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Your Region, Your Health Care, Your Voice!


THUNDER BAY, ON   ---  September 9, 2012  ---  The North West LHIN launches online North West LHINcommunity engagement initiative The North West Local Health Integration Network is launching Your Region, Your Health Care, Your Voice!, an online survey to gather valuable feedback, input and opinions on health care priorities in the region.

“Based on extensive and ongoing community engagement over the past three years, we have an idea of what our main priorities should be,” said Laura Kokocinski, CEO of the North West LHIN. “However, we want to hear from the people of Northwestern Ontario - residents, health care providers, doctors, nurses, patients, anyone and everyone – to confirm if we are on the right track. This is an opportunity for the residents of Northwestern Ontario to help us shape the future of health care across the region.”

The survey will run for the next four weeks, and can be accessed at It should take about 10 minutes to finish, and is completely anonymous. For a paper copy of the survey, please call 807-684-9425, or toll-free at 1-866-907-5446.

The survey questions focus on four key areas: accelerated integration of services, improved access to care, improved coordination of mental health and addictions services, and chronic disease prevention and management.

“The information gathered through this community engagement activity will inform the North West LHIN’s third Integrated Health Services Plan (IHSP III), a tactical plan that maps out health care priorities across the Northwest for 2013-2016,” said Board Chair Joy Warkentin.

“Like all LHINs in Ontario, we are required to develop a new Integrated Health Services Plan every three years,” Warkentin explained. “The input we get from the public and our health service providers will help the Board focus on its health transformation agenda.

” The North West LHIN 2013-2016 IHSP will build on the findings and accomplishments of the first two IHSPs, to ensure the health care system is working across the North West LHIN. It will also complement the ongoing work of the North West LHIN’s Health Services Blueprint: Building Our Future, a 10-year integration plan to reshape and strengthen the health care system in Northwestern Ontario.

 “Together, the North West LHIN 2013-2016 IHSP and the Health Services Blueprint will help us build a health care system that is patient-centred, innovative, efficient and sustainable for us, our children and grandchildren for many years to come,” Warkentin said. The survey Your Region, Your Health Care, Your Voice! runs until September 14. NORTH WEST


Working with our health service providers, we have improved health care in the region by:

 Expanding community support services;  Meeting or exceeding provincial targets for non-admitted emergency department wait times;
 Lowering wait times for cancer surgery and cataract surgery;
 Reducing the number of patients waiting in hospital for long-term care; and
 Increasing the use of technology in the region.

Here are the links to the survey:



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