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Lakehead Aeromodeller’s Fun-Fly 2015



 THUNDER BAY, ON  ---  July 25, 2015   --  When I arrived at the Flying Field there was exactly one parking spot left in the parking lot and that was for me! There are a couple of RC aircraft clubs in Thunder Bay the Lakehead Aeromodeller’s was the group I chose to belong to when my interest in flying these planes began, and I have been a member ever since. The club’s annual fun-fly day is about several things all at once and this year the weather co-operated to produce a truly successful event.

First and foremost, this day is about family and friends. There were more “guests” than there were pilots at the event. The club put up sun shelters and picnic tables so the public could enjoy a snack from the canteen, young children received a small model glider or rubber powered helicopter for the asking so many of the tables were busy with mom or dad helping the kids put these models together.

For club members and public alike the weekend provides the opportunity to view a wide variety of models that members own and fly. Some members will spend a year or mor painstakingly assembling a scale model.  Often these planes are rarely seen because conditions need to be perfect before the owner will risk putting them in the air. While most of the planes flying these days come in a box and are ready to fly after the wings are plugged in and the controls attached. There are a number of modelers who purchase kits that require a little more construction but there are only a handful who build from scratch. The advantage of a foam or kit plan is if they are correctly assemblesd they are pretty much guaranteed to fly well.

 A master builder created this marvelous Beech Stager-wing biplane from a kit. There were several excellent models brought out for show at the field. The wind was a little high for some pilots of smaller airplanes and many just brought their planes out for show rather than risk a costly plane on a strong breeze.

The Lakehead Aeromodeller’s flying facility on Little Norway Rd. on highway 61 is a wonderful well maintained flying field. It has everything that a prospective RC pilot could ask for. The club even has members who specialize in training others how to fly. I am sure I was a hard case, but I have now had many successful flights made possible by the club’s training programme. In simple terms, the trainer flies with the novice pilot. His transmitter is plugged into the new pilots transmitter. Then the novice pilot does something that might look fatal, the trainer flips a switch and takes control of the airplane.

Lastly some members come out to fly their airplanes, on this day there were many planes flown by experienced pilots. As a general rule the bigger the model the better it flies. The pilot of this scale YAK made several long flights. He knew how to ly this plane to its full aerobatic capability performing many maneuvers that would seem impossible in a real plane.
The Fun Fly continues on Sunday July 26 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and I am looking forward to another day of meeting and talking shop with other club members. For more information about one of Thunder Bay’s more unique clubs visit their web site at



 By Bert Rowson
for Lake Superior News


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