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Where on Earth is My Bike?


THUNDER BAY, ON   ----   October 10, 2010   ----  “Where on Earth is My Bike?” is a documentary film Paul Morralee in Afticiaby local filmmaker Paul Morralee that follows the activities of donated bicycles in Africa and was produced by Bicycles for Humanity - Thunder Bay.

In March he travelled with the Chairman of Bicycles for Humanity – Thunder Bays’, Steve Klassen, to see how the investment of bikes to Africans have changed lives. The documentary featuring ten bicycle owners expressing their journey since receiving their donated bike. Featured also is the micro-businesses climate that has developed in the opening of bicycle shops and repair facilities.

The goal of the film was to search out an answer to a simple question: “What is the effects of our giving?” said Morralee. “We are a very giving community and it is difficult for all of us to see the satisfaction people enjoy in our gift”.

Bicycles for Humanity as a gift back to the community is providing free admission to premier film night, to the first 250 people.

Asked “Where on earth is his bike?” Morralee declined to comment, except to say “find-out for yourself at the screening”.

Thursday October 21st., 7pm
Paramount Theatre
24 Court Street South 

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