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THUNDER BAY, ON ---  October 16, 2011  ---  In June 2011, PARO Centre for Women’s Enterprise launched a Cup Cake Girlswebsite in honor of the Enterprising Woman.  A complementary Facebook page was also developed to provide information and a forum for Enterprising Women to interact and support each other. 

In November 2011, we will hold the inaugural Enterprising Women Awards Gala: Growing enterprise in Northern Ontario.
This event will be an opportunity for businesses, business clusters, community members, leaders, non-profits and three levels of government to connect, network and share in the success of women-owned business in Northern Ontario.

Workshops will be offered on topics such as “How to Ready Your Business for Larger Contracts”, how to grow your business by hiring staff, connecting with the Aboriginal Community and so much more.
In addition to the learning opportunities, it is also an opportunity for women to showcase their businesses by reserving a spot in our Enterprising Women tradeshow.
During our evening awards event, women who have made a positive impact on the economy and society in Northern Ontario will be honoured by receiving the first ever Enterprising Women Awards.

What is an Enterprising Woman? 

Helping thousands to open and grow businesses, PARO is now witnessing a new stage of growth of many of these PARO Centre for Women’s Enterprisewomen entrepreneurs.  They are taking on their own particular role as community leaders, starting and operating community projects and organizations, creating change in their communities.  We are witnessing TRANSFORMATION at several levels.  So exciting! 

An enterprising woman can dream but she realizes that she must do more than dream to achieve her goals, she must act. 

An enterprising woman works hard every day to bring her dreams to fruition but also to support her family and community.

Enterprising women are every age, every culture and every background.  They have diverse skills, knowledge and talents.

Enterprising women are everywhere.

Individually and together, enterprising women are creating positive change across Northern Ontario.
Enterprising women are pursuing their dreams and they are everywhere.
They come from all walks of life and they represent every age, culture and race.
Many of us do not even realize that we are enterprising women. So, who exactly are these Enterprising Women?

According to the dictionary, an enterprising woman by definition is:
• A woman who shows initiative and willingness to undertake new projects.
• A woman who is energetic and resourceful.

 Could this be you…
A community leader    practical     talented    a mother    brave     a risk-taker     a provider     a business woman     someone who follows her dreams     an innovator     a housewife    a visionary     a voice     a mentor      she can juggle     a role model     a woman who makes a dollar go further      a teacher      creative      a volunteer     my daughter    someone who makes a difference in the world     a survivor.
Are you an enterprising woman? 

By: Barbara Gauthier,
Project Manager

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