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THUNDER BAY,  ON   ------  May 12, 2012   ------  This is the time for spring concerts and in the choral field there are a few to watch for, dulcisono (that’s right they spell it without a capital) is one of our City’s fine vocal groups. Being involved with music means being creative in some way and this choir has always come up with something new to celebrate for their concerts.

dulcisono Spring concertIf you live in our city, Thunder Bay,  for any length of time, especially if you have come from some place other than Thunder Bay the beauty of nature will sooner or later capture a piece of your heart. This concert celebrated the creatures of the great outdoors. The choir invited outdoorsman Gord Ellis to share in this concert. As it turns out Gord is a pretty good guitarist and has a great love of the outdoors. He also has a great sense of humour. In the photo above the women of the choir are all smiling after he commented on the decor of Hilldale Lutheran Church as “being like a big sauna” No disrespect for the church intended.

One thing I like about this choir is they are always about  more than the music and also more than being about themselves. This choir supports certain causes important to the women in the choirThis concert the celebrated the richness of nature that we share amongst us all. That is why having Gord Ellis on board is such a good fit for this concert. The choir supports women in music as well.  Irina Medvedeva  has won the choir’s scholarship for voice training at the Lakehead Festival of Music and the Arts in the past. Currently studying voice at the University of Western Ontario, Irina also studied voice at La Musica Lirica in Italy last summer. I heard her sing at last year’s concert and was impressed. After hearing her at this year’s concert I am amazed!

There were some humourous selections on the programme that everyone enjoyed. The “Alley Cat Love Song” by Paul Carey was just plain fun. I liked “Mary had a Little Blues” by Charles A. Collins. The singers on stage we assisted by the multi-talented Robert Van Wyck who played the flute Irina Medvedeva and joined choristers Nancy Berglund, and Glynis Ramsay in a Weelkes madrigal “The Nightingale, the organ of delight”.

The programme being a celebration of sorts was short of serious music which for a spring concert is a good thing. Hilldale Lutheran Church is becoming one of the City’s better know concert venues. It is bright and airy with a modern appealing architecture. The line of sight is fairly clear and it is well sized for audiences to about 250. The acoustics are acceptable and better than many other venues in the city. The church has a good piano which makes many of these concerts possible.

Next season will be a little different for dulcisono. Their founder and Artistic Director will be taking their 10th season off. They have just announced that the interim director will be well known children’s director Laura Oger. To be certain the choir will be in good hands next season.

There has been a change in the membership of this choir. While their numbers are perhaps fewer there is a great deal of depth and quality to this choir. There are two or three people in each section that can be counted on to perform solo work. This is an indication of the dedication and training that these singers have. Singing in this choir is fun but it is fun that is derived from hard work. This is a choir that is everything that a small choir can be. Dulcisono invites interested women to audition for the choir! For more information about the choir please see
Bert Rowson
Arts Editor:

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