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The Story Mapping Project


Thunder Bay, ON - February 11,2013 - The Festival Showcase of Arts and Heritage Education Pam Caine, CAHEPare celebrating Family Day and Heritage Week in Thunder Bay by presenting The Story Mapping Project with Rachel Vandenassem on display at the Lake Superior Gallery.  As part of the Community Arts and Heritage Education Project’s Grandother Program, the residents of Grandview Lodge and the First Thunder Bay Pathfinders participated in a unique arts project where they got to know  about each other.
Marjorie, Cheryl, Winnie, Stella, Elsie, Sigrid and Joyce from Grandview Lodge where paired with two girls and shared stories about their lives.   Although apprehensive at first the girls quickly became very Story Mapping Projectcomfortable in their visits with the residents.  As Melissa and Sarah The Story Mapping Projectremarked “We had an awesome opportunity to work with Sigrid Roberts. She changed our tune totally about this project and made us realize a lot of things. Like don’t judge anything until you try it, or be open minded when you are trying new activities. “

The life story map is a visual representation of the events and important memories of one's life.  From the life stories assemblages are created with techniques that explore drawing, painting and collage with found objects.   Artist Rachel Vandenassem was able to assist the girls and ladies in their creations.
The girls reflected the work, pastimes, families and travels of the ladies in their art pieces.

As the girls remarked-
“It is almost like a mini history lesson but it seems like we are now connected to it. We are now a part of her history and we got to share her history with everyone else.”

“This is a really nice project because the kind that mixes up generations and let them when about each other and I think that's a really great thing.”

The artwork will be on exhibit to March 16th.

The Festival Showcase of Arts and Heritage Education celebrating Family Day and Heritage Week in Thunder Bay presents a number of activities were you can participate, create and enjoy. Find out more at or like cahep on facebook.


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