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Employment After Graduation? Yes, with StayNorth



 THUNDER BAY, ON  ---  January 29, 2016  --- “Graduation is only a few months away for many students and finding employment is a concern for some.  StayNorth is helping to take employment worries away for qualified students.”  said Dr. Ron Common, President Sault College.

Our migration statistics seem to indicate Northern Ontario continues to suffer from youth moving south for education and employment.   StayNorth is offering students an opportunity to finish their eduction in the North and to start their career in the North.  The StayNorth initiative is part of a cooperative effort by the six Northern Ontario colleges*  through their Study North program.  

“Study North, is designed to encourage Southern Ontario students to undertake their college career in one of our six Northern Ontario colleges.   StayNorth, as part of this campaign, is working with employers to secure employment for grads, to keep them in the North.” said Alex Rogerson, StayNorth Employment Liaison Officer.

StayNorth continues to work with employment agencies, employer groups, individual employers, recruitment agencies, municipalities and chambers of commerce and other organizations across various sectors to secure job opportunities for new grads.  StayNorth will help match students and employers to fill employment gaps.  

“Employers can have difficulty finding qualified employees and new grads aren’t always sure how to go about finding employment in their field.  StayNorth can help on both counts.” said Rogerson.

Students register at and are matched with employers across Northern Ontario, based on their personal location specifications and job interested. Employers are able to tap into this pool of students by posting internal jobs at If a student’s location and job interest match, an introduction is made between the employer and student.

With colleges competing for new students, employers searching for new talent and graduates searching for suitable employment opportunities upon graduation, the timing couldn’t be better for Study North and Stay North.  The six Northern Ontario Colleges offer a wide array of course options which will prepare students for the work place.  StayNorth will help ensure the work place is accessible for grads and help employers access the skilled employees they need.

“This is a win, win, win situation.  A win for colleges through increased enrollment, a win for students via employment upon graduation and a win for employers by helping them secure qualified employees.” said Common.

Regardless of the economic times, it is good to know the six Northern Ontario colleges are working together to create long term opportunities for students.  StayNorth is proving to be an important element in promoting the North and keeping new grads in the North for the longer term.

*Canadore College, Cambrian College, College Boreal, Sault College, Confederation College, Northern College

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