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“Raven’s Wing” By Kim Erickson


 “Raven’s Wing” By Kim Erickson

THUNDER BAY, ON  ----  May 22, 2015  --- Thunder Bay’s singer – songwriter Kim Erickson,  will be presenting her latest CD “Raven’s Wing” on Saturday June 13th at Lakehead Unitarian Fellowship on 129 Algoma from 7:30 p.m. until 9:30 p.m. Presenting a new CD is a lot of work so I asked a few questions about this CD project.

Q  What is it that inspired you to produce this CD?

A  “The material for my newest CD, "The Raven's Wing", is a nod to my mother's North Sea Scottish roots, and takes stock of where I come from, while looking forward to "the time that will come to be". In this pursuit, there were several inspirations, including various folk song lyrics, and the gorgeous deep sounds of the double bass and the string orchestra”.
Q  Tell me a little about the making of this CD?
A  “My songs were composed for my own piano accompaniment, and were recorded at The DriveShed Studio in Toronto with producer Danny Greenspoon, using Joe Phillips' arrangements for violin, cello and his own double bass. In addition to all that, I think that what makes this recording very special is the richly recorded sound - one can scarcely believe that one is listening to just three string players and a singer/pianist! The addition of a backing vocal by two of my daughters on the one song I did not write (Pete Seeger's setting of Full Fathom Five from The Tempest), as well as overdubbed mandocello by Damon Dowbak on two songs, completes a project that has fulfilled a long held desire of my heart.”
Q   Are there more CD’s in the future?
A   “Would I like to create more CDs in the future? Quite possibly - this is my third solo release - I will have to see where the winds of inspiration take me.”
Q   A project like this does not happen overnight, it takes planning cash as well as talent. Who are your biggest supporters in the production of your CD?
A   “You are right - a project like this does not happen overnight. The songs had all been written and performed (some with the TBSO) when I decided to put them together for this project. That was about three years ago. It took awhile to settle on the right personnel and location to record - and then there was the money. Two years ago I began a crowd sourcing campaign to help raise capital, and of course put in my own money as well. My community of support includes many supporters with affiliation to the Lakehead Unitarian Fellowship, local arts patron Laura Fralick, and friends and family. Additional good fortune came to the project in the form of a record label, Route 61 Music, based in Rome, Italy, who invested into the album, meeting me halfway, and thereby allowing me to create the quality of album I was envisioning. Route 61 have recently launched the album in the EU and have taken on the worldwide distribution for the project! All of this is exciting and highly satisfying for me at this time in my career.
Kim, thanks so much for agreeing to this interview. I will enjoy sampling some of the songs on your professionally recorded album and I know many others in Thunder Bay will also enjoy this. Best of luck.
Bert Rowson
Arts Editor:

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