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THUNDER BAY, ON  -----  May 15, 2014  ---Inviting all Martial Artists to join us for a weekend of friendship and training at the Isshinryu Karate Expo 2014 in Thunder Bay, Ontario, the Martial Arts Capital ISSHINRYU KARATE EXPO 2014of Canada, on May 17-18.  Over 25 seminars, expert instructors, black belt testing and banquet are planned. We are thrilled to announce that we have participants from Canada, Germany and the USA attending the Expo. 

Instructors from the United States and from across Canada will be coming to Thunder Bay to share their expertise with the martial arts community.  All styles, ages and belt ranks are welcome to participate. 

At the Isshinryu Karate Expo 2014, we will be honouring HANSHI ALBERT MADY, 9th Blackbelt, on the 30th Anniversary of his leadership and teaching in the Thunder Bay Region. With over 30 affiliate schools in Canada, USA, Germany, Kosovo, Denmark and India, Hanshi Mady travels worldwide teaching Isshinryu Karate and coaching his world class full-contact fighters.  In 2013, Hanshi Mady received the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal, awarded to Canadians, who, like Her Majesty, have dedicated themselves to service to family, community and country through their significant contributions and achievements.

Hanshi Nick Adler, 9th Blackbelt, director of the Nick Adler’s Centurions, a 14 school association with over 2,000 members in six states, will also be a featured Master at the Expo.  He is a direct student of Grandmaster Don Nagle, 10th Blackbelt, USA and Grandmaster Angi Uezu, 10th Blackbelt, Okinawa.  Hanshi Adler is known as one of the best Kobudo (weapon) masters of our time.

From the beaches of Okinawa to her dojo (school) in Long Island, Kyoshi Marilyn Fierro, 8th Blackbelt will be offering seminars on karate, weapons and energy. As the first woman to be inducted into the Isshinryu Hall of Fame, Kyoshi Fierro is a pioneer for women.

Isshinryu Karate Expo 2014 is honoured to host such great teachers.  In addition to the 25 seminars, black belt testing for 25 candidates from Ottawa, Toronto, Windsor and Thunder Bay will take place.  Participants will be graded on a rigorous test involving fitness requirements, kata (forms), kumite (sparring),  kobudo (weapons), self-defence and philosophy and history of the martial arts.  

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