ontario issues to the forefront.  With a Provincial election in October, we anticipate that 2011 will be a very busy year as we persist in our efforts to make our voice heard in Queen’s Park in the year ahead.”

 Members of the Board met with Opposition Leaders and numerous Provincial Ministers over the course of the year to provide the Northwestern municipal perspective on issues of vital importance to our membership including:   News   Lake Superior News read more........>









THUNDER BAY, ON - March 14, 2011 - Intercity Shopping Centre's "So You Think You've Got Talent?" auditions will be held (today) Monday, March 14 until Wednesday March 16 from 10-5 daily on the Promotion Court Stage of Intercity Shopping Centre. 

Children of all ages and many adults with the addition of our new 20+ age category will audition for a chance to perform in the finale this Friday.  Anyone interested in auditioning can pick up their applications at our Customer Service Centre or online at  Deadline to enter is Tuesday at 5pm.News   Lake Superior News read more...>




Business Professionals of Thunder Bay Calendar

THUNDER BAY, ON  ----  December 17, 2010  ---  The 2011 Business Professionals of Thunder Bay Community relations Representative, Kathy Bukovy – McDonald’s RestaurantsCalendar features 12 local business professionals that were chosen because of their passion for their careers, the city of Thunder Bay and commitment to helping our community.

Those featured in the calendar include Big Brothers Big Sisters President and Account Executive at Dougall Media – Jake Satten, Community relations Representative, Kathy Bukovy – McDonald’s Restaurants, Brian Hamilton – Owner/Operator of Red Earth & The Bean Fiend, Vince Mirabelli – Re-Max, Lori Paras – Owner/Operator of Ruby Moon Restaurant, Tony DiPaulo – Rockhouse, Greg Hay – Prestige Limousine, Janet Furoy – Spa Euphoria, Mags Klassen – Jack’s Bar and Grille, Brenton Hagburg – RBC, and Anne Halverson – Organizit. Lake Superior Newsread more ......> 




OTTAWA – New Democrats are celebrating a major reversal of policy on the part of wireless giantMP Bruce Hyer Rogers Communications today. In response to widespread public support for the NDP’s Cell Phone Freedom Act, the company is now offering to remove the network locks placed on their customer’s phones. Network locks restrict cell phones to work only on the network of the carrier selling them. Until now, Canada was the only developed country where the standard industry practice of wireless carriers was to lock all mobile phones sold, and to not unlock.

“Network locks limit consumer choice, and are bad for market competition.” said Bruce Hyer, who introduced the bill in June. “Wireless customers can’t just go to another carrier with their phones and use them on another network, even if they’re not on contract. These locks are a way to digitally chain customers to one company, and they artificially restrict competition.” Lake Superior News  read more....>

Watch Inaugural Meeting of Council Live streamed


 THUNDER BAY, ON   ----   December 5, 2010 – The City of Thunder Bay will be video streaming City Council and Council’s Committee of the Whole meetings, starting with the Inaugural Meeting of Council on Monday, Dec. 6.

"By video streaming meetings and public events, Council agreed we would dramatically widen access to information and improve accessibility for interested people who cannot attend in person," said John Hannam, City Clerk. Lake Superior News  read more........>

Bell Canada failing First Nation customers

THUNDER BAY, ON  ----  November 25, 2010  ----    Hundreds of First Nations telephone customers Anishinabek Deputy Grand Chief Glen Hareacross Ontario are complaining about service providers failing to follow government direction to refund the provincial sales tax portion of the Harmonized Sales Tax.

“They don’t have any problem finding the cheques we send them to deposit in their big corporate bank account,” said Anishinabek Deputy Grand Chief Glen Hare. “But they seem to misplace our citizens’ requests for their lawful refund of the 8 per cent PST that is still on their telephone bills.”

Hare said he had heard horror stories from homeowners in the 40 Anishinabek Nation communities across Ontario who have spent hours on the phone trying to have Bell Canada, one of Canada’s largest corporations, delete the PST from monthly phone, internet and satellite bills   Lake Superior News read more......>

 Civic Pride Awards

THUNDER BAY, ON  ---------November 22, 2010 – City Council presented the 3rd Annual Clean, Green Landale Gardens& Beautiful Awards, the Thunder Bay Green Giant Award and officially recognized the winners of the Civic Beautification and the Best Block Awards at the Committee of the Whole Meeting Monday.

Clean, Green & Beautiful
The Clean, Green & Beautiful Awards celebrate businesses and organizations who are improving the physical environment and the quality of life in our city. These awards recognize building and renovation projects that enrich the life of the community through public art, beautification, heritage and environmental greening.

"A clean, green & beautiful Thunder Bay depends on the pride of residents of all ages, businesses, and property owners," says Mayor Lynn Peterson, who chairs the Clean Green and Beautiful Committee. "Our winners are examples to us all and ambassadors of pride in our community.”  Lake Superior News read more......>



A Traditional Christmas Tree Celebration

 THUNDER BAY, ON  ----  November 10, 2010 -- -The Victoria Avenue Business Improvement Area, together with Paterson Park BIA Christmas Tree DisplayVictoriaville Centre, warmly invite you to help ring in the Christmas season with their 16th Annual TREE LIGHTING CEREMONY taking place on Friday, November 19th in Paterson Park (corner of Miles & May Street). Festivities start at 6:20 pm with a performance by the Thunder Bay Youth Choir followed by the lighting of the giant tree at 6:30 pm. Lake Superior News  read more......>


 Clocks fall back on Sunday morning:

THUNDER BAY, ON  -----  November 5, 2010 ----  Temperatures may be dipping into the single digits, but you can count on scoring an extra hour of sleep on Sunday.

Daylight savings time ends, which means clocks will need to be turned back one hour on Sunday morning at 2 a.m.

With Daylight Savings Time ending on Sunday at 2 a.m., people all across the U.S. will once again be setting their alarm clocks back an hour. With modern technology, people have to worry about it less, with most cell phone auto-setting themselves to change in sync with the time change and computers also updating automatically. However, it still can be confusing.

So What is Daylight Savings Time? Its origins go back quite far. Benjamin Franklin allegedly came up with the idea of Daylight Savings Time as a way of allowing people to use daylight more effectively. Yet, it was not set into effect across most of the United States until 1967. Lake Superior News read more......>

 Election Results will be available on Line

THUNDER BAY, ON  -----  October 22, 2010 – The City of Thunder Bay has launched a new web page that will report the latest Thunder Bay Votes 2010 2010 Municipal Election results. After 8 pm on Monday, Oct. 25, unofficial results will be generated on the page as they are received from the regular, advance and building polls.

The web page allows users to narrow their viewing by ward, at-large and school board races, with the Mayor’s race always being displayed. It will also feature the number of polls that have reported, eligible voters, total ballots cast and voter turnout by percentage. Lake Superior News read more.....>

HST payments push deficit to record-breaking

GREENSTONE, ON –  October 12, 2010   -----  Finance Minister Flaherty said Canada's federal deficit Jim  Flaherty Minister of FinanceBruce Hyer MP Thunder Bay Superior Northrose to its highest level in history thanks in part to $5.6 billion in extra "incentive" spending to get the governments of Ontario and B.C. to adopt the Harmonized Sales Tax. It was accounting for these HST transfer payments that helped push the budget deficit into record-breaking territory.

MP Bruce Hyer reacted with shock at the federal government’s latest fiscal update, which revealed a deficit billions larger than originally estimated. On Tuesday, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty said that revised federal numbers now show an actual deficit of $55.6 billion, and that it would take at least five years to return to balanced budgets. Lake Superior News read more......>

Thunder Bay Votes 2010

 This page provide voters with information on who is running for School Board and the Thunder Bay Votes 2010 City of Thunder Bay Council. Plus this is a list of the adviance poll location and other information that might be helpful to voters.   It is our hope that by providing this information the voter turn out for this years elections will be higher than the last City of Thunder Bay election which had a turn out of only 38.5 per cent voter turn out in the 2006.  John Hannam City Clerk said. "Historic averages range at about 50 per cent. He is hoping with mobile  polling stations and advance polls that the number will rise.   Lake Superior News read more......>



Wolff Candidate Meeting Current River Ward

 THUNDER BAY, ON   -----    October 10, 2010   ----  Every year we are subjected to tax increases; Andy Wolff Crime in Current River Wardmeanwhile, we watch helplessly as our tax dollars are being spent subsidizing consultants and mega-projects that only benefit big business, in hopes that we revive our suffering economy.  Anytime we suggest freezing tax levels; we are told the only alternative is to cut public and essential services.  I do not believe this to be true!  What we must do is devote time to examining each department’s budget and eliminate the wasteful spending.  Before we embark on major projects we must get spending under control.  Finally, we need to give taxpayers a break by returning the hospital tax back to the taxpayer.  If we can control spending and prevent tax increases, we will gradually start to reduce the debt, since part of our budget is put towards payment of that debt Lake Superior News read more......>


 Anishinabek salute the Late Chief Dr. Billy Diamond

THUNDER BAY, ON    ----   October 1, 2010   ---  Anishinabek Nation Grand Council Chief Patrick Chief Dr. Billy Diamond Madahbee says that First Nations people across Canada have lost one of their greatest leaders.

 "Chief Diamond worked for all First Nations people across this country," said the Grand Council Chief.  "He was the key negotiator on many major issues. He ensured that Section 35 was included in the Canadian Constitution and was an outstanding business leader."

  Chief Diamond's successes as a community leader included his opposition to the damming of rivers in traditional Cree territories, which set a new standard for how governments engage with the Aboriginal community.

  His achievements earned him induction into the Order of Quebec and the Canadian Council on Aboriginal Business Hall of Fame.  Lake Superior News  read more.......>





THUNDER BAY, ON ---  September 23, 2010  ---   Nishnawbe Aski Nation (NAN) Deputy Grand Chief Mike MetatawabinMike Metatawabin issued the following statement on behalf of the NAN Executive Council, Tribal Councils and NAN First Nations following the passing of Third Reading of Bill 191 – The Far North Act in the Ontario Legislature today.

“The passing of Bill 191 today indeed shows how little regard the McGuinty Government gives to the concerns of First Nations and other Northern Ontarians when it comes to decision making,” said NAN Deputy Grand Chief Mike Metatawabin. “It is a disappointing day for all of us who spent tireless hours opposing Bill 191 as our opposition was obviously ignored. As we have stated time and time again, NAN First Nations and Tribal Councils do not and will not recognize this legislation on our homelands. We will continue to uphold our Aboriginal and Treaty rights and jurisdiction over our land. The real fight is just beginning.” Lake Superior News read more......>

 NDP stands with First Nations, votes against Bill 191

THUNDER BAY, ON ----  September 23, 2010 --– The McGuinty Liberals’ decision to ram the Far North Andrea Horwath NDPAct through the Legislature today is a big step backward for relations between First Nations and the provincial government, say NDP Leader Andrea Horwath and NDP Aboriginal Affairs Critic Gilles Bisson.

 “The Premier went back on his pledge to First Nations leaders that he wouldn’t move ahead with the Far North Act without their consent,” said Horwath.

 “Despite committing to a new relationship, the McGuinty Liberals think they know better than the First Nations who have lived in the far north for thousands of years. The attitudes displayed in the pass of this bill were supposed to be the attitudes of the past,” she added. Lake Superior News  read more......>

Hyer Keeps his Word on Long Gun Registry

 OTTAWA –   September 22, 2010   --- $15 Million that could have gone to stopping the importation of Bruce Hyer Keeps his wordhandguns into Ontario, $15 Million that could have help feed the hungry. MPP Bruce Hyer kept his word, did what he said he was going to do last election. That is why he won the election.  People in Northwestern Ontario are opposed to waste and in affective programs that cost them money and to not help anybody except the Liberal establishment.

Bruce Hyer upheld his long-standing commitment to vote against the long gun registry Wednesday, in a closely-watched House of Commons vote that narrowly passed 153 to 151. The vote was on a Liberal motion to kill, without further debate, Bill C-391 - a Private Members’ Bill which would repeal registry requirements for non-restricted long guns.

"Over more than 7 years, three elections, in public forums, and on many doorsteps, I have committed to voting to end the registry of legal rifles and shotguns." Hyer said. "Today, I upheld that commitment."

"I say to my constituents: I will never stop listening to you." Hyer affirmed. "Going forward, I will be working in Parliament to ensure that the cultural and economic needs of the people of Northern Ontario are respected in any future changes to our firearms laws. But if an agreement on acceptable and safe changes to firearms legislation cannot be found, I intend to vote to end the current long gun registry again in the future."

  Lake Superior News  read more.....>

Lori Lukinuk Launches Campaign for Trustee

THUNDER BAY, ON  ----  September 13, 2010  ------  Lori Lukinuk has launched her trustee campaign for a 3rd term to represent the citizens of Thunder Bay and Area which now includes Armstrong and Collins.  Lori was first elected in 2003 and again in 2006.

“It has been my privilege for the past seven years to serve the citizens of Thunder Bay and surrounding area as their Trustee with purpose and integrity,” said Lori Lukinuk.  “I believe I have more to contribute to ensure that our children grow up in conditions that give them every possible opportunity to succeed in school and in life.” 

As an active and involved trustee, Lori has served on many committees including:  Vice-chair of the Special Education Advisory Committee, member of the Parent Involvement, Success Advisory, and Aboriginal Education Advisory Committees. Lake Superior News  read more....>

 Karen Wilson, seeks re election as Trustee

 THUNDER BAY, ON   -----    September 12, 2010 -----  Karen Wilson, Trustee for the Lakehead District Karen Wilson Trustee Lakehead Board of EducationSchool Board announces she is seeking re-election.

Karen is Vice Chair of the Board and sits on a number of committees.  Karen has previous volunteer experiences including; President, Thunder Bay Dental Hygienists Society, Board Director for the Ontario Dental Hygienists Association, President of the Gorham & Ware Home & School Association, and parent and community member of the Gorham & Ware School Council. She been a manager of a Junior Women’s hockey team and is currently a Director on the Surprise Lake Campers Association.
Karen, her husband Gord and their two daughters live in Gorham Township. Karen brings a community school perspective to her role as a trustee.  Lake Superior News read more.......>

 Pulia seeks Mayors Chair

THUNDER BAY, ON  ----  September 9, 2010 -----  Frank Pullia is running for mayor because I believe in Frank Pulliaour potential as a city. Recent changes in our economy are creating new challenges and opportunities that have the potential to greatly enhance or undermine our region's economic viability and future prosperity.
His background and experience include according to a press release:
I believe in this great city of ours. Lake Superior News  read more......>



Andy Wolff Runs in Current River Ward

THUNDER BAY, ON  ----  September 4, 2010  ------  Being a life-long resident of this ward, I believe I Andy Wolffhave an understanding of Current River Ward’s issues and concerns.  The following are issues I will be addressing within our ward. 

 It’s a shame one of the most beautiful areas in our city has a lake, where it’s unsafe to swim.   It will be my commitment to you, to find out how we can restore Boulevard Lake, so it is safe to use all summer long. 

 There are still a number of roads that need to be resurfaced in our area.  Cumberland Street in particular has been neglected for too long.  I will propose to council to make the resurfacing of this road a top priority. Lake Superior News     read more.......>







Gerald Graham will run for councillor at large

THUNDER BAY, ON ----  September 9, 2010 --- Former CBC Host to Run at Large in Municipal Election Gerald GrahamFormer CBC host Gerald Graham will run for councillor at large in the upcoming municipal election.

Graham who retired in June after 25 years as a journalist in the city is excited about the possibility of serving on council. Lake Superior News read more......>








THUNDER BAY, ON ----   September 22, 2010  ----  Andy Wolff Candidate Councillor – Current River Andy WolffWard is hosting a Current River open house  for residents of the ward to come out and meet him. . 

Date: Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Time: 7:00 pm

Location: North End Rec. Centre, 984 Huron Ave








Hobbs says Peterson play politics with crime

Thunder Bay, ON -   September 29, 2010  ------  While a new initiative was launched by the City of Keith HobbsThunder Bay, Mayoralty candidate Keith Hobbs is accusing incumbent Lynn Peterson of playing politics with victims of crime.

Hobbs indicated that the concerns raised for over a decade by the Thunder Bay Police Association concerning substance abuse and crime levels fell on deaf ears including Mrs. Peterson who he accuses of sitting quietly on the sidelines while these problems continued to grow. Hobbs stated: “at one minute before midnight and after denying publicly that crime was even an issue, she is asking voters to give her four more years to solve our crime problems. Mrs. Peterson, this community that you ignored for seven years deserves an apology”. Lake Superior News read more.....>







HYER TRAINS with LSSR in Shilo

SHILO, MB –   October 12, 2010  ----  Northwest Ontario New Democrat MP Bruce Hyer (Thunder Bay-Bruce Hyer with LSSR at ShiloSuperior North) took part in Canadian Forces training at Shilo, Manitoba recently in order to gain a better understanding of Canada's armed services, and speak to soldiers first-hand.

 "I was honoured to be able to train with Northwest Ontario's own Lake Superior Scottish Regiment." said Hyer, after participating in live-fire training with the unit. "What a learning experience! I have a renewed appreciation for the incredible dedication and professionalism of our Canadian Forces personnel." Lake Superior News   read more.....>




Canadian Pacific Holiday Train

THUNDER BAY, ON  ----  November 18, 2010  ----  The Canadian Pacific Holiday Train hits the rails CP Holiday Trainagain in November, visiting over 140 communities across our network. 

Since the program's inception back in 1999, more than 4.8 million in cash and over 2.3 million pounds of food has been collected in Canada and the United States.

•         This is the 12th year for one of North America's most unique and perhaps longest running corporate food bank fundraisers of its kind and food banks are telling us that the need is as acute as ever. Lake Superior News   read more.....>





Pulia seeks Mayors Chair

THUNDER BAY, ON  ----  September 9, 2010 -----  Frank Pullia is running for mayor because I believe in Frank Pulliaour potential as a city. Recent changes in our economy are creating new challenges and opportunities that have the potential to greatly enhance or undermine our region's economic viability and future prosperity.
His background and experience include according to a press release:
I believe in this great city of ours. Lake Superior News  read more......>



 Red Rock Indian Band and Nipigon Sign Agreement

Nipigon, ON -----   September 7, 2010  ----  The Red Rock Indian Band and the Township of Nipigon Red Rock First Nation Township of Nipigon Sign Agreementhave signed a Memorandum of Understanding. This MOU provides a positive example of cooperation between communities in the interest of developing a more diverse economic base.

Nipigon has agreed to support the Red Rock Indian Band in the Addition to Reserve Process (ATR) they are currently engaged in, and in return, the Band will compensate the township for lost revenues, such as taxes, that may occur as a result of lost lands in the municipality. “Signing of this MOU establishes a framework for how we will work together for the mutual best interest of our communities,” said Richard Harvey, Mayor of Nipigon, “it establishes the basis for future decision making.”   Lake Superior News  read more.......>



O’Hearn  on MMA and lonely middle-aged guys

THUNDER BAY, ON   -- _  August 15. 2010   -----  Between on-line gambling Hubert O'Hearnand MMA fights, the Ontario Government is exhibiting the same behaviours as lonely middle-aged guys who can’t get a date after their second divorce.

I have followed with personal interest the debate regarding the Ontario Government announcement that Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) cards would be legal and available for licence as of next year. This is a major change of athletic policy by Ontario, given that Toronto in particular was one of the last remaining major North American cities that was unable to host a UFC pay-per-view. A robust lobbying effort by UFC President Dana White, and presumably Rogers Inc. - anxious to fill an increasingly vacant Skydome (sic) - seems to have worked. In this case, they have been well-aided by a sports media looking for its next swanky press box buffet.  Lake Superior News read more.......>

Woff on Mismanaged City 

THUNDER BAY, ON  ----  August 14, 2010  ----  I take issue with regards to the Andy Wolffarticle Councillor Frank Pullia wrote, entitled “How Council Makes Decisions” dated, August 7, 2010.  In our entire history, I have never seen a more mismanaged city.  Our taxes keep going up, our infrastructure is crumbling and this council continues to spend money on mega projects, they somehow believe will benefit the citizens of Thunder Bay. On all of these issues, we have had more public protests in this one term of city council than the entire history of Thunder Bay. These are only a few examples that prove “disconnection doe! s exist between citizen’s expectations and council/administration’s capability to deliver timely and effective decisions”. Lake Superior News read more.......>


Human cockfighting and Online gambling coming to Ontario

THUNDER BAY, ON   ------   August 14, 2010 ----  Saturday,  McGuinty MMA  Mix Martial Arts  GirlsGovernment announced Ontario is taking steps to allow professional Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) events in the province.

The province would adopt the same rules for professional MMA that are widely used across North America. This announcement paves the way for the first regulated professional MMA event to be held in Ontario in 2011  Lake Superior News read more......>


Letter by Keith Hobbs Canidate for Mayor Thunder Bay

THUNDER BAY, ON ---   August 2, 2010   ----   Once again I watched City Keith HobbsCouncil debate the Horizon Wind farm Development. After having this issue take up much of the city’s attention over the past few months one thing appears abundantly clear: people agreed to this deal long before they should have. We have now spent a great amount of time on an issue after the contract has been signed. Taxpayers should be asking why?

My intent today is not to debate this project in a letter to the editor but to point out that we need to do our homework before we sign on the dotted line. Some members of council are now suggesting this issue will become the responsibility of the next council: that should be unacceptable to all of us. We even get to hear other members try to blame the province or the company for an agreement City Council had full control over. That also should be unacceptable.   read more.....>


Longtin Seeks PC Nomination Thunder Bay-Superior North

THUNDER BAY, ON  -----  July 26, 2010  ----   Richard Longtin announces his Richard Longtin Seeks PC Nomination Thunder Bay-Superior to win the Thunder Bay-Superior North Conservative Nomination Thunder Bay, July 23 2010: Richard Longtin has advised the Thunder Bay Superior North Conservative Riding Association and various media outlets that he is putting his name and candidacy forward to replace Mike Auld.

 Longtin who is no stranger to the political realm, having served as Lakehead University Student Union President for two terms and having worked for Tim Hudak leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party and on Parliament Hill for Diane Finley thinks he can win this seat for the conservatives. Lake Superior News read more......>


Rare 4,600-year-old Ontario burial lifts lid on prehistoric Canada

THUNDER BAY ON   --- July 20, 2010  --   A 4,600-year-old burial has been discovered in a remote corner of northern Ontario Canada – and could hold the Photo courtesy Professor Scott Hamilton  south shore of Big Trout Lake, in Northern Ontariokey to how ancient Canadians lived. The remarkable find has been made at the mouth of the Bug River, near Big Trout Lake, Ontario. Today the region is home to the Kitchenuhmaykoosik Inninuwug First Nation, an indigenous tribe numbering around 1,200.

The discovery was made by First Nation fishermen as water levels fell at the lake, exposing the burial. The site is currently being handled by an archaeological team from Lakehead University, Thunder Bay. The discovery is particularly rare as Canadian ethics laws largely forbid excavations.  Lake Superior News  read more.....>

Let's Come to our Census




THUNDER BAY, ON  – July 17, 2010 ----  The Northwestern Ontario Municipal Association is adding its name to the list of groups from across the country Anne Krassilowsky, NOMA Presidentexpressing concern about the recent Federal Census decision.

 “The recent announcement that Statistics Canada will discontinue the use of the mandatory long-form questionnaire during the 2011 Census in favour of a voluntary National Household Survey is of great concern to NOMA members,” says Anne Krassilowsky, NOMA President.  “This Government decision is troubling because of its significant potential negative impact to our collective capacity to conduct reliable, accurate analysis of municipal issues.” Lake Superior News read more....>


Hobbs Taxpayers Deserve A Break

THUNDER BAY, ON ---  July 17, 2010 Thunder Bay Mayoral candidate Keith Hobbs strongly supports the return, to taxpayers, of the excess monies gained Keith Hobbsthrough the Debenture Tax that was initiated in support of the Regional Hospital. Hobbs feels that Thunder Bay residents certainly deserve to be compensated by way of a tax savings, particularly in light of the fact that Thunder Bay is among the highest taxed municipalities in Ontario.

When asked to comment, Mayoral candidate Hobbs said "I wholeheartedly agree with this, and would further add that having knocked on doors from Current River to Westfort, the message is resonating loud and clear that property taxes are not only excessive, overall City spending is out of control". Lake Superior News  read more.....>




Paramedics Klukie Memorial Award

THUNDER BAY , ON    ---   July 3, 2010   -----  In June, Paramedics and Josh Klukiesupporters from across the district participated in the 8th Annual EMS Golf tournament. The event held at Dragon Hills Golf Course raised funds for the Josh Klukie Memorial Award. 76 participants that included Paramedics, Police Officers, Firefighters and our supporters all came out to have some fun and help us raise the funds. Over the past three years EMS Golfers have now donated $4,463.69 towards this award. Lake Superior News  read more.....>


THUNDER BAY, ON – June 16, 2010 ---   Citizens in Thunder Bay now want to see a vision for their community over the next 25 to 30 years. The Citizens Coalition of Thunder Bay is meeting Tuesday, June 22, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. at the West Thunder Community Centre to begin shaping a vision of Thunder Bay’s future. Lake Superior News read more.....>

Marina Park $14. million Tender

THUNDER BAY, ON  -------  June 14, 2010 – Following a review of cost-saving Baggage Building Arts Centreoptions, Administration is recommending tonight that City Council accept a negotiation with the low bidder for major works at the waterfront to bring down the cost of the contract by about $1 million.

A pre-tender estimate for one of 14 tenders for Phase One of Prince Arthur’s Landing was $12.75 million. The lowest bidder, Tom Jones Corporation, put the contract at $14.99 million, about $2 million above estimates.

You can watch Council discuss the cost of Marina Park here on Lake Superior News.  Council for the month of June are making Council meeting available to internet viewers .  Lake Superior News  read more......>




THUNDER BAY, ON ----  July 19, 2010 --- The Ontario Public School Boards' Lori LukinukAssociation (OPSBA) urges the federal government to reconsider its decision to eliminate the mandatory long form questionanaire.  Lori Lukinuk, 1st Vice President of OPSBA, says it provides vital information for trustees around the province to make sound decisions based on reliable data.  It is particularly important here in the North.  Lukinuk supports NOMA and her provincial trustee association in their efforts to encourage the federal government to bring back the long form.

School boards make sound policy decisions based on current, accurate, and reliable data. The federal government's recent decision to eliminate the census's mandatory long form questionnaire undermines access to a whole range of valid information about Canadian society. Lake Superior News read more.....>












First Nation artifacts being Removed

THUNDER BAY, ON  ----- August 19, 2010 – Anishinabek leadership in the Patrick MadahbeeNorthern Superior region are upset over thousands of artifacts estimated to be 9,000 years old being excavated and shipped to Lakehead University without any consultation with local First Nations.

 This has been called one of the most significant archeological finds in Northern Ontario in an area behind the McKenzie Inn 40 Kilometres East of Thunder Bay on Highway 11/17.

 "It has become common knowledge in Canada – especially in Ontario – that First Nations have a significant connection to our history and these artifacts represent the history of our people and our relationship to this land,” said Anishinabek Nation Grand Council Chief Patrick Madahbee. Lake Superior News read more.......>




General News


Trustee Lori Lukinuk Becomes 1st Vice President of OPSBA

THUNDER BAY, ON ----  June 11, 2010  ----   Trustee Lori Lukinuk of the Trustee Lori Lukinuk of the Lakehead District School BoardLakehead District School Board was elected as First Vice President of the Ontario Public School Boards’ Association (OPSBA) at the Annual General Meeting  in Windsor, Ontario.  Trustee Lukinuk was first elected to the Lakehead District School Board in 2003.

“As a Provincial Vice President, my responsibilities will include providing support for all regions, and the OPSBA President,” says Trustee Lori Lukinuk,  Lakehead District School Board and First Vice President of the Ontario Public School Boards’ Association. Lake Superior News News  read  more.....>



THUNDER BAY ON  ---  May 29, 2010  --   On Monday, May 31st/2010, Bob Andy WolfWiley, Roy Willis and myself (Andy Wolff) will be doing presentations in front of city council to convince them to change our present election system back to the traditional system that is successfully used in provincial and federal elections.  Each of us will cover different aspects of both systems.  I will be comparing the costs and efficiencies of both systems.  Mr. Willis will reflect on his personal experiences running as a candidate under the electronic-scan system, as well as personal insights regarding each system.  Mr. Wiley will discuss the history of election fraud and how this technology deteriorates ! true democracy Lake Superior News News read more.....>

RFP awarded fall/winter 2011 for court house

THUNDER BAY, ON   –    May 27, 2010  ---  The Ministry of the Attorney Feb 2009 Announcement of New Court HouseGeneral and Infrastructure Ontario today announced that the request for proposals (RFP) stage has closed for building teams to submit bids to design,
build, finance and maintain a new consolidated courthouse in Thunder Bay.

The future courthouse will consolidate Thunder Bay’s two existing courthouses: the courts of the Superior Court of Justice, which are located on Camelot Street, and the courts of the Ontario Court of Justice, which are on East Arthur Street. The new courthouse, to be located in downtown Fort William.   Lake Superior News News  read more......>

Demolition Twin City Gas Building 

THUNDER BAY – May 24, 2010  ---   Demolition work on the Twin Cities Gas Building started this Saturday morn ing at about 9:00AM. Through the day, the building continued to come down. As of late Monday the workmen were still working on completing the demolition so that they could re open Miles street.

Saturday King Stereo Builing
Photos by   Lianne Viau
 Lake Superior News News read more....>

Road Work Ahead

THUNDER BAY, ON - May 21, 2010 – Warmer weather arrived early this spring and with it, an early start to our construction season. Several projects are already underway in Thunder Bay. Road construction can result in road closures, detours and delays for drivers. Watch for signage and please drive with extra care in construction zones.Lake Superior News News read more...>

Henvey Inlet First Nation Responds to Charity Revocation

THUNDER BAY, ON - May 14, 2010 - Wayne McQuabbie, Chief of Henvey Inlet First Nation, said today that his community is “pleased and relieved” that Canada Revenue Agency has revoked the charitable status of the Henvey Inlet First Nation Community Support Organization (HIFNCSO). “We think this revocation is going to help us in our lawsuit against that organization,” he added. Lake Superior News Newsread more...>

Neebing Fire Rescue Crew Moves Back to Neebing Station

THUNDER BAY, ON - May 14, 2010 – As of 6 pm today, Thunder Bay Fire Rescue will resume operations at the Neebing Fire Station on 20th Sideroad while work to complete mould remediation continues. Lake Superior News Newsread more...>

Free Compost Available to City Residents

THUNDER BAY, ON - May 7, 2010 – Compost is now available to City residents at no charge – weather permitting and while quantities last. The Compost Pick-Up Area at the Solid Waste & Recycling Facility, entrance off John Street Road, will be open beginning Monday, May 10. No early birds please.Lake Superior News News read more...>

Bill to Help Retired & Disabled Vets, Mounties Defeated

OTTAWA, ON - May 7, 2010  – Thunder Bay-Superior North MP Bruce Hyer was left shaking his head after vital legislation to fix a pension and disability clawback for retired service personnel was killed in the House of Commons this week. It’s the third time the bill, tabled by New Democrat Veterans Affairs Critic Peter Stoffer (Sackville-Eastern Shore), was blocked by the Conservative government. Stoffer’s defeated Bill C-201 also builds upon the NDP’s Veterans First Motion, which passed in the House in November 2006, also calling for an end to the pension clawback. Lake Superior News Newsread more...>

Thunder Bay Burning Ban Lifted

THUNDER BAY, ON ----  May 5, 2010 – As of 5 pm this evening, the City-wide burning ban that has been in effect since March will be lifted. Local conditions have improved thanks to recent precipitation and Thunder Bay Fire Rescue officials will resume issuing burning permits. Lake Superior News News  read more.....>


THUNDER BAY, ON - April 30, 2010 - Are you a trendsetter? Do you  have a flair or unique Intercity Shopping Centrestyle?  Well now is your chance to show off your talents during Intercity Shopping Centre’s Ready, Set, Style Challenge.  Intercity is letting customers and aspiring stylists dress a mannequin the way they want using clothing and accessories from the stores of Intercity.Lake Superior News News read more...>



THUNDER BAY, ON - April 21, 2010 - The Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce the winners for our 16th Annual Business Awards, which were proudly presented by Bell.  The awards were presented on April 17th at the Valhalla Inn Ballroom.  The Chamber is proud to announce that it has opened the Business Awards program to non-members in selected categories to honour our diverse business community. Lake Superior News Newsread more...>

Cinderella’s Closet Project

THUNDER BAY, ON - April 21, 2010 - The Ontario Public Service Employee’s Union Provincial Women’s Committee is celebrating it‘s 25th Anniversary this year. 
Region 7’s PWC has decided to work on a Cinderella’s Closet Project. Lake Superior News Newsread more...>

Steel River Bridge To Be Replaced

THUNDER BAY, ON - April 20, 2010 - Ontario continues to improve northern highway infrastructure by replacing the Steel River Bridge on Highway 17 near Terrace Bay.
The new structure will be built adjacent to the existing bridge and 600 metres of approaching highway will be realigned.
This project is part of the Open Ontario plan, which will bring economic growth and jobs to Northern Ontario. About 70 jobs will be created through this project.
Work on the bridge begins this spring with completion scheduled for August, 2010. During the construction of the new bridge, traffic will continue using the existing bridge.Lake Superior News News read more...>

Hyer Calls for National Cyclotron Network

OTTAWA, ON – 14 April, 2010 - After touring the 53-year old Chalk River Nuclear Research Reactor (NRU), formerly responsible for almost half the world’s supply of medical isotopes, Thunder Bay–Superior North MP Bruce Hyer called for the creation of a national cyclotron network to mitigate the country’s chronic isotope shortages.Lake Superior News News read more...>

More 4 lanes for Shuniah

THUNDER BAY, ON -----  April 12, 2010 ----  Between 5,000 and 10,000 vehicles Michael Gravellea day travel along Highway 11/17 between Thunder Bay and Nipigon — a strategic link in the Trans-Canada Highway System that in some sections has no alternate route in the event of a road closure along the highway.

There will be expanded roads and highways in Northern Ontario, helping improve trade and increase road safety for local residents and people traveling across the province. As part of the Open Ontario plan to bring economic growth and jobs to Northern Ontario, three major projects from the 2010 Ontario budget have been confirmed for the expansion of the Highway 11/17 corridor to four lane Lake Superior News News read more.....>




Allow all Thunder Bay Citizen to vote in Oct Election

Aging Park Trees to be Salvaged for Waterfront Development

THUNDER BAY, ON - April 8, 2010 – The City of Thunder Bay will be removing 14 ash trees that are approximately 90-years-old from the north side of Vickers Park.  The removals are part of a road reconstruction project which will also widen the sidewalks on Arthur Street and improve pedestrian safety.  At 90-years-old, the trees are near the end of their life cycle, which is shortened by the urban environment.Lake Superior News News read more...>

Changes to Water Rates Take Effect April 1

THUNDER BAY, ON - March 31, 2010 – The City of Thunder Bay’s new water rate structure, designed to be equitable, easier to understand and to benefit those who conserve, takes effect Thursday, April 1. Water Authorities in Ontario have been mandated by Provincial legislation to develop new financial plans that move toward adequate resources for the provision of safe drinking water today and for the future. Lake Superior News Newsread more...>


THUNDER BAY, ON ---  March 26, 2010 ---   The Northwestern Ontario Anne KrassilowskyMunicipal Association (NOMA) is calling the 2010 Ontario Budget a step in the right direction for Northwestern Ontario communities but acknowledges that there are some areas of concern.

“The budget provides some heartening signals to municipal leaders that the Government is finally listening to the voices of Northerners,” said NOMA President Anne Krassilowsky.  “We are encouraged that the Budget acknowledges the long-term economic downturn that Northwestern Ontario communities are struggling with, while also recognizing the need to support the opportunities of the Ring of Fire mineral deposit.”  Lake Superior News News  read more.....>

Keith Hobbs to Run for Mayor of Thunder Bay

THUNDER BAY, ON – March 26, 2010 - Retired Thunder Bay Police officer Keith Hobbs Keith Hobbshas filed his nomination papers to run for mayor of Thunder Bay. Hobbs says he is excited to continue to work to make Thunder Bay a better place.

“I am looking forward to this challenge. I love Thunder Bay. I’ve lived here for 48 years and feel that our community can be better. I love living in this city, and I want my family to have a safe and prosperous future here.” Lake Superior News News read more...>

New Call Centre to Hold Career Fair in Thunder Bay

THUNDER BAY, ON - March 19, 2010 - On-Line Support (OLS), a Canadian based Contact Centre outsource provider with operations throughout Canada, will be holding a Career Fair at the former StarTek site in VictoriaVille Mall on March 29, 30 and 31.Lake Superior News Newsread more...> 

Parliament Clips PM’s Power to Prorogue

OTTAWA, ON - March 18, 2010 – Bruce Hyer, New Democrat MP Thunder Bay–Superior North, applauded his opposition colleagues from other parties today for their unanimous support of a NDP Motion that puts limits on the power of the Prime Minister to suspend Parliament. The Motion was passed in the House of Commons after a 139 to 135 vote.Lake Superior News News read more...>


THUNDER BAY, ON - March 15, 2010 - Intercity Shopping Centre's "So You Think You've Intercity Shopping CentreGot Talent?" auditions will be held (today) Monday, March 15 until Wednesday March 17 from 10-5 daily on the SO YOU THINK YOU’VE GOT TALENT AUDITIONS START TODAY of Intercity Shopping Centre.  Lake Superior News Newsread more...>

Ontario Increases Minimum Wage

THUNDER BAY, ON - March 5, 2010 - McGuinty Government Helps Hard Working Government of OntarioFamilies.  Ontario is raising the minimum wage to $10.25 on March 31, 2010.  This is the seventh increase since 2004.

The province of Ontario started implementing annual increases early in 2003, raising the general minimum wage from $6.85 in 2004 to $9.50 in 2009. 
Phasing in these increases balances the needs of hard working families with the needs of small businesses that create jobs. Lake Superior News News
read more...>

Anishinabek apprehensive with Canada’s good intentions

THUNDER BAY, ON - March 5, 2010 - UOI OFFICES – Instead of a day of celebration, First Nations should be nearly relieved that 500 years after first seeing us, other people have decided we have the same Human Rights they do. 

“We can only hope it doesn’t take another 500 years for governments in Canada to agree that we have the rights to choose our own citizens, to share in the wealth of our territories as we were promised by treaty, and to govern our own affairs,” says Anishinabek Nation Grand Council Chief Patrick Madahbee. Lake Superior News Newsread more...>

‘Bay Street Budget’ Leaves Northwest Ontario Behind

OTTAWA, ON – March 5, 2010 - New Democrat Members of Parliament John Rafferty (Thunder Bay – Rainy River) and Bruce Hyer (Thunder Bay – Superior North) expressed disappointment in the federal Conservative government budget which they say is fiscally irresponsible, raises taxes, and neglects key economic sectors in Northwestern Ontario.Lake Superior News News read more...>

Development Opportunity - Former Big Thunder Sports Park and National Ski Training Centre

THUNDER BAY, ON - March 2, 2010 - Friends of Big Thunder Tell Province “We're ready to re-open Big Thunder”
Thunder Bay: The Friends of Big Thunder have submitted a response to the
request for an Expression of Interest to re-establish the former Big Thunder
Sports Park and National Ski Training Centre at Big Thunder. Lake Superior News News
read more...>

Golden Olympic Lining Precedes Dark Clouds for Amateur Sport

THUNDER BAY, ON - March 2, 2010 – On the heels of an historic level of success by Canadian Olympic athletes at the Vancouver 2010 Games, Thunder Bay–Superior North MP Bruce Hyer congratulated Thunder Bay gold medal winners Haley Irwin and Eric Staal, and all the athletes that helped make the 2010 Winter Games a huge success.Lake Superior News News read more...>

Hyer Launches Campaign to Restore Passenger Rail to North Shore & the Lakehead

THUNDER BAY, ON - February 23, 2010 – The campaign to return passenger rail service Via Railto Thunder Bay along the North Shore is gaining momentum with the launch of the Revive Superior Rail Petition, and a burgeoning movement online.

Thunder Bay–Superior North Member of Parliament Bruce Hyer plans to table his Motion to restore local passenger service, cut in the late 1980’s, at the first opportunity when the House of Commons resumes next week. Unlike Government Bills and Private Members’ Bills, Motions die when parliament is prorogued. The Motion to be re-introduced reads: Lake Superior News Newsread more...>

Minimizing Impacts on Marina Operations

THUNDER BAY, ON - February 23, 2010 – As construction continues at Prince Arthur’s Landing, the City of Thunder Bay is making every effort to accommodate Marina contract holders for the 2010 season, and minimize impacts on Marina operations. Lake Superior News News read more...>

Family Day is Time to Play!

THUNDER BAY, ON - February 12, 2010 – The Parks Division and the Recreation & Family DayCulture Division are pleased to offer many recreational opportunities for the whole family to enjoy on the ‘Family Day’ holiday Monday, Feb. 15.Lake Superior News News read more...>



A Level Playing Field on Infrastructure Contracts

THUNDER BAY, ON - February 12, 2010 - Last week’s hasty announcement by the Harper CanadaLine Skytraingovernment that a tentative Canada-US procurement deal may soon be reached was so short on details it raised more concerns than it put to rest. Though specifics are scarce, the deal will apparently weaken the Buy America provisions in 37 states. Provisions that have kept Canadian exporters from $275 billion in economic stimulus projects south of the border, of which $75 billion remains unspent. The window to bid on the remaining US stimulus contracts closes in mid-February – too soon for many Canadian bids to be put together. After that, it could be back to the regular Buy America restrictions blocking access for Canadian companies. Lake Superior News Newsread more...>

Neebing Fire Station Closed Today Due to Mould

THUNDER BAY, ON - February 11, 2010 – The Neebing Fire Station on 20th Sideroad was closed earlier today after mould was confirmed by a Microbiological Analysis. For health and safety, its personnel and pumper have been temporarily relocated to James Street Station. Lake Superior News News read more...>

Lakehead University Appoints New President

THUNDER BAY, ON ----  February 10, 2010 --- Dr. Brian J.R. Stevenson, will become the Dr. Brian StevensonLakehead University's sixth President on August 1, 2010, following the retirement of current President Dr. Frederick Gilbert on July 31, 2010.

Brian J.R. Stevenson, current Provost and Vice-President Academic at the University of Winnipeg. Stevenson, his wife, Judy Davies, and their children, Cecilia and Isabel, are very pleased to be moving to Thunder Bay where they have relatives and will be closer to family. 

Stevenson, who has a stellar record of leadership in academia and government, was unanimously selected by Lakehead University’s Board of Governors following an extensive international search that drew many talented and accomplished academic leaders, states Kevin Cleghorn, Chair of Lakehead’s Board of Governors. Lake Superior News News read more....>



Matawa First Nations to Host Mineral Exploration Mining Symposium


THUNDER BAY, ON - February 4, 2010 - Representatives from the Mining and Mineral Industry and Government Officials, will join Matawa First Nations leadership in Thunder Bay, Ontario, on February 9th and 10th, 2010, for Matawa First Nations first ever Mineral Exploration Mining Symposium. Lake Superior News Newsread more...>

Hyer Encourages Applications for Canada Day Grants

GREENSTONE, ON – February 3, 2010 - Bruce Hyer, MP for Thunder Bay – Superior North, announced the deadline for applications for Celebrate Canada grants is fast approaching on February 28, 2010, and encouraged municipalities, non-profits, First Nations organizations, cultural associations, and educational institutions, amongst others, to apply for funding before time runs out. Lake Superior News News read more...>

Fraser Dougall Named to Order of Ontario

THUNDER BAY, ---- January 25, 2009  ----  Thunder Bay resident is among 29 people Fraser Dougall named as the newest recipients of the Order of Ontario.

Dougall Media president Fraser Dougall has been given the prestigious distinction for his work and continuing involvement in community activities.

Other area residents set to receive the order include Shirley Peruniak, a naturalist who worked for 19 years at Quetico Park.

The Honourable David C. Onley, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario will bestow the honour at a ceremony to be held on Thursday, January 28 at Queen's Park. Lake Superior News News read more....>

Bruce Hyer – Statement on Election of Hon. Joe Comuzzi as IJC Chair

THUNDER BAY, ON - 21 January, 2010 – Bruce Hyer, MP offered his heartfelt congratulations to Joe Comuzzi on the former MP’s appointment to the International Joint Commission (IJC), and his recent election as Chair of the Canadian Section of the Commission. The IJC is a joint US-Canada binational body set up in 1909 to resolve and prevent disputes over boundary waters, and to advise the two countries about water resources.Lake Superior News News read more...>

Bruce Hyer to Speak at Saturday Anti-Prorogation Rally

THUNDER BAY, ON - January 22, 2009 – Superior North MP Bruce Hyer will join other community leaders to speak at a grass roots protest of the latest suspension of Parliament. Lake Superior News Newsread more...>

Habitat for Humanity Thunder Bay Unveil Details for 2nd Annual Family Day Event

THUNDER BAY, ON - January 21, 2010 - Habitat for Humanity Thunder Bay is giving families something to Family Fun Daydo this upcoming Family Day. Today Habitat representatives announced details of their Second Annual Family Fun Day- the only indoor Family Day event happening in the City of Thunder Bay. Lake Superior News News read more...>




THUNDER BAY, ON - January 12, 2010 - Local children and their families will benefit from an integrated day of learning and play when full-day early learning comes to Thunder Bay-Atikokan this September. Lake Superior News Newsread more...>

Veteran Politician to Seek Council Re-election

THUNDER BAY, ON - January 7, 2010 - Veteran politician Iain Angus announced today that Iain Angushe would be seeking re-election as Councillor-at-Large for the City of Thunder Bay.
“Serving the community of Thunder Bay is something I have done all my life- in many different ways” said Angus. “I continue to have the energy and enthusiasm to work on behalf all of the people of this community and I seek the opportunity to continue in my role as an elected member of Thunder Bay City Council.” Lake Superior News News
read more...>

City Operates Concessions as Pilot Project

THUNDER BAY, ON - January 7, 2010 – The City of Thunder Bay will operate the food and Tom Forsythebeverage operations at the City’s five arenas, Fort William Gardens and pools on a pilot project basis this winter after ending a contract with a private contractor. Lake Superior News News read more...>





Waiting for the Torch

THUNDER BAY, ON - January 4, 2010 - The Olympic Torch run made its first stop near the Janine Laundrycity in the Township of Shuniah. It is in Shuniah that Terry Fox was forced to quit his Marathon of Hope way back on September 1st 1980.Lake Superior News News read more...> 




Annual Socks for Shelter House Campaign is a Success
THUNDER BAY, ON - December 29, 2009 - The final count for Take A Hike's 2009 Socks Socksfor Shelter House campaign is in.  As a result of this year's effort, the local outdoor store will be donating 339 pairs of warm winter socks to those in need in Thunder Bay.  The socks which retail for $16.95 a pair will be distributed through community groups such as Shelter House, Dew Drop Inn, Faye Peterson Transition House, Salvation Army and others.Lake Superior News News 
read more...>

Garbage Collection Changes for Holidays

THUNDER BAY, ON - December 18, 2009 – Garbage and recycling collection for all residents and businesses shifts to one day earlier during the weeks of Dec. 20 and Dec. 27. Avoid being missed; check your Waste Collection Calendar for your correct waste and recycling collection dates for the holiday season.  Lake Superior News News read more...> 

First Century Burial Shroud and Disease Found in Jerusalem Tomb

THUNDER BAY, ON - December 16, 2009 – Dr. Carney Matheson, Scientific Officer of the Dr. Carney MathesonLakehead University Paleo-DNA Laboratory as well as Anthropology Professor at Lakehead, is involved in another investigation of ancient DNA that could have significant implications.  Dr. Matheson co-authored a new research paper that has just been published in PLoS ONE, a scientific journal published by the Public Library of Science. The paper presents scientific research conducted on “The Tomb of the Shroud,” – a tomb found in Jerusalem dating back to the time of Jesus.Lake Superior News News  read more...>



United Way Employee Campaign Success: Employees Give Nearly $165,000!

THUNDER BAY, ON - December 10, 2009 – Employees of the City of Thunder Bay, Superior North EMS and Thunder Bay District Social Services Administration Board (TBDSSAB) proudly pledged a total of $164,734.21 to the United Way today following the close of the 14th annual employee campaign, an increase of $6,100 over last year’s total. Lake Superior News Newsread more...>

HST Bill Rammed Through

OTTAWA, ON – December 10, 2009 - A final House of Commons vote on C-62, the Harper government’s HST Bill, resulted in the legislation being passed in record time late Wednesday. With the support of the Liberal caucus and the Bloc Québécois, the major tax Bill was rushed through the House only hours after it was introduced. Given the HST’s greater impacts on the North, Thunder Bay – Superior North MP Bruce Hyer was watching how Northern MPs voted on the tax. Lake Superior News News read more...>

Charla Robinson Appointed Executive Director

THUNDER BAY, ON - December 9, 2009 - The Board of Directors of the Northwestern Ontario Municipal Association (NOMA) are pleased to announce the appointment of Charla Robinson as Executive Director.Lake Superior News News read more...>

Hyer Blasts HST, Proposes Small Biz Tax Cut Instead

OTTAWA, ON - December 9, 2009 - Bruce Hyer, MP for Thunder Bay–Superior North, House of Commons logoblasted both the federal government’s Harmonized Sales Tax Bill today, and the way it was being rushed through the House of Commons in only 2 days. Under normal Standing Rules, a Bill takes at least a month to pass.Lake Superior News News read more...> 



Climate Change Bill Cleared for Final House of Commons Vote

THUNDER BAY, ON - December 8, 2009 - OTTAWA – Today the climate change debate in Canada took an important step forward when the country’s only federal climate change legislation was sent for a final vote in the House of Commons. Bill C-311, the Climate Change Accountability Act, was introduced as a private members’ bill by Deputy New Democrat Environment Critic Bruce Hyer in February, but had been stalled in the House Standing Committee on the Environment since April 2nd of this year. Lake Superior News Newsread more...>

Dr. Arthur Mauro Named New Chancellor

THUNDER BAY, ON - November 16, 2009 - Dr. Fred Gilbert, President of Lakehead Arthur Mauro, Dr. Fred GilbertUniversity, in conjunction with the Chancellor Electoral Board, is pleased to announce that Arthur V. Mauro, prominent Canadian lawyer and businessman, has accepted the position of Chancellor of Lakehead University. Dr. Mauro starts a renewable three-year term on January 1, 2010. Dr. Mauro succeeds Dr. Lorne Everett who served as Chancellor from 2000 to 2009.Lake Superior News News read more...>


2nd Annual Fall Feast

THUNDER BAY, ON - November 13, 2009 - Plan to attend the 2nd Annual Fall Feast this Tuesday Nov. 17 at the Sports Dome. The event is free and includes an inter-tribal Pow Wow, Metis fiddlers, hand-drum singers and Aboriginal crafters, artists and artisans. Lake Superior News Newsread more...>

Public Meeting on South Core Transit & Parking Study

THUNDER BAY, ON - November 13, 2009 – The City of Thunder Bay will be holding a public meeting to allow citizens to ask questions and provide additional input into the findings of the South Core Transit and Parking Study. This Study was conducted by the City of Thunder Bay and ENTRA Consultants, based on the agreement between the Province and the City to acquire the Brodie Street Transit Terminal site and adjacent parking lots for the new consolidated courthouse.Lake Superior News News read more...>

Thunder Bay Gears Up to Celebrate Olympic Spirit Jan. 3

THUNDER BAY, ON - November 12, 2009 – With the Olympic Torch arriving in Thunder Bay in just a few Janine Landry - Aboriginal Youth Flame Attendantweeks, Thunder Bay and Fort William First Nation are gearing up for one of the most high profile events of a generation. Thunder Bay is one of just four communities in northern Ontario selected to host a community celebration in conjunction with the Olympic Torch Relay. Lake Superior News Newsread more...>




FiberGel Inc. Places First in Two Cup Categories

THUNDER BAY, ON - November 11, 2009 – HaemAssist, a product designed and developed by the 2009 Lakehead Shads’ company FiberGel Inc., has won Best Application of Scientific Principles and Best Business Plan at the RBC Shad Entrepreneurship Cup, held in mid-October in Waterloo, Ontario.Lake Superior News News read more...>

Smitherman runs for Mayor of Toronto

TORONTO,  -----   November 8, 2009  ----- Premier McGuinty stated "Today my colleague George SmithermanGeorge Smitherman informed me he would be resigning his posts as Deputy Premier and Minister for Energy and Infrastructure in order to run for the Mayoralty of Toronto. He will be staying on as the MPP for Toronto Centre for a short time while he finishes several projects in his community. Lake Superior News News  read more......>


 World Junior Baseball Championships

THUNDER BAY  ----   November 7, 2009  ----  Thunder Bay’s two main baseball fields will be renovated to host the World Junior Baseball Championships in July 2010.  The NOHFC is providing $363,585 to this project.  The MTCU is providing $39,735 to this project, under its Job Creation Partnership program, to support the work of 20 people for a period of 16 weeks.  Lake Superior News News  read more....>

 Rafferty Motion Would Stop HST in Ontario

THUNDER BAY – November 5,  2009  -----  New Democrat Member of Parliament John John Rafferty MP NDPRafferty (Thunder Bay – Rainy River) has tabled a motion that would cancel a planned $4.3 billion federal incentive payment to the Ontario government, and prevent the HST from being implemented in that province. Rafferty is also calling on the general public to rise up against new tax scheme by pressuring their Conservative MPs to support and implement his motion.

“This motion would eliminate the $4.3 billion incentive payment that Mr. Flaherty has promised to Mr. McGuinty which would effectively kill the implementation of the HST in Ontario,” Rafferty said.  Lake Superior News News  read more.....>

 PWAC Unfair Transcontinental Media Contract

THUNDER BAY -----   November 5, 2009 ------- A coalition of more than a dozen Canadian writers' organizations today launched a new website,, to raise awareness about the unfair and damaging freelance contract from Transcontinental Media. This follows a September 30 announcement by the coalition that called on Canadian writers to not write for Transcontinental publications. Lake Superior News News  read more....>

TBAG Christmas House Tour

THUNDER BAY  ---   November 3, 2009  ----   After a 1 year hiatus, and hot on the heels of a very successful Harvest Moon Art Auction, the Art Gallery is pleased to bring back by popular demand one of its most successful and unique fundraising events: its 9th Annual Christmas House Tour.

The event is a self-guided tour of four Thunder Bay executive homes and the Art Gallery.

Each home will be decorated by professional decorators from local businesses in styles appropriate for the holiday season. Lake Superior News News  read more....>



Jumped Up' for public child care

THUNDER BAY   ---   October 25, 2009  ---- 'Jump Up' for Public Child Care's next stops Jump Up for Public Child Caretake place Nov. 1 in Sudbury and Thunder Bay.

Today's concert in Ottawa was the first stop in the seven-city concert series that is a joint project of CUPE Ontario, the Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care and the Ontario Federation of Labour.

"We hope the parents and children of Ottawa have enjoyed this free concert as much as we enjoy putting it on," say CUPE Ontario Vice-President Michael Hurley, who attended the concert.  Lake Superior News News read more....>


City Celebrates Official Reopening of City Hall

THUNDER BAY  ----  November 3, 2009 – The official reopening of Thunder Bay City Hall Re Opening of Thunder Bay City Halltook place today with a flag raising and ribbon cutting, as well as a rededication of the Cenotaph in the new Civic Square. There was also a tribute to Thunder Bay’s first Mayor Saul Laskin, introduction of a bronze sculpture on the outside of City Hall, installation of the original and new time capsules and tours throughout the building.

“We have taken full advantage of mandatory work to the outside of the building to create a functional and beautiful civic space,”said Mayor Lynn Peterson. “The citizens of Thunder Bay now have a more efficient City Hall that reflects our civic pride and gives us a gathering place for civic events.”  Lake Superior News News read more......>


Become a House of Commons Page

THUNDER BAY, November 3, 2009  ---  The Speaker of the House of Commons calls the House of Commons PageHouse to order. A Member rises to ask a question, Hansard in hand. The Clerk of the House makes notes on the daily scroll. A House of Commons Page delivers an urgent message to the Prime Minister.

These are the sounds, sights and pace of a day in the House of Commons. In the Chamber and around Parliament Hill, Pages live and breathe the history and action of one of Canada’s oldest political institutions. Lake Superior News News read more....>



Triple P Positive Parenting Program

THUNDER BAY, ON ---  November 6, 2009  -----  Representatives from over 10 Triple P Positive Parenting Programhealth/social service agencies in the District of Thunder Bay launched the Triple P Positive Parenting Program at a news conference held this morning at the Thunder Bay District Health Unit. A new initiative to this area, Triple P focuses on improving the confidence, knowledge and skills of parents.
The Triple P Positive Parenting Program is an innovative, world-renowned program designed to help parents raise healthy, confident children who have the skills to succeed in life and build positive relationships with others. The program promotes a positive and practical approach to raising children, providing straight-forward, step-by-step approaches. Lake Superior News News 
read more.....>


OPP Forensic Identification Unit Officially Opens In Thunder Bay

THUNDER BAY, ON - November 26, 2009 - Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Ontario NewsServices Rick Bartolucci and Ontario Provincial Police Commissioner Julian Fantino will be joined by Thunder Bay - Atikokan MPP Bill Mauro and Thunder Bay - Superior North MPP Michael Gravelle and municipal representatives to officially open the new forensic identification unit serving the Ontario Provincial Police and the Thunder Bay Police Service.Lake Superior News News read more...>

Hyer’s Climate Change Targets Adopted by House of Commons

OTTAWA, ONTARIO – November 25, 2009 - It required an Opposition Day Motion to do it, but most of Thunder Bay–Superior North MP Bruce Hyer’s climate change targets proposed in Bill C-311, the Climate Change Accountability Act, have been endorsed by the House of Commons.

The Motion, moved by the Bloc and supported by the New Democrats and Liberals, stated:  Lake Superior News News read more...>



THUNDER BAY, ON - December 14, 2009 - The Board of Directors of the Thunder Bay Thunder Bay Marathon Miles with the GiantMarathon - Miles with the
Giant are pleased to announce that registration for the event on September 19, 2010 is
now open. Individuals can register their participation in the marathon, half-marathon or 5K
races at w w .Lake Superior News News
read more...>

First Nations need to act now:  Madahbee

OTTAWA, ON - December 10, 2009 – Grand Council Chief Patrick Madahbee is calling on all First Nation citizens to action in a fight against Ontario’s Harmonized Sales Tax. 

“We need to action take action now,” says Madahbee who is the leader of the Anishinabek Nation.  “I encourage other groups in Ontario to keep up the fight against the HST as well.” Lake Superior News Newsread more...>





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