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Child safety concerns at Marina Park

THUNDER BAY, ON ----   August 31, 2014   ---James Marsh, who is a candidate for Red River Road shared his concerns about a safety James Dean Marshissue at Marina Park.

How long before our beautiful marina becomes the site of a horrible accident? Guide wire fencing stops right around the corner of our splash pad which is filled with small children all summer long.

 Sitting area complete with chairs designed for children flank the splash pad. A mere 24 feet from these chairs is a long unprotected area of the dock with only a timber separating a child from a 3 foot drop into the frigid Lake Superior waters. And if , god forbid, a child would fall in, it would require extreme effort to rescue drowning child. A person would have to jump into the frigid water, dive for the child, then swim the whole length of the dock to the ladder with the struggling, panic filled child.

The timber separating the child from this horrible fate would become more of a tripping hindrance than a safety feature and might actually be the reason the child plunges in the water while playing tag with their friends.

 Those 24 feet will seem a very short distance when a person is admiring a veiw and a child runs to the very large unprotected area of the dock.

As adults and as a city it is our responsibility to insure our parks are safe for our children. A responsibility I feel the City of Thunder Bay has failed in.






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