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Crime Mapping Thunder Bay


THUNDER BAY, ON  ----  June 29, 2010 ----  Thunder Bay Police  are Thunder Bay Crime Mappingproviding the public with the location of incidents involving crimes of violence, property crime and motor vehicle collisions (Other calls for service are not displayed). Similar to what the City of Duluth have been doing for sometime. The aim is engage the community in crime prevention. For example, most property crimes can be prevented by taking simple steps such as locking doors and removing valuables from plain view.  If you know that these crimes are being reported in your neighbourhood, you can better prepare to protect your property.

Crime Map June 29thWith a 3rd Methadone clinic opening in Westfort and reportly 2 more being talked about this is a start in the right direction business people in the cities cores are saying.

As the map shows, there are what appears a fair number of assaults, or multiple offenses committed across the city.

The computer allows you to see crimes over a three day, seven day, or thirty day period, or over a specific calendar range. There is a brief description of the crime committed included on the crime mapping program.

Or as one person stated, is this just telling the people what the police already know and will not lead to a safer community.

Knowledge is power in the effort to keep safe. The Thunder Bay Police Service is sharing important information on crime with our citizens.

Now you can keep informed on crime and safety issues in your neighbourhood. The link below will take you to an easy to use interactive map showing where crimes are occurring in our community. This mapping service called Crime Reports also offers users the opportunity to receive email alerts based on the user’s location. As a user of this service, you can specify what radius from your address you would like to monitor.

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