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Some things can't be erased


THUNDER BAY, ON  -----  July 12, 2012 -----  A compelling and disturbing look at raw friendships and young loves, New Noise Productions is Tapeproud to present Stephen Belber's TAPE.

Three high school friends find themselves, ten years later, in a motel room. Vince (Andrew Paulsen) has come to Lansing, Michigan to see his long-standing buddy Jon (Justin Parcher).  Jon has a feature film screening at the Lansing Film Festival. Their reunion is initially playful and endearing, as they catch up with each other's activities. But when Vince brings up the subject of Amy (Alycia Novak), a girl they both dated when they were in high school, the friendly exchange turns into an interrogation.  Boundaries are pushed and tempers flare. When Amy arrives at the motel the tension heats up to explosive levels.

TAPE plays out in real time. The ninety-minute production brings you to the edge of your seat with demanding, sharply focused characters. TAPE explores important themes with its funny and ultimately revealing story. Vince, Jon and Amy ask us to look at what memory is, what our friendships are, what we might regret, and what we hold closely to our hearts. TAPE digs even deeper, peeling back the characters' layers of protection. Everything is exposed in a surprising and thrilling turn of events, with consequences both laughable and tragic.

Featuring three of Thunder Bay's finest young actors, and directed by Michael Sobota, TAPE is the third summer staging from New Noise Productions. New Noise is an experienced company that intends to provide an alternative to what is normally offered in the diverse local theatre scene.  It brings a new brand of edgy, polished stagings to summer audiences, building on the record breaking success of TRUE DIRECTIONS (2011) and the smash hit MELVIN GOES TO DINNER (2012). 

“Theatre for those who think they hate theatre, and even BETTER for those who love it."

Directed by Michael Sobota. Produced by Andrew Paulsen. Written by Stephen Belber.
Starring: Alycia Novak, Justin Parcher, and Andrew Paulsen.

TAPE plays at The Paramount Theatre August 8, 9, 10, 16 and 17 at 8:00 pm.

Tickets for the preview on August 8 are only $10.  All other performances are $15. 
Tickets are available at The Paramount Theatre, High Tide Tattoo Parlor, The Growing Season and Steepers.

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