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Three new H1N1 cases Thunder Bay District


THUNDER BAY, ON, -----   October 15, 2009  ---   Three new H1N1 cases this past week Thunder Bay District Health Unithave been confirmed by The Thunder Bay District Health Unit .  All three have recovered from the illness,

That brings the total number of confirmed swine flu cases reported in this district to 14. The three new cases involved one child from an outlying community, and a child and an adult living in Thunder Bay.

On Tuesday, the Porcupine Health Unit, which serves parts of northeastern Ontario, was notified that tests on 2 male teenstested positive for H1N1 subtype of influenza A. One of the teens, a 15 year old was hospitalized and passed away, and the other is recovering at home,

Ontario presently is planing on rolling out its immunization program in November and December.

Some Ontarians will have to wait until December to get immunized against the H1N1 virus, heightening concerns that flu season could peak before the vaccine is available.

 The province's Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Arlene King has said that Ontario's flu season typically peaks in late December or early January. But Canada is seeing higher than normal flu rates for this time of year and it is believed the pandemic's second wave has already hit. King said densely populated areas such as the GTA and Ottawa are seeing the most influenza activity.
There are reports that it  takes up to two weeks to build antibodies after being vaccinated.  The Google Flu Trends chart already shows that the amount of cases are higher than what one would see in normal December January Period.

Swine flu vaccines are rolling out this month  in the United States health-care workers in Indiana and Tennessee were the first to get the nose-spray version, while New Yorkers clamoring for the H1N1 vaccine finally had their chance too.

For people in the States shopping at Walmart you can go to  and search for  a Flu shot clinic at the nears Wamart and the hours of the clinic.

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