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Wendy Landry Sworn in as Reeve Of Shuniah

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO---   December 2, 2014 --- Today is a great day, a new day for Shuniah, I am humbled by the trust and the confidence the residents of Shuniah have placed Shuniah Councilin me.  I am pleased and look forward to serve our community as your Reeve. said Wendy Landry the New Reeve of Shuniah.

I am excited for our Municipality, and for our council. This is a time for a new and positive energy to take our diverse and amazing community into the future. As a council we have the opportunity to take Shuniah to its full potential. This will take time, we as a committed team will work together in a progressive manner to begin the development of a strategic community plan. A plan; that will continue to offer a safe, clean, friendly and prosperous community. A plan, that includes growing our community and connecting with our neighbors. I believe that we are one large community with smaller diverse neighborhoods who have a rich history and strong connection to the lands.  We need to plan how to maintain our tax base without jeopardizing our quality of life. A plan, that will offer us guidance for our decision making, land management, land use, planning and day to day business.
 I would like to congratulate, Donna Blunt, Ron Giardetti, Don Smith, and Duff Stewart.  A leader is only as good as the people they are surrounded by!
The community has entrusted us to work together as a team and I look forward to achieving our goals in an inclusive and cohesive manner.

I would also like to acknowledge Maria Harding for her commitment to our community. Since 1988 you have served us well and our community is that much stronger as a result. Please accept my sincere best wishes on your future endeavours.
Thank you for the ongoing support of my husband, Pat Landry, my children Janine, Tyler, Jessica, Jacquie, Cara, Daniel, Suzy and Ethan.

To my friends, my supporters ,and my parents.  Thank You.

In closing I want to read our Mission statement,
The Municipality of Shuniah is committed to providing the highest quality of life by building a healthy rural and recreational community through the delivery of essential services provided by responsible leadership, planning and effective management of Municipal resources.

And our Vision Statement;
We are a modern and vibrant community with a strong sense of identity located on the picturesque shores of Lake Superior working together to build a safe, clean, friendly, and prosperous future. 

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