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Doing all the right things


THUNDER BAY, ON   ---   May 20, 2012  ---   For the past few years I have been hearing Gregory Lewis perform in public concerts and I was Greg Lewisimpressed at the level of accomplishment this young man brings to his performances, I was truly impressed and marked him as a musician to watch.

Last Saturday he performed a spring concert simply titled “Intrigue” and to say the least I was amazed. That does not happen often.

Solo recitals can happen at any time of the year. Professional players perform solo concerts as a method to personal development. Musicians will perform a solo recital out of personal interest or to promote a cause. In Gregory Lewis’s case his recitals are part of a well directed plan towards a performing career.

As with any professional recital, Gregory has put an enormous amount of effort into his spring recital. He did not disappoint his audience. Playing from memory Gregory performed the Caprice No. 24 for solo violin by N. Paganini as well as any professional. His stance and relaxed manner on stage exudes the confidence this young man has in his music. The piece I liked the best was a set of variations on “Happy Birthday”. I did not catch the name of the arranger of these variations but they were on par with the Paganini Caprice. Other gorgeous music for violin was on the programme, Brahms Sonata #3 (first two movements) some Rachmaninoff, Tchaikovsky, and 2 movements of the Camille Saint-Saëns Concerto #3.

In addition to works for the violin, Gregory is an accomplished pianist. He even took a turn at the Church’s century old Casavant pipe organ. The combination of instruments, the varied programming meant that no one in the audience had time to be bored, there was always something new. The recital began early at 7:00 p.m. and every one was out well before 9:00 pm. Saturday was a glorious spring day and the capricious nature of the recital was a perfect complement to a perfect day.

One person who does deserve a lot of credit is Olga Medvedeva, Gregory’s violin instructor. It takes an advanced performer with a talent for teaching to pass along the techniques of playing this music, Gregory has not only learned how to play the music but to interpret it as well. Olga’s dedication as a teacher is as great as Gregory’s drive to be a performer. She has done an incredible job with her student.

In this photo Gregory takes a bow after the Brahms. Accompanied by Derek Oger this well known local pianist has given much of his time in Greg Lewis and Derek Ogerrehearsals until things were just right. Derek is an accomplished performer and accompanist; in working so hard with Gregory he is welcoming him into his professional community, bravo!

For at least three years I have been watching Gregory develop as he presents recitals. In his goal to become a professional musician he is not taking short cuts, he is doing the work, and most importantly he is doing all of the right things and the right time

Gregory will be spending the winter attending school in Thunder Bay so we might expect another spring concert next year. He is a musician that will do Thunder Bay proud and he is a violinist to watch for in the future.

Bert Rowson
Arts Editor:

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