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EcoTax on Hold


THUNDER BAY, ON ----   July 20, 2010  ---   This morning, Dalton McGuinty's Eco Tax on HoldLiberals announced they are scrapping their recently announced eco-tax,imposed while Ontario families were celebrating Canada Day.

Tim Hudak and the Ontario PC Party were first to pledge to scrap this unnecessary tax grab, which had absolutely nothing to do with protecting the environment.

Once Tim Hudak shone a light on the eco-tax, other glaring issues came to light: partisan Liberal insiders again leading "arms-length" agencies that took money from Ontario families; A tax implemented so badly that even sophisticated retailers couldn't figure it out; and a minister who simply could not and would not explain why this tax was necessary, or where the money was going.

Once again, it was Tim Hudak who led the charge against the McGuinty eco-tax that was bad for Ontario families.

Tim Hudak and the Ontario PC Party blew the whistle on a McGuinty boondoggle. First it was eHealth Ontario. Then Local Health Integration Networks, overspending at the Ontario Lottery Corporation and the HST.  Now, the eco-tax.

In a news release the McGuinty Government announced that the eco fees on consumer products that came into effect on July 1st have now been eliminated as the McGuinty government stepped in today and took action. While the Orange Drop program will continue, consumers will not pay fees that retailers have been adding to their bills.

The McGuinty government has listened to consumers concerns about eco fees. As a result, it will work with businesses and Stewardship Ontario over the next 90 days to develop a new system that works for consumers and works to protect our landfills and waterways from dangerous materials.

The so-called eco-fees are a new tax on over 10,000 household products, including prescription medications, bath toys, sunblock, laundry detergent – even smoke alarms!
Dalton McGuinty and Stewardship Ontario, the secretive government agency that will levy and collect this new tax, gave Ontario families no warning about it beforehand. Worse, we’ve learned that Stewardship Ontario has instructed retailers to hide the tax in the product price so that “the consumer is none the wiser.”

Tim Hudak, MPP Leader, Ontario PC Party stated in a press release last week "Everyone agrees that we must take action to protect our environment. But the new eco-tax has absolutely nothing to do with the environment. It's just another shameless McGuinty tax grab, pure and simple."






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