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Showcase 10 plays, each 10 minutes in length

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO,  ----- February 11, 2015   ----     Organizers of a local theatre project have announced the works selected for the 10 X 10 3rd annual showcase event. The event features a total of 10 plays, each 10 minutes in length. All of the plays showcased are original works written by regional playwrights.

“The 10 minute play is a new dramatic form that is practiced around the world,” says Cathi Grandfield, the 10x10 artistic director. “The audience experiences a complete story, with a beginning, a middle and an end, all in 10 minutes. The play is not just a vignette or one scene from a longer work. Each play is intended to stand on its own as a unique and original piece of theatre.”

The call for submissions, which closed mid-January, was open to anyone with an interest, no matter their experience level. A total of 22 plays were submitted and the showcase plays were selected by a jury of local theatre artists.

The 10 selected plays and playwrights include:
•    Afternoon at the Beaches, by Roy Blomstrom
•    Scrambled, by Sue Blott
•    Passings, by Charles Campbell
•    Tawdry Romance, by Amanda Doig
•    People Like You, by Jordan Lehto
•    At the Bottom of Amethyst, by Taina Maki Chahal and Della Maki Bitove
•    Let's Grab Coffee, by Samantha Najarro
•    Sunday Dinner, by Alycia Novak
•    Losing Face, by John Pringle
•    What's in a Name? by Susan Rogers

Seven of this year’s playwrights are new to 10x10 and four have had plays produced in the first two years. This group of returning playwrights includes Roy Blomstrom, Jordan Lehto and the writing team of Taina Maki Chahal and Della Maki Bitove.

All those who submitted received written feedback from the jury, and the ten selected playwrights can take advantage of opportunities for further development, coordinated by dramaturge and playwright Eleanor Albanese. All ten directors will have the option of mentoring support from two experienced directors, Jim Hobson and Michael Sobota.

10x10 was conceived by a team of local theatre artists; Janis Swanson, Colin Stewart, Sheena Albanese, and Lawrence Badanai. For the 2015 edition, a new steering team is in place and includes Cathi Grandfield, Sheena Albanese, Jelena Psenicnik and Marion Agnew with support from Keri-Lyn Durant.

The 10x10 steering team is also offering interested community members other opportunities to learn more about this dramatic form. The Northern Ontario Writers Workshop (NOWW) will host an evening of dramatic works created by 10x10 playwrights on Tuesday, March 3, in the Brodie Library Fireside Room from 7-8:30pm.

The public is invited to attend the culmination of the process where the works are transformed from page to stage at the third annual showcase on Saturday, April 11th at the Finlandia Club at 7:30pm. Please visit the website at to learn more, including advance ticket sale locations.

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