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Andy Wolff A Hippie Kind Of Dream


THUNDER BAY, ON   ----  March 11, 2012  ---   In 1991, in issue #6 of my "Rock On" magazine (which also featured Andy Wolff A Hippie Kind Of Dreaman exclusive Andy Wolff interview) I originally reviewed this release as a 12 song cassette... Here is what I had to say about it....

The overall effect of this cassette is a blend of folk & psychedelic sounds, all mixed in to form Andy's own unique style.

My favorite tracks on here are "Manican Man", "Far Too Gone", "It's Just Me", & naturally the title track "A Hippie Kind Of Dream" which features Andy's brilliant wordplay and lyrics that go like so... "Turn on, tune in, drop out, drop acid, in fact, in San Francisco... In hippie heaven, rock bands screaming, psychedelic elevators, getting high, hitting low...".

Andy has also put considerable effort into the packaging and even includes a hand drawn lyric sheet of the title song - very 60's looking (or retro as they say these days). Neil Young is obviously a major influence & there are heavy shades of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young at play on this release.

(Note: The lyric sheet was unique to the tape version only)

You would almost swear it was Neil Young himself performing the song "It's Just Me".

"Manican Man". Well, this is my pick for a hit! (Note: It was later selected for inclusion on a "What Wave" magazine cassette tape compilation of various psychedelic artists) A very psychedelic bit of classic sixties style pop music. Great harmonies & real toe-tapping music.

"Far Too Gone". Again, you'd think and swear it was Neil. And Neil at his best and in fine form at that.

Another bit of superb psychedelia on here is "Whatever It Brings". Yet another classic track. I especially love the harmonica solo.

"Face The Facts" also deserves a mention as a stand out track.

All of the songs on this release are what Andy calls 4 track "demos" but you'd never know it, as they sound so much like finished studio product that you'll be amazed when you check this one out.

Now let's fast forward to 2012 where we find that Andy has gone through the Electric Andyland vaults and remixed this classic "album" for a brand new 14 song CD release.

Recently I found time to sit down and listen to the remixed/remastered Hippie Kind Of Dream CD.

Andy has done an excellent job of re-mixing this classic for CD and I believe the timing for it is just perfect. Very well done! It sounds excellent. And the additional bonus tracks fit in nice with it as well.

The song "Wallflower" is an awesome psychedelic number that fits in here so well, that you would never know it was a bonus track recently added to this release. This song has long been a favorite of mine as well, and this new mix is the best ever.

The other additional "bonus" track is a folky type song called "Special Girl". Another welcome addition to this classic psychedelic folk album.

A Hippie Kind Of Dream - the CD, definitely gets two thumbs up.

I've listened to and thoroughly enjoyed this release and these songs many times over the years. And now Andy has made it all even better with this brilliant CD remix with bonus tracks.

Buy a copy - you deserve it. Buy an extra copy for a friend who deserves a break from the tedium of today's singing contest winners and cookie cutter TV Channel related instant child star "idols" as well.

Take Care & Rock On!

Eddie Doran

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