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Friends of Chippewa Park Plant Trees


THUNDER BAY, ON ----  June 22, 2013  ---  On Saturday, June 22 over 20 volunteers gathered at Chippewa Park to plant 33 large caliper trees along the shore of Lake Superior. The Trees Chippewa Park

Acting Mayor Rebecca Johnson is joined from left to right by Shelley Vescio, City Forester
David Sword, District Manager for Union Gas Bruce Hyer, MP Thunder Bay Superior North Lorraine Lortie-Krawczuk, President, The Friends of Chippewa Park Rod Seabrook, President of Trees Thunder Baytree planting project, financially supported by the Ontario Great Lakes Guardian Fund and the City of Thunder Bay Parks Division was made possible by the volunteer efforts of The Friends of Chippewa Park, Trees Thunder Bay and the Union Gas Helping Hands Program.

The total grant from the Great Lakes Guardian Fund was $24,300 with approximately $10,000 allocated to the tree planting program. The remaining funds will be utilized to expand the walking trails in the park and to install vehicle barriers and interpretive & directional signage. This work will be one over the summer and completed in the fall of 2013.

The locations were identified by Parks Division Park Planner, Werner Schwar and the species were selected by City Forester, Shelley Vescio. Trees were provided by Trim-It Landscaping who also did the site preparation.

Trees planted include the following:

• Maple (Silver and Manitoba) - 4
• Poplar (Black) - 5
• Birch (Prairie Dream Paper) - 5
• Elm (Triumph) - 5
• Tamarack - 4
• Oak (Bur) – 2
• Linden (Redmond) – 1
• Pine (red) – 5
• Spruce (white) 2

In addition to supplying a large number of volunteers Union Gas presented a cheque in the amount of $1,000 to The Friends of Chippewa Park from their Helping Hands Fund

“The Friends of Chippewa Park appreciates that the Government of Ontario has recognized the
opportunity to improve Chippewa Park with these funds. It will allow us to extend the existing trail
system to the newly-redeveloped Sandy Beach Park swimming area. The FOCP has now raised and
invested over $6.3 million into the park since 2001.” — Lorraine Lortie-Krawczuk, President, The Friends of Chippewa Park

“Planting new trees is crucial to enhancing Chippewa Park’s value to the environment and to the
community. Kudos to The Friends of Chippewa Park for leading this initiative that will see up to 34
large caliper trees added to the Park.” — Rod Seabrook, President, Trees Thunder Bay

Ontario is helping The Friends of Chippewa Park protect Lake Superior through a Great Lakes Guardian

The Friends of Chippewa Park will be using this funding grant to plant trees and expand and enhance the current beach trail. Trees Thunder Bay and Union Gas of Thunder Bay will assist with the project by enlisting over 20 community volunteers and some equipment.

The Great Lakes Guardian Community Fund grants help grassroots community groups, non-profit organizations and First Nations and Métis communities restore the lakes and their tributaries through local actions such as cleaning up shorelines and protecting and restoring wetlands. This will help protect water quality in the Great Lakes.

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