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8 Tall ships to Visit Duluth


THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO --- DULUTH, MN ----  March 23, 2010 ----  The Tall Chips Challenge Duluth 2010American Sail Training Association has partnered with GREAT LAKES UNITED to bring a fleet of international tall ships to the Great Lakes, the world’s largest body of fresh water, as part of the Great Lakes United TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE® 2010 race series. Join us as the tall ships race through all five Great Lakes making port appearances in cities throughout the US and Canada. Two important initiatives sail along with the tall ships: water conservation education and youth sail training!



Tall Ship Challenge Duluth Minnesota 2010

Join the City of Duluth for a once-in-a-lifetime experience on the shores of the world’s greatest lake. It’s a rare chance to catch a glimpse, step aboard, and even set sail on some of the grandest ships of yore. Featuring a fleet of international vessels racing to six cities in the U.S. and Canada, this is Lake Superior’s only port of call for the GREAT LAKES UNITED TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE® 2010. The festival grounds open Thursday, July 29 with sounds and sensations ranging from a pirate school for kids to four days of performances of Gilbert & Sullivan’s Pirates of Penzance, a musical presented by the UMD School of Fine Arts. Come for the grand entry, departure and everything in between.

When the international fleet of tall ships arrive in the Great Lakes next year, they will be sailing the world's largest source of fresh surface water.  As the vessels race from port to port, Great Lakes United will bring a message of conservation and protection.

The parnership between the American Sail Training Association and Great Lakes United is fitting.  While ASTA trains young sailors in the tradition of a rich sailing history, Great Lakes United presses the importance of protecting the waters that these ships, sailors and 40 million people depend on.

The Great Lakes are a fragile ecosystem.  Despite their immensity, they are especially vulnerable to degredation.  Tall ships represent one of the most sustainableforms of transportation, making this one of the most environmentally friendly races on the planet.

Across six ports, the Great Lakes United TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE® 2010 will carry a message of freshwater conservation in celebration of waters worth protecting.

For over 27 years, Great Lakes United has been a unifying voice for ensuring a healthy and vibrant future for the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River ecosystem. A diverse coalition of organizations and individuals, Great Lakes United is comprised of citizens, environmentalists, conservationists, labour unions, First Nations, tribes, hunters, anglers, academics, and progressive businesses working together to clean up toxic pollution, stop invasive species,
and protect the waters of the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River from damage and irresponsible use. Thousands of voices are calling for a healthier Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River and Great Lakes United continues to be the coalition through which these voices are heard.

The American Sail Training Association is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization focused on youth education, leadership development and the preservation of the maritime heritage of North America. The mission of the American Sail Training Association is to encourage character building through sail training, promote sail training to the North American public, and support education under sail.

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