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Remind children to use the Buddy System


WINNIPEG, MB --  August 25, 2010 -- As the end of summer approaches and Billy Buddyfamilies get ready to return to their 'back to school' routine, parents are urged to talk to their kids about personal safety strategies such as the Buddy System to help keep them safe when away from home.

Children who go places alone are at greater risk of victimization and that's why the Buddy System is one of the most important safety strategies a parent can teach their kids. Whether a child is walking to and from school, heading to the park after school to play with friends or participating in extra-curricular activities, they should always be with a buddy.

"There is safety in numbers," said Lianna McDonald, Executive Director for the Canadian Centre for Child Protection. "Children should know that when going to and from places, even those that are familiar to them, they should do so with a friend or a safe adult. We encourage both parents and educators to use the Billy Brings his Buddies program to help teach this important safety strategy."

"There is nothing more important than a child's safety and well-being," said Tom Buckmaster, President of Honeywell Hometown Solutions. "Programs like Billy Brings his Buddies are so important because they teach kids a valuable safety habit in such a fun and interesting way that it makes it easy for them to learn. Honeywell is proud to support the Canadian Centre for Child Protection and the Billy Brings his Buddies program."

The Canadian Centre for Child Protection also encourages educators to reinforce this important safety lesson with their students. In partnership with Honeywell, the Canadian Centre will be providing nearly 11,000 Billy Brings his Buddies Grade One Teacher Kits free-of-charge to Canadian schools in October. This will mark the fifth consecutive year the kits have been distributed. Since 2006, more than 44,000 kits have been provided to Grade One teachers across Canada.

To access the Billy Brings his Buddies program, parents can visit the website ( which features an online storybook, activities and games. Aimed at first grade students, the site also provides information for parents and educators on the Billy program and other age-appropriate child personal safety strategies.

For more information please contact:
Canadian Centre for Child Protection
Erin Madden - Communications & Event Coordinator
Office Phone: 204-945-5735
Cell Phone: 204-918-7325


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