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St. Paul’s United Church presents “Ojibwe Landscapes”


THUNDER BAY, ON  ----   August 7, 2012  --- For many of us living in the non native community Ojibwe Landscapeswe find it easy to get wrapped up in the daily struggle of earning a living and raising our kids. Somewhere on this busy path we have missed the opportunity to share an appreciation of the land as seen through aboriginal culture. In fact many of us would be hard pressed to name more than a couple of native friends, real friends and not just acquaintances.

The presentation of Brian Hubelit’s Ojibwe Landscapes is a piece taylor-made for one of our well known community choirs, the dulcisono women’s choir. The music will be directed by well known choral director Susan Marrier.It is a well researched musical epic in which the native folklore of the creations of many of the areas prominent landscapes.

In a book called “Indian from the Inside” author  Denis H MacPherson et al called the premier performance a transforming moment. It transforms the way native mythology is told particularly within the context of time and place, and the music for the first time ties an oral tradition to one that is written. In this sense this composition by Brian Hubelit is ground breaking, for not only is the native story been preserved in music it also is preserved in a way to share the music to non natives.

The story is narrated by Fort William First Nations Ian Banning and set to modern music that features women’s voices, French horn played by Damian Rivers Moore, and a variety of percussion instruments. The most unique of which is a set of tuned Lake Superior stones, which when struck in the correct place with another stone will produce a certain note. Someone must have spent a lot of time on the beach collecting stones! Other performers include Thunder Mountain Singers, Alice Saborin and Women’s Drum Groups.

This event is part of walking together-sharing the journey, a community commemoration of residential schools and a step towards healing.

Come and celebrate the richness of aboriginal culture at St. Paul’s United Church. 340 Waverley Street, Thursday August 9th beginning at 8:00 p.m. Admission will be by donation at the door. Following the presentation where will be refreshments and an native art display where people are encouraged to get to know this diverse group of performers and of course take in the art show.

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