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Animkii Festival


THUNDER BAY, ON  ---   September, 17, 2011  ---   The City of Thunder Bay is expanding the Fall Feast and Gathering Animkii Festivalof Services from one day to four. The event is being renamed the Animkii Festival and it will now be organized by the Thunder Bay Aboriginal Arts and Heritage Group.

A partner in the previous Fall Feasts, Aboriginal Arts and Heritage had a vision to expand the Festival into a major cultural event for the City of Thunder Bay.

“This is truly a success story,” said Anna Gibbon, Aboriginal Liaison for the City of Thunder Bay. “The Aboriginal community has always contributed to the economic, social, spiritual and cultural well-being of our community. The Animkii Festival is just another way in which the Aboriginal community is helping Thunder Bay to grow while showcasing our community to the world.”

The four days will include a festival of Community Services, a festival of Multi-Arts and Entertainment and a festival of Cultural Arts and Heritage. Animkii Festival communication coordinator David Wilkinson-Simard anticipates people will come from all over North America to participate in the arts and cultural activities taking place.

Some events include workshops for crafters and artists, a crafters market, a fashion show, a concert and a Powwow competition. The Animkii Festival will run from Thursday October 13, 2011 to Sunday October 16, 2011 at the Coliseum Building on the CLE Grounds.

A four day festival celebrating the aboriginal contributions to the region.

Day One -free event- 10am-10pm


  • The Festival of Services Trade Show
  • Arts & Crafters Market
    ... Student Orientation
  • Community Feast
  • Community Gathering & Pow Wow

Day Two admission 10am-4pm

  • Festival of Arts & Entertainment
  • Arts & Entertainment Market
  • Arts Workshops
  • Fashion Arts Workshops
  • Cultural Arts Workshops
  • Music Arts Workshops
  • Meet & Greet with Artists, musicians, & designers

Day Two Evening Event - admission- 6pm - 1am

  • Evening Fashion Show
  • Evening Music Arts Show
  • Aboriginal Youth Tour Showcase
  • Indigenous
    Shy Anne Hovorka
    Special Guests to be announced

Day Three -admission- 10am - 12:30am

  • Cultural Arts & Crafts Market
  • Food Market
  • Cultural Workshops
  • Competition Pow Wow
  • Ryan & Shannon Gustafson
  • Couples Free Style - Rabbit Dance Special
  • Winners Take All

Day Four -admission- 10am - 9pm


  • Cultural Arts & Crafts Market
  • Food Market
  • Cultural Workshops
  • Competition Pow Wow
  • Dance Competition Finals
  • Singing Competition Finals

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