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A New CD from Päivi Salokari


THUNDER BAY  ----  October 20, 2009  ---  Päivi Salokari is the daughter of musical Päivi Salokarparents and grew up in Finland in a home filled with music. With her mother’s encouragement she and her two siblings learned at an early age to perform in choirs and Church Christmass Concerts.

At age 7 Päivi began violin lessons, something which she continued for the next ten years. Also at age seven she participated in a children’s recording, “I’d Rather be Little”. Because of her apparent musicality she was accepted into special music classes from grade three to grade nine and from there to the Sibelius Music High School in Helsinki where she graduated in 1987.

Päivi’s vocal training continued after that as a member of Saalem Youth Choir and also as their assistant director. During this time she frequently appeared in area Churches singing as a soloist or as part of a group. For a year she sang with a group called Sofar directed by Seppo J. Järvinen.

At age 15 Päivi began voice studies, first in Finland where her teachers were Raili Hällström and Marjukka Riihimäki. She continues to learn and study music to this day.

Päivi Salokari CDPäivi Salokari moved to Canada in 1990, and that brought a world of change. In Thunder Bay Päivi still sings as much as possible, often as a soloist at Saalem Church, or a choir leader. She has been a frequent soloist with the Pelimanni Folk Music Orchestra, and for many years has been part of a trio “Ulla, Päivi, and Susan” performing mainly to the delight of Finnish audiences.

For a musician sound is so important, there came a difficult time when she discovered her second son was deaf. In her words “I wanted to learn about silence; what I hear in silence. Because of this she has begun to listen to music in a way she never has before.

For the last couple of years Päivi has been composing her own songs. Last year with the direction of producer Seppo J. Järvinen she produced a solo CD titled “Päivi Marjaana Lähteella”.

This CD is being launched Friday October 23rd at 7:00 pm at Hilldale Lutheran Church, Thunder Bay Ontario Canada.

Päivi was kind enough to send me some sound tracks from her CD, and the music on this disk will be of professional quality. I do not speak Fin, but the music clearly underscores her love of church based Finnish Folk music, and I am sure that this CD will find itself in many homes in Canada and in Finland. The emotions of this music will draw people together no matter how far and wide they are scattered.

Bert Rowson
Arts Editor:

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