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Thunder Bay – The Waterfront Art Gallery – Strategic And Critical City Infrastructure ?

TBay Art Gallery

The Waterfront Art Gallery  #LSN_Opinion


Thought I would show you where the City of Thunder Bay’s $33 million unfunded strategic and critical  waterfront infrastructure (AKA art gallery)  will be located…as I understand  the situation.

You can see what we have built now and what has to be built.

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You can see the waterfront as it is now.  Centre top is the new parking lot that was built this fall

information taken from Waterfront Master Plan Update presentation

This is what has to be built. The new road has to be extended. Rec trails have to be extended. Utilities have to be relocated and extended. A new parking lot will have to be built. Plus, the entire site is contaminated with various heavy metals will have to undergo remediation (cleanup) of the contaminated material with metals such as Mercury,   Lead,  Cadmium,  Copper,  Chromium,  Arsenic,  Barium,  Boron,  Cobalt, Molybdenum, Nickel, Vanadium, Zinc, and various Petroleum Hydrocarbons.   (TROW report here)

The City of Thunder Bay will be responsible to pay for all of the above..on top of the $5 million contribution the Art Gallery wants from the City of Thunder Bay as part of the estimated $33 million gallery construction cost.

Then there is the Environmental Assessment Study.  Is one required?  I would imagine so.  Who will pay for that?  Hmmmm?

What is the total cost to the Thunder Bay taxpayer?  Its more than $5 million.  Its more than $7.2 million.  How much is it?  We are not being told.

I do not believe that the roundhouse, pavilion and apple orchard might will be built as part of this project but I suspect that there will be landscaping required in that area.

This gallery can easily cost the City of Thunder Bay $10 million PLUS the annual grant that the City of Thunder Bay gives the gallery PLUS the annual costs of maintaining the gallery grounds.

PS…is this site not considered isolated?  Its not really near anything. Public transit? Downtown core business?  The rest of Prince Arthur’s Landing?

How is this going to benefit any small business?

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