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January surprises courtesy of the "Leadership Team"

Chippewa Wildlife Exhibit
Chippewa Wildlife Exhibit   # LSN_Opinion

THUNDER BAY, ON  ---- February 22, 2017   (LSN) So the search begins to find places for the animals at the wildlife exhibit.

Compare that to what my ward councillor told me the situation was. You know, information direct from city bureaucrats. The guys you can trust:

"Plan for Existing Wildlife
There are 23 animals and birds currently at the facility. Other zoos that the City regularly trades animals with have already been contacted and they have indicated they would be happy to take the animals and birds. As per past practice, the receiving zoo is responsible for the cost of transporting the animal, so there is no cost to the City for this. Animals will be kept until they are transferred to another facility or they die naturally. No wildlife will be destroyed."

If I were a city councillor, and I based my vote to close the wildlife exhibit on this information, I would want the responsible officials identified and fired at city hall. Full stop.

This is not a one off.Remember how administration told us waterfront budgets were spot on before the municipal election? Then the surprise in January that it was millions in the hole. Remember how "administration" as it likes to be called (not bureaucrats) told us our economy was in great shape to sustain event centre losses before the last election? Then the surprise in January. We had to have a "stabilization budget" .

Watch out Thunder Bay. Those January surprises courtesy of the "Leadership Team" at city hall will get you every time.

Then there was the promise that the millions spent on the event centre for preparation would not commit us to its construction. Now we are told we have gone too far to stop.

The Thunder Bay media has been very polite. It has not called them on this. But as a result "administration" and politicians do it again and again and again as if to say "stop me if you can".

If I were "administration leadership", I would not say word one about the integrity of the information you release to the community either directly or through city council.

You have no credibility, and yes, it will become an issue in the next election. And your city councillor pals will have to account for you. And none of your tricks will distract citizens from putting council in the political docket.

Lets see how far they will stand up for you when it becomes a matter of their political careers.

I don't know when I have been so angry. I am hardly the only one.

William Olesky
Resident of Northwood  Ward


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