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Applicants needed RCCO


THUNDER BAY, ON  ---  October 5, 2011  ---  The local chapter of the Royal Canadian College of Organists is Royal Canadian College of Organistslooking for candidates for their scholarship program. Providing lessons to organ students is an important function of the College in Thunder Bay. Having more well trained organists will increase the level of play as well as maintain an interest in the King of Instruments.

For those who would like music as an avocation or part of their career many would at other opportunities before they would turn to the organ but it is really worth some consideration. To start organists are more than just organists, they direct choirs, hand bell groups, work with musical groups of all ages. Sometimes they arrange music for special occasions. Organists given proper training and nurturing become valuable as community leaders wither they practice their skills at church or out in the community.

Candidates of all ages and skill levels are encouraged to apply a piano background around grade seven is common for many students but the review committee looks at desire and drive to learn as well. The College funds more than student each season. This is a golden opportunity for people new to the organ to explore the possibilities of a life with music through the organ.

Successful applicants will receive 10 FREE lessons on a local pipe organ, taught by a professional organist.   See your church organist or contact Carol Wehrstedt at 939-1020 or      Act now!   Deadline for applications is October 19th at 6:00 pm.

In Thunder Bay the RCCO works to nurture the small but vibrant community of organists. They provide workshops for organists, recitals for the public, and each season they plan a members recital where members play for one another and the invited public.

Another popular event is Choral Thursday where members bring their choirs together in one place to celebrate song together. The mass numbers at these events have special meanings to many participants who often sing in choirs with small numbers. As College member David Blythell says, “Choirs start gargling and tune up those voices!”  The Royal Canadian College of Organists is sponsoring the 9th Annual "Choral Thursday" to  be held at St. Paul's Anglican Church, 808 Ridgeway E. Ave at 7:00 pm,  Thursday (what else?) November 3rd.  Imagine an entire building throbbing with four part harmony! As a group we will sing three pieces for which your choir should have music.  Each choir will also show us their stuff by performing one short piece.  Is your choir not participating or are you not attached to a choir but like to sing?  Come anyway because we have been known to share music!  This is a spine tingling experience for all those who like to sing. This event is for all denominations.  No charge, just come! For more information call Janet Pike 627-1112

Bert Rowson
Arts Editor:

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